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  1. We stayed at the Holiday Inn on the Rocks in March. Arrived at the hotel by about 9am. Very helpful staff who stored our luggage and that of several others, until our room was ready at about noon. We were given access to the swimming pool area and toilet/ washroom facilities. We took a stroll in the fresh air and when we got the phonecall to say room was ready, returned to the hotel. There a quite a few different places offering all manner of foods close to the OPT. Obviously you can book an hotel room for the night prior to your arrival but would be prudent to advise hotel of your plans so they don't rent out the room to someone else, thinking you are a 'no show'.
  2. Sorry I don't have a list, but we used Easy Check on our recent cruise that docked in Port Everglades. Our flight was domestic with Delta Airlines. We we were impressed by the service. First time we'd used it as we normally fly internationally post cruise. Boarding passes were delivered by 6pm on the last night of the cruise. Our bags were collected almost as soon as we put them outside our cabin...others in the same corridor were left hanging about. Bags were first on the carousel at PHX Sky Harbor Airport.
  3. Princess suggested dress code states long trousers for men at dinner in MDR. However, enforcement depends on location and maitre d'. Our two Princess cruises this year were very different. Majestic Princess in March, Ausralia and Asia...no chance of wearing tailored shorts. Many turned away from MDR for trying to get in wearing them...but tatty joggers and scruffy football shirts were allowed. Caribbean Princess in July, in Caribbean....tailored shorts were allowed in MDR. Didn't see anyone looking unkept.
  4. Agree with previous poster about taking water shoes if thinking of taking to the water. Souvenir shops charge things to your cabin, we found them very expensive with a limited range.
  5. We weren't particularly happy with the metered fare either, as we had checked before flying from UK. Cost was showing about Aus$50-60 somewhere on Cruise Critic, so that's what we were expecting. Although tipping isn't as generous in UK as some other places in the world, we do tend to offer a tip for heavy suitcases and great service. Seemed tip was gratefully received, even though we know it is not commonplace in Australia !
  6. Used Easy Check on 27th. July, 2019 when Caribbean Princess sailed into Fort Lauderdale. We were flying Domestic on Delta and were able to use the service. There was a $30 charge per bag for Delta baggage fees and $25 fee per case for Easy Check. Overweight bag charges were not applied. Bags were first off the carousel in Phoenix. Boarding passes were delivered to cabin about 6pm on the last night. We were able to use our remaining OBC to pay charges. Obviously not AA but Delta Easy Check was available at Fort Lauderdale very recently !
  7. In March this year, we took a taxi from Sydney airport to Holiday Inn, on the Rocks, close to the OPT. Two adults, two suitcases and two rollaboards Unfortunately, it was a wet day, during morning rush hour ! We were charged Aus$ 120 including tip. We paid cash We were shown to taxi by despatcher at airport, so I don't think it was a con..just circumstances!
  8. Two recent experiences . March 2019 Majestic Princess, Sydney to Hong Kong. Unable to pre purchase water. Soft drink packages available once aboard. July 2019 Caribbean Princess, B2B Caribbean- Water pre purchased and delivered to cabin prior to sailing, soft drink package available pre cruise or once aboard to use OBC
  9. We cruised on Majestic Princess out of Sydney in March 2019. Water is not available for pre order on cruises from Australia. We were able to purchase a soft drink package once aboard. Princess has now changed the packages and the soda package is now offered with a coffee package. Unsure whether this has changed for cruises ex Australia. As we were staying opposite the Overseas Passenger Terminal, we walked down one morning and asked the baggage handlers about taking water and/or soft drinks aboard . We were told we would not be able to slap a luggage tag on it and send it with luggage. We would need to carry it aboard...so we didn't bother. Another Cruise Critic member said that Princess would allow you to send soft drinks on with luggage. They were cruising from Sydney later this year and said they would come back to report whether they had been successful. Sorry if this does not make things clear for you. Might be worth checking the Australia Boards.
  10. We have used the 2 x 250 free Platinum minutes on 19 day cruises, and managed to have some left over...both on the South America (excluding Antarctica) and Australia/Asia and 14 day Caribbean trips. The Internet cafe is usually open on embarkation and there are people there to help explain everything to you. They will, of course, try to get you to sign up for another package.(Think they might be on commission????) We make sure we log out immediately after checking and replying to emails. They seem to have made this easier by typing ' logout.com' in the browser bar.( Medallion ship in Caribbean this summer) We use free wi fi ashore to bolster our needs..often in terminals,some cafes, Starbucks, Subway etc The South America cruise is our favourite so far...enjoy !
  11. We used Princess EZ Check for the first time in July, in Port Everglades. First time we have been able to use the service as Delta does not offer for the International flights we usually take, post cruise. Bags were picked up as usual on last night and the next time we saw them was on the belt in Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. We paid $30 each for Delta's luggage fees ( we were told overweight luggage would not be a problem) and an additional $25 each for using the service. With Delta each bag was charged separately. We were able to use the remains of our OBC to pay.
  12. We visited Falklands on Emerald Princess. Tendering caused a minor delay but was well handled. We were able to book a tour shoreside to see penguins then returned to Stanley for a walk around and have a soft drink in the pub before returning to they ship.
  13. The only sugar free drink my Diabetic Husband could have on the Soda and Mocktail package was Diet Coke. When we asked about Diet Sprite we were told no, as it was not a 'fountain' drink. We were offered fountain soda water in place of Diet Sprite but the taste was not the same. Unless you drink lots of Diet Coke, am not sure package is a viable prospect for someone watching their sugar levels. Might be worth dragging a variety of Diet drinks aboard.
  14. I agree... you need to mark your booking 'No Upgrades' in future, if you do not want to be reassigned to a cabin Princess may deem an upgrade.
  15. July 13-27, B2B Caribbean, Baja deck, mid ships balcony..A/C not good at all....needed to keep curtains closed all day for reasonable temperature. Woke up most mornings sweating buckets even though only slept under a sheet.
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