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  1. riffatsea

    Are you getting the CC notifications?

    I get them regularly. I get them if someone quotes me on a thread and I get them for the threads where I have clicked on "follow" at the top of the page.
  2. riffatsea

    Recommendations for Cruise Line

    What does "not too much available" mean? No mini suites? No itineraries? Where would you like to go?? September is hurricane season in the Caribbean so what area of the world would interest you??
  3. riffatsea


    I have never gotten a vaccination for a Caribbean cruise! Your travel agent is not the one to give that sort of advice though. Your doc should tell you if you are up to date with your normal shots and can suggest others depending on your health status.
  4. riffatsea

    College foortball/bowl games??

    DH would like to watch as many as possible!! He has soooo many college teams that he likes that I cannot list all of them!! He watches pro football too but really prefers the college tournaments.
  5. riffatsea

    Oahu, North Shore question

    There are tons of small group tours that go to the north shore and around the island. Some are all day and some are half day. I'd just Google to find what you want an e mail them for prices. Renting your own car to do it is also an option.
  6. We've never cruised before in December and this is also our first Princess cruise. I don't know what tv stations are available on the in room tvs and wonder if college football bowl games might be shown somewhere on the ship(Coral Princess) during the cruise?? It will not be a major catastrophe if they are not on but I thought I'd ask since DH would enjoy seeing them!
  7. riffatsea

    Hotels in Long Beach

    It's good to know about the Holiday Inn. It you look on a map you will see it is not really in "downtown" Long Beach which is the area I mentioned as having hotels withOUT shuttles to the pier. Good to know that the Holiday Inn is another park n stay option with free shuttle. I don't know that area of Long Beach well so cannot comment on it.
  8. Thanks soo much for that info about the parades on the 10th. Sorry that it is indeed just a bit too late for us as I think that's just when the ship is sailing!! Too bad!! We'll have to come back one year on land to experience them. We leave this coming Friday from LA.
  9. As mentioned here the "Tokyo" cruise port is NOT in Tokyo. It is in the city of Yokohama which is a good hour or so south of Tokyo. I have used this shuttle service from the airport in Tokyo into the city. They also offer service from the Yokohama cruise port into Tokyo. https://www.greentomato-j.com/eng/shuttle/yokohama_seaport.php
  10. riffatsea

    Conquest Info needed

    I tried buying the least expensive plan which said you could check in and print boarding passes but it didn't work. I ended up asking someone with a higher level plan if they could do it for me. I offered them $5 to do that and they ended up doing it for me for nothing.
  11. I would expect that if you are taking any excursions that go into jungle areas, that mosquito repellent would be a good idea! Remember to put it on AFTER sun tan lotion .
  12. riffatsea

    Princess/ Venice walking tour?

    The DK books are my favorites although I generally use the smaller DK Top 10 specific city guides. I hope you enjoy Italy as much as I have on my land visits!!
  13. riffatsea

    Hotels in Long Beach

    It is also possible that the web site shows no availability but the hotel is NOT really full! When are you sailing? It could be too far out to book.
  14. riffatsea

    Princess/ Venice walking tour?

    The whole point of Venice is to wander the streets and get a little lost! It is a small city with much to enjoy!! Get a real map and don't just stick your head in your phone. Look around and relax!
  15. riffatsea

    Using USA$$s to buy crafts from Embera Indians?

    Can you give me a price range?? I'd love to know how much money to bring on the tour to buy some craft items.