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  1. Reina del Mar

    Allergic Reaction - Hives

    On his first cruise, as a child, my son was very nervous and worried the ship would sink. He refused to attend children's club or leave our sides, even though his elder sister was happy to meet other children. Maybe..just maybe a similar type of stress is affecting your child and causing the hives. I would see a doctor and ask for something to alleviate symptoms rather than rely on limited supply of allergy medication available on ships.
  2. Has anyone who booked a Royal Caribbean cruise in UK been able to re fare, prior to final payment, please ? If so, please explain how you managed it. We have booked through a Travel Agent...would we need to discuss this with the agency ? Many thanks.
  3. Reina del Mar

    Found item on ship

    If you have still not managed to locate the owner of the item you found, it may be prudent to speak to Royal Caribbean directly and forward the item to them. Many people do not use Facebook, Instagram, Roll calls or even Cruise Critic forums ! I am sure if I had misplaced something on a ship, I would be contacting the cruiseline and not asking on social media.
  4. Reina del Mar

    cancel and rebook - UK

    Speak to them..you are allowed to re fare once ,in UK,..at an admin cost of £100 per booking.
  5. Reina del Mar


    A very interesting take on a wonderful poem. Merry Christmas to all at Cruise critic!🌲
  6. We travelled from UK via Amsterdam to Santiago to pick up Princess cruise out of San Antonio, then home from Buenos Aires, in January 2018. The medicines we travelled with were different from those you mentioned. We took copies of prescription with us. We were not asked anything about the tablets or to show copies of prescriptions..but I take copies wherever we travel...just in case. Obviously not the definitive answer..just our experience...... I would anticipate you being fine with copies of your prescription.
  7. In UK Princess allows you one re fare of price if price goes down,but charge you £100 admin fee. You'll need to consider whether the price drop is worth this. Several years ago, we were able to change Princess cruise to another Princess cruise about a month later at no additional cost but the cruise was slightly longer so we paid more. Different tele sales / customer service agents may answer your questions differently, so it may be worth ringing P and O again, and speaking calmly to someone else..explain exactly what you would like them to do. I agree it is most unfair when passengers in US have different pricing structures/ opportunities to take advantage of price drops, swap ships, cabins etc. In UK we have the benefit of ABTA and ATOL. Each country has its own terms and conditions ! When we book we our bound by T & Cs of our country. Insurance seems different too. We would never travel without Insurance but it seems many folk do.
  8. Reina del Mar

    Tour Options from Phy My Port Besides Ho Chi Minh City

    Thank you so much for this information. Think we will stay close to the Rex Hotel area.
  9. Reina del Mar

    Tour Options from Phy My Port Besides Ho Chi Minh City

    Would there be any shopping opportunities on the 'Saigon on your own tour' ? Would like to do a little sight seeing, but need a shopping fix too. Many thanks.
  10. Reina del Mar

    Santiago Hotel & Transfers

    For our first visit to South America, we chose to use the cruise line's transfer from airport to hotel (Sheraton), 3 nights in hotel and cruiseline's transfer to port. It was more expensive than we would have paid doing it independently, but we tend to bite the bullet with costs when cruising from somewhere new to us. The arrangements suited us, were punctual and we had reps available to answer any questions we had.
  11. Reina del Mar

    What to do in Santiago (san Antonio), Chile for the day??

    The port of San Antonio is between an hour and an hour and a half from Santiago. (Coach) We used the cruiseline's transfer, as it was our first time in South America. We spent a few days in Santiago..we used the hop on / off bus to try and get some idea of the orientation of the town.
  12. Reina del Mar

    Flight Time on Departure FLL

    We reached our gate by 9.30 am for an international flight from FLL. We had made no attempt to rush, as our flight didn't leave till 1 PM. We just accepted the disembarkation group allocated, collected bags in the shed, went through immigration and went to taxi rank..no problem, However...not sure I would want to feel that pressure of having to be there that early. If you have a flight ticket you can change to later time if necessary, and the ship arrives on time you should be fine!
  13. Reina del Mar

    South America & Antarctica - Coral Princess

    We arrived in Santiago the day before the Pope arrived, so lots of security about. We were able to do the hop on/off bus tour which gave an insight into the city. Was warm and busy due to Papal visit. Took Princess transfer to port which was well organised. Buenos Aires was also very nice. Had heard stories of having to lock all jewellery away (even wedding rings and plain earrings) We did not find this to be the case..but were alert we were in a busy town. We saw several homeless people sleeping on the streets, but they did not bother us. Lots of Police presence...they moved the homeless on ..quietly and without violence. There are many demonstrations in B A but all appear peaceful. People were friendly and helpful. We started our visit with a hop on/off bus tour here too..gives you an idea of where you might want to re visit. Think I would try to do both places if at all possible..even if only two nights in each city. If pushed to choose one, think I would go with Buenos Aires.
  14. Reina del Mar

    South America & Antarctica - Coral Princess

    Did Emerald Princess Santiago to Buenos Aires in January 2018. Booked three days pre and three days post cruise and transfers with Princess. A wonderful cruise and would repeat in a heartbeat. Any questions don't hesitate to ask.