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  1. There are also a lot of crew from Easter Europe in addition to Thailand and the Phillipines which all seem to have many crew members represented. It's been this way for a long time so not something most of us would have mentioned. It is just typically what you find on board.
  2. Nope!! Platinum Diamond suites and FTTF who do self assist get off before any other self assist passengers!
  3. I am reading this thread and laughing a bit to myself about some of the responses! We must be slow learners. We are in our 70s and have enjoyed many many Carnival cruises and are Platinum on that line. We've done Royal and NCL too but we much preferred Carnival until last year when they changed the tv channels and DH couldn't find a business news report! We did Princess last year through the Panama Canal and on the Coral and in my review I said we really missed Carnival's comedy club and we also felt the buffet on the Coral had fewer choices than the food stations on the LIdo on Carnival. With that said we LOVED the suite perks on Princess! I know that folks here complain about them but for us they seemed just great! We have 2 Princess cruises booked at the moment soooo just know that we seniors can still enjoy the livelier atmosphere on Carnival and also appreciate what Princess has to offer!!
  4. Hi, There is no need for extra "dressy " clothes on a Carnival elegant night unless you consider a man wearing slacks and a polo shirt with a collar to be "dressy". For women nice slacks and a pretty top or a little dress(not a cocktail dress) is all that is necessary. DH wore black jeans and black leather sneakers for years with a shirt with a collar to those evenings. Only now we have decided that jeans are too heavy when we pack light so he has a pair of lighweight blue slacks. No need to miss the meal because you don't want to take "dressy" clothing.
  5. Would you ordinarily take a 1 year old out on a boat? I don't even know if there are life jackets small enough for that age? Has she been pool trained to know what to do if she gets dumped in the water? Stuff happens! We have seen adults drown when they were not prepared properly for water activities.
  6. R we quibbling over names of ID here? My POINT was that you'll need something other than your plain old driver's license!!
  7. I wonder what islands you are visiting?? Maybe one of them change their own requirements?? I know that after October of 2020 you will need either an enhanced driver's license or a passport in order to fly domestically here in the USA.
  8. It has absolutely nothing to do with risk!! I just don't do things until it is necessary to do so. I don't pre pay anything unless it is required. I don't put in info waaaay ahead of time either. There is no right or wrong about this but just my way of doing things. IF it makes you feel better to get these things out of the way then of course go for it. It doesn't matter either way.
  9. Just spoke again with my friend whose 2nd home is in Colima. He said that he and his family have not had any problems and that the fighting is between the drug cartels. There is always a danger from collateral damage but for those of us that live in the USA we also have danger here . It is even more scary here where you can never tell where danger might appear!! Who expects to be killed while shopping in Walmart???
  10. Yes! it is covered. We were actually in that cabin last year!!
  11. I don't bother to do that until final payment. Why give them the info before you are for sure going on the cruise?? Agree that you can put it in when check in is allowed.
  12. I always bring tea with me. I doubt that maple syrup is real but I'd never drag that from home-up to you. Yes, one bottle of wine per adult and you can drink it anywhere on the ship. Agree that rum bought on shore will be kept for you until debarkation.
  13. Oh, Sorry you didn't do a full transit! We loved ours last year!! It was a bucket list item for me!
  14. Agree that even on formal night you do not need a suit at all! DH wears a shirt with a collar and slacks. On non formal night he used to wear black jeans but we find them stiff to pack and we travel light so he'll wear lighter weight blue slacks these days. You don't need a dress shirt on NON formal night. Save that for "formal night".He can wear a Hawaaian patterned shirt or a golf shirt with a collar or anything at all like that on NON formal night. Women can certainly wear what you describe for yourself even on formal night! Please don't only eat 1 meal in the MDR. You do not have to bring lots of "dress up clothing!!
  15. I'd make sure your 3 year old was comfortable staying all day in Camp Ocean before booking an excursion without him. Yes, they will bring him to lunch on a port day.
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