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  1. I know full well the restrictions here in California! I applaud them and hope folks follow the rules. The idea of few people gathering is certainly NOT " isolation" which would mean NO one visiting at all! Agree that science is in favor of distancing which is the main reason for not having large groups gather especially indoors! Not sure where you are reading science against masks? Everything we can do to protect each other should be a no Brainerd and not anything to argue over
  2. We see friends and family. We just do it outdoors wearing masks. Noone is saying that you have to be isolated inside your home. All science is saying is that if everyone followed the rules instead of selfishly doing as they please then EVERYONE would be safe and this pandemic would be under control so all of us could get back to normal! I thought only teenagers in rebellion against their parents say things like,"Its my life and I'll do what I want".
  3. If you look at my signature you'll see 2 future cruises booked so of COURSE we want to cruise again some day!! I am just not excited by this CDC announcement because it is NOT the CDC that is preventing us from cruising. The virus is the culprit. Actually I might also say the other culprits are those folks who selfishly refuse to follow the health guidelines of distancing and wearing masks. They are the ones spreading sickness and preventing everyone from cruising! Ask yourselves why Canada,New Zealand ,and places like Korea and JAPAN are doing better and the answer will be t
  4. I don't understand this discussion at all? How do you go on any cruise with virus cases on the rise all over the map? Have you all decided you don't care about getting sick and /or dying??
  5. You have to read quite carefully the rules for the specific ticket you are booking. These days airlines have specific dates where you wont pay a change fee. They are also selling NON refundable business and first class tax. Read carefully Everyone on here is excited to get back to cruising but so far few cruises are actually sailing! Noone really knows for sure when Princess will start up again. It doesn't feel like any time soon to me!
  6. @triple7tahoe, If your cruise is far in the future I'd not buy any tix from an airline no matter how inexpensive they might be! If there are cancellations or changes to your cruise you'll be stuck
  7. I am talking about an international flight from San Diego to Heathrow. I was surprised to see the web site had the same price as EZAir
  8. I just checked tonight a n d found t h at the AA website flights are now the same price as what's offered on EZAir. The difference is that we don't have to pay for the EZ air flights until final payment for the cruise. I will continue to watch
  9. Interesting! Can you name the specific airline site you are using?
  10. Rebooked last night and now down to $2400 each round trip San to LHR in May
  11. I have been to Italy many times on land. Flights are rarely a good value flying into the small Florence Airport. It's more common to fly into Rome or Milan and then take the train. Isuppose you would have more luggage since you are cruising so renting a car or booking a car and driver might work best in your situation. I travel only with carryon( even when cruising) so train works best for me
  12. I have been watching prices go down every few days. Princess allows you to rebook at any lower rate so as of now we are down to $ 2600 also. I think it may yet go lower!
  13. Hi. I don't think that's a sale price . We have business class seats on Aa going and BA returning from San Diego to LHR for about $2700 for May. That just seems to be the price for now I bought through Princess so I can keep watch and rebook at a lower price if one shows up
  14. I have never been to a hotel that had a sheet menu. Some have pillow menus but not sheets. I would not expect a cruise line to offer that sort of choice
  15. Definitely keep checking the fare. My biz class tix to lhr have so f a r gone down by$1,000
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