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  1. Not sure why some of us got money back and others did not? We got over $6,000back on my credit card for the March28 Mexico cruise which Princess cancelled. I just waited and 60 business days later had the refund
  2. Not true about not picking seats. You book the flight on ez air and then you go to the airline web site to pick the seats. Especially with first class you should not have a problem with that. The only time there is an issue is if the particular airline has a run kml e thatvyou can only pick seats if you book on the airline site. That rule is specific to only some airlines
  3. We are hoping to be on Emerald Princess in December! Our March Mexico cruise was cancelled and we'd really like to do it in December instead. This one goes into the Sea of Cortez so 2 new ports for us
  4. Got 100% of our refund this morning on credit card!! We did not file a dispute. We just waited. Today is just about 60 business days from when we requested option2
  5. GOT our refund on credit card!!! All of it!! Over$6,000 !! Took option 2 on March12 for cruise scheduled for March28. This is 60 business days. I am sooo happy!! We also did not dispute with bank nor did we contact Princess
  6. Today theCarnival corporation told the business community that " only" 38% of passengers actually asked for cash refunds. They didn't bother to say that NOone has received that refund to this date!! We took option 2 and have received our FCCs but no credit card refunds.
  7. @WNcruiser. My Chase statement doesn't let me click on the purchase. Perhaps it is too old..? Thanks for your help anyway
  8. I don't see a way to dispute a charge on the Chase web site. I agree that trying to reach them by phone is almost impossible at this time!, Tgere is a Chase bank open near my home and so I may stop in to see if they can help. They actually called me last week to remind me that they are open
  9. Option 2. We have 2 more cruises already booked but want money back now for our March cruise. Will deal with paying for future cruises when the dates get closer and we wee what's happening at that time
  10. We will cancel our March 28 cruise but I don't think I"d cancel a cruise booked for this summer! I'd wait and see what happens closer to the pay in full date. I certainly hope things will calm down by then!!
  11. Do you guys know if this FCC can be used on a cruise already booked with an agent or does it have to be used on a new cruise or a cruise already booked directly through Princess?? I know it can be used for a cruise already booked but not sure if that includes cruises already booked through an agent other than Princess???
  12. We collect Hilton pts so it is Doubletree for us. They have a free shuttle to the port and will also shuttle you to nearby restaurants if you wish. I would compare prices and see which gives you the most for your money.
  13. Where are you trying to go?? It is easier to use taxis/uber(IMO)
  14. Generally speaking insurance covers events that happen to you that are covered. So if you actually get sick and cannot go on the cruise then you'd be covered. Insurance doesn't cover "worry". So if you decide to cancel a trip because you are "worried " about what might happen then that's not covered. So far the virus has not made it across the ocean to Canada and the USA except for folks who were actually in China and they are in isolation.
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