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  1. No personal experience, but just a few thoughts. Have a look at the website t1 resources.uk or type in a search for airlines allowing an extra bag for medication. You may be allowed an extra carry on bag for medication and insulin supplies. Of course this means you will need to be able to carry the extra bag but maybe a wheelie case/ rollaboard and a backpack? Might need to contact Cruiseline for storing insulin depending on size of fridge in cabin.
  2. Yes, am talking about putting key card in slot. Can't remember which ships if I am honest..but always carry an old key card. ...I am a chronic overpacker and take ' the kitchen sink' !
  3. I would ring back and speak to another agent. You might find someone else more sympathetic to your situation and change your sailing without incurring a charge. If the new agent can't help, ask for a supervisor and keep elevating as necessary. If you are calm and respectful, they should be too.
  4. Have done two cruises so far this year. On Majestic Princess, Australia/ Asia in March I would say 80% of passengers wore lanyards. On Oasis of the Seas in the Mediterranean, in May about 20% of passengers used them. One thing I noticed on both cruises was the number of people taking flasks to buffet to take coffee/ hot water back to cabins. For a cruise 'basket/ box', I would suggest..deckchair towel clips, bar shampoo/ conditioner, torch, battery tea light for night time bathroom visits, car air freshener for bathroom, old hotel card or old set sail pass to keep electricity flowing (some ships), clothes pegs to pin clothes on balcony to dry (Not really approved), travel clock, sun screen, small first aid kit(ridiculously expensive onboard), few sweets, instant coffee (if not having coffee card) washing sheets/pods if cruising on ship with self service launderettes, lip salve, wet wipes, pen , waterproof phone carrying case if beach/water involved Am sure others will mention hanging shoe rack, folding laundry basket, blow up hangers, highlighters, bingo dabbers, antiseptic wipes to wipe cabin down on boarding in case of noro virus ,whiteboards for messaging others in party, magnetic hanging clips but we have never needed them. Most of these items are available at Pound/ Dollar stores. Just consider what you and your party might use. You could end up needing an extra suitcase if you take everything suggested !!
  5. Recently cruised Oasis out of Barcelona. Had Drinks' package as travelling in group, so didn't try to take any wine aboard. However, just thinking about it, wasn't asked about wine at check in and didn't notice any tables set up to hand in alcohol bought at ports. That could have been because I wasn't looking !!
  6. I mention this at every opportunity in case someone from Princess reads this.... The equivalent coffee shop on Royal Caribbean ships has coffee and tea available at no extra charge...same as in buffet( not speciality versions) ...it is self service but I think some drinks should be available with food, without incurring an extra charge. Princess, please take note !
  7. Thanks folks for your answers. I have usually found helpful, jovial responses on Cruise Critic.
  8. Thank you so much. Thought so but wanted to be sure.
  9. Not sure whether to post here, or in Australia Ports' Section. Which terminal in Sydney would Ruby Princess sail from in Sydney please ? Many thanks.
  10. Not sure to be honest..was shattered after the flight from Dubai and didn't pay much attention..except to the meter . Was a taxi from the organised rank outside airport. We were stuck in queues for almost the whole way, so don't think it was a scam!
  11. Had read taxi from Sydney airport to Rocks area was 50-60 Australian dollars. In actual fact, since we travelled during a drizzling early morning rush hour, we paid $120 Australian. (Holiday Inn on George Street) We were two adults, two large cases and two rollaboards.
  12. On Majestic, in March 2019, there was a Princess shuttle which could be booked and paid for on board. The cost was $28 Australian, per person for the return trip. Coaches seemed to run regularly. Not sure whether a taxi/ Uber might be cheaper if there are two or more of you...apparently you can look up approximate prices online.
  13. Thanks for your reply. When I started cruising in 1969, cabin attendant was called' cabin steward' and dining room waiter was called 'table steward'. Suppose I have stuck with what I was taught as a child. I appreciate language evolves though and should try to keep up !!
  14. Just wondered which line, Princess or Royal Caribbean you prefer, and why? We are Platinum with both Princess and Royal Caribbean and travel in Balcony/ Deluxe Balcony Cabins. Have recently sailed Majestic Princess and Oasis of the Seas., with just six weeks apart. These are some general comments about what we preferred on each ship. We are not very social, so tend to avoid shows, daily activities etc. We usually choose cruises which fit our available time frame and/or itinerary. We found food to be much the same and drink prices on both lines to be over the top. Excursions are also expensive on each line. We are noticing increasing prices and less value for money with both lines. Princess Larger rectangular sink in bathroom..far more useful for rinsing swimsuits/underwear. More space in shower..... shower gel, shampoo and conditioner not good. Pool towel system far simpler...help yourself not keep checking towels in/out daily, using set sail pass. Ice delivered twice daily. Robes on request in Balcony cabin Steward always busy. Not many MDR waiters..long waits Excellent steward service on deck and in buffet Barrel chair removed Poorly organised, expensive shore excursions Too much art auction/ EFFY paperwork International Cafe does not serve 'included ' tea or coffee. Royal Caribbean Balcony is wider Coffee radically better Less formal in MDR...shorts even allowed on formal night (Not good!) don't mind on Casual nights. Armchair or settee in cabin. No ice or robes provided in balcony cabin. Shampoo/shower gel not wonderful. Daily news letter far too long. Steward seemed to have more time More stewards in MDR but poorly directed. Very good deck service. Less 'nickle and diming'/ art auction paperwork.
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