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  1. riffatsea

    Are jackets really required for men?

    Now that I hear that DHs guyabera may be just fine we have found a lovely jacket in his closet that we were considering bringing. Imagine my surprise to read that it has to be "dark" to qualify for being appropriate for formal night according to the Princess official info. I am laughing because here in San Diego the idea of wearing ANY jacket to dinner makes it formal! I think this particular pin striped blazer/sports coat has been hanging for about 30 years without any use and just as I think we may bring it out of retirement I read it still may not be right. Funny to think of all these restrictions! We will have fun and dress nicely and still enjoy our cruise without worrying much about rules for dining! Thank y'all for this fun,much discussed to death thread!
  2. riffatsea

    If you order multiple appetizers

    That's one reason we do Your Time Dining! We have a table just for us! We always order apps and sometimes only apps instead of a main course!
  3. riffatsea

    Shots What Shots?

    Interesting that the travel specialist suggested a Hep B shot? Hep B is transmitted by sexual contact!
  4. riffatsea

    USA rule on wine

    As far as I know the USA doesn't have a concept of "in transit". That's why everyone who stops at a USA airport goes through USA immigration and customs even if they are staying in the airport to catch a flight to another country.
  5. We stay in Long Beach at the Maya, when we cruise out of Long Beach. Even though we are fairly local, living in San Diego, we like to be up near the port the day before a cruise. We don't need much entertainment though so for Princess we are using Hilton pts and staying at the Doubletree. We will just be happy to be there and take their shuttle to the port in the AM.
  6. riffatsea

    Are jackets really required for men?

    The link above says the guy was turned away fro wearing dress shorts and a collared shirt. It doesn't say anything about formal night.
  7. riffatsea

    How to search Princess board

    Hi, I don't know about the search but I can answer your question. You can submit the stock certificates now waaaay in advance!! In fact I think we did it almost 1 year ahead of our cruise. BTW you can also now use your OBC to book excursions before your are on board the ship too.
  8. riffatsea

    Missing Feature

    Threads that have new entries(within the last hour or so) are darker blue than the ones with no new posts.
  9. riffatsea

    CCL Web Site?

    I just stay logged in. Why bother going in and out?
  10. riffatsea

    Are jackets really required for men?

    My husband wears a guayabera(Mexican wedding shirt) on formal nights. That sort of shirt is not worn with a jacket. Since it seems that it's up to the headwaiter to decide if jackets are required, can anyone give me specific info on this for the Coral Princess??
  11. riffatsea

    Too white and glaring!!

    I also had trouble but I just change the zoom on my browser from 100 to 110% and now the print is darker so the contrast is better and I can see the print much more easily. I don't know how to change brightness but changing the zoom gave my eyes a rest.
  12. We have sooo many casinos in San Diego County that I've never even thought of going to one in PV. Very interesting that the USA govt. employees cannot play there. Not unusual for casinos to have ties to illegal enterprises.
  13. riffatsea

    Shots What Shots?

    Agree that no specific shots are needed for any of those ports. We are also seniors(I think most on those cruises are seniors) and we are up to date with our normal shots so are not doing any others.
  14. riffatsea

    Price Protection Question

    Agree that IF you booked with promo OBC and the lower price comes with NO OBC or less OBC you have to do the math to see if the new price is worth losing the OBC you had with the old price. You will not keep that OBC if the new price offer doesn't also offer it. IF the OBC was for having stock in Carnival Corp. or if your TA gave it to you then you don't lose it. You only lose it if it was part of a booking promotion and your new price doesn't have that same promotion. On the other hand IF the price doesn't change but later on there is a promo offer with OBC you can call and just ask for that OBC.