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  1. Not sure why it's a big deal to bring your own? Don't need to order it All pharmacies carry Meclazinecwhich is just the generic for Bonine or Dramamine II
  2. I'd like to know I anyone without the app got on board? I havenit but am curious about all those on here who talked about jot using apps
  3. @Sea Hag Thanks. The app liked the address when I typed it in without letting Google auto fill it The button to add his info still won't light up so I am going to wait and see if it needs to rest a while before I try a g ain. Hehe
  4. Soo retook photo and now turned green for that Typed in my son's email instead of letting it auto fill and is now acceptable BUT Add contact button is not lit up so cannot save the info!! What a pain!!
  5. Sigh!!! App says I have completed security photo but won't turn green Also for some strange reason it doesn't think my son's email address is valid as an emergency contact?. Have signed out and back in and tried to redo those 2 items but nothing works!!
  6. Thanks for the encouragement Will try it this week
  7. My cruise is in. December I have downloaded app but have not yet tried to input any information I have read lots of posts of folks having problems Wondering when before your cruise have y o u been successful???
  8. Just waiting to see what happens for cruises this summer My objection is the "Must use" coercion! I have other apps that I choose to u se So f as r my ta has not gotten a definitive response about not using this app We have a wait and see attitude at the moment
  9. The Doublebtree is where we usually stay but they've raised their prices so we are trying Crowne Plaza in Decembet. Check price for your dates
  10. Interesting that I still have not heard this info from my TA I will wait and see how folks manage on summer cruises without the app My Samsung Galaxy01 has just added Android 11 in the latest update sooo I may be able to use the app although I still don't like feeling it's a"must do"
  11. Still have not heard back from my TA about a way to sail without registering on the app When I hear it from him I will believe we can sail without putting all,our info on the app
  12. AMEN!!! Agree with every pont made above!! Now I f Princess would only listen and get real about all this!!!
  13. Can only book Southwest on it's own web site That's part of its business model
  14. I don't think the reps you talk to on the phone really know what the situation will be at the pier My travel agent has not yet gotten back to me about that and he has more clout than an individual person since he has many many customers involved If it was going to be easy for those of us who don't want to upload things like our passports to an app,he would have immediately called me since I told him we might cancel over this situation
  15. @Ombud Ccl and Hal don't have medallions at the moment Its a Pri n cess roll out CCL has an app you can choose to use on board. It is not required
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