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  1. This is correct for cruises booked and paid for in Australia. For those of us booking elsewhere, gratuities are added daily on the standard package and included with Plus and Premier packages if paid in GBP or US dollars.
  2. Used the AUD25 shuttle. Seemed fine but no one checked tickets on either outward or return journey…whether everyone had paid, I have no idea. Disappointing this dock is so far from town. 25 dollars this time and 28 dollars from previous dock, so probably a little closer.
  3. We did Princess’ circumnavigation of Australia for 26 days on 29th February 2024. Enjoyed our time on board the Coral Princess. However, it seems that Princess is now using industrial ports, quite a way outside the towns they purport to be visiting. In most cases shuttle buses were provided without cost, but the organisation for shuttles was poor and time on land curtailed.
  4. In UK, the plus package was on offer at half price, last year. Does anyone have any insider knowledge as to whether this might happen this year, please ??? Many thanks.
  5. This is not correct…available as ‘favourites’ in Australia…March 2024.
  6. I enjoy the International Café on Princess, but it is overtaken by Royal Caribbean’s equivalent which offers ‘included’ tea and coffee for those on Standard Packages.
  7. We had steak, as well as fish and chips on the ‘Favourites’ Menu, on our recent Coral Princess cruise.
  8. Coral Princess 29th Feb-26th March 2024. Steak on favourites menu every night- more than edible.
  9. It’s kind and considerate to others to set an alarm on your phone to make sure you are back by the time your wash or dry has finished. Or just take a book and sit there. I have seen many an angry passenger waiting for someone to empty their machine, and others removing clothes and moving them, to have access to machines.
  10. We try not to send out daily…every four/five days on our recent 26 night cruise. Separated colours and whites in different bags. We took photos of everything we were sending and wrote on the bag that we wanted a cool wash to avoid shrinkage. Took two/ three days as many elites on that cruise.
  11. Thanks for all your answers. Have returned from our 26 night cruise with pre and post cruise stays making 35 nights. I struggled to cut down on shoes and took eight pairs. However, I tried hard to avoid wearing all of them, as an experiment, and managed to use only five pairs. A lot more than many would take, but a target for me in the future. Many thanks.
  12. Thank you, this is what we thought..have not previously requested a kettle for Caribbean cruise, but after realising how much we enjoyed having one on the Australian cruise, thought I’d ask if anyone had managed to acquire one. As you said, asking the steward costs nothing. Thanks again.
  13. We disembarked Coral Princess, after a 26 night cruise around Australia, on 26th March. Still waiting for final folio…so glad I printed out a paper copy from the Folio Machine, on our last morning. Hope it syncs with credit card bill !!!!
  14. We have just returned from a ‘Round Australia’ cruise where we were able to request a kettle for our balcony cabin. We know we can use Room Service, International Cafe or take a thermos flask and grab some coffee from the buffet. For us, a kettle is most convenient for early morning and late evening coffee. Please can anyone advise whether this is possible on Caribbean cruises…Enchanted Princess especially. ? Many thanks.
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