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  1. riffatsea

    OBC - my cruise manager?

    Hi, Do you know how to get into your account on the Carnival web site?? On the left side of your home page should be a blue box and in it there will be Print Document Click on that Then choose Print General Information Scroll down and you should see your OBC
  2. riffatsea

    Luggage tags for carryons?

    We always carry on our luggage. There is no need for luggage tags if you are carrying it yourself.
  3. riffatsea

    Royal Princess or Carnival Panorama?

    I said it is brand new and not many reviews yet. I suppose I should have said NO reviews yet so you wouldn't think I was giving out "sort of bad info"!! OP was asking which ship and I don't think one can give an accurate answer without anyone having written about an actual experience on board the Panorama yet!
  4. riffatsea

    Overnight in Cabo

    I am not aware that the ships tender people to and from the port overnight. It would be good to get some feedback from folks who have been on Royal Caribbean ships in that port. Carnival for sure goes out to sea overnight in Cabo! It appears that Princess stays anchored and does not go out to sea but runs tenders until midnight , not all night. It looks like each cruise line does it differently. I don't think that Royal Caribbean does this port regularly so it will be interesting to read about what they do there.
  5. riffatsea

    Tendering in Cabo

    They will help you if you need it when you step into the tender and when you get out. They used to say no wheel chairs in tenders but I saw someone being wheeled to the tender and then helped to walk into it with the wheel chair folded up afterwards. You should be OK with help.
  6. riffatsea

    Splendor Spa Experts!!

    Yes====That was my point!! I don't remember a DRY sauna in the coed area, just varying degrees of steam rooms;-3 of them I think.
  7. riffatsea

    Splendor Spa Experts!!

    The thalassotherapy pool and steam rooms and resting area with warm couches(not sure what this part is called) are all co ed. We found the steam rooms to be toooo steamy for us to breathe but you may feel differently. I don't remember an actual sauna that was not steamy.
  8. riffatsea

    Overnight in Cabo

    Cabo is a tender port. Most ships that stay there over night actually go out to sea in the evening before going back to the spot where they drop anchor during the day so the casinos are open that night. I have not been on that particular ship to know if they follow that same pattern.
  9. riffatsea

    Reserving shows

    There is no real need to reserve a show. We will never cruise on those new mega ships so perhaps that will be different but for now you just go a bit ahead of time to get seats.
  10. We haven't sailed RC for many years. Whether you are allowed right onto the ship will depend on when you arrive at the ship. Many people like to come early. They check in and then they wait until the ship is cleared for people to board. Boarding is done in groups. Weddings, people with frequent cruising status, suites, and people who buy Faster to the Fun will board before others. You will be given a group number when you check in. You will wait until your group number is called to actually board the ship. IF you arrive at 11AM you will be waiting a while. If you arrive at 2PM you will walk onto the ship more quickly.
  11. riffatsea

    Why Doesn't Princess Modern"icized" Their (Old) Ships?

    We are not interested in sailing on any mega ships! We really enjoyed being on the Coral in December and thought that the decor was just fine. I don't completely understand how "modern decor" changes the experience on board a ship?? I am much more interested in good service, good food, and fun activities.
  12. The porters outside will still take your checked luggage if you are before your time. The times are not "assigned" to you. Go to your account and see if you can pick one now. If it is too early to pick one then be on your computer the day that check in picking is allowed.
  13. Your experience may also depend on which embarkation port you are using. Some seem to be stricter than others in preventing people from entering the building before their check in time. Be aware that this is just a "check in " time. It is not a boarding time.
  14. riffatsea

    Carry Ons and Red Frog Pub and Casino

    There are prices listed for drinks at all the bar areas. You don't get "free" drinks . You have paid for them in your pkg. The pkg covers drinks up to a certain price. For example at the alchemy bar there is a martini tasting one can do for $20. That is not covered by your pkg. Normal drinks at the other bars(including Red Frog) are covered too. This is what is NOT included: Beverages excluded from the program are: Beverages promoted and sold in souvenir glasses Bottles of liquor Beverages offered at the gangway Beverages offered through room service, mini bars and/or other in-stateroom beverage programs Sharing cocktails, floaters, pitchers, tubes and buckets Beverages offered through enomatic wine machines Freshly squeezed orange juice served in the Havana Bar All other beverage-related programs including merchandise, cigars and cigarettes Food items