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  1. I am afraid you may be right. We need to fly in from UK which also might still require quarantine. Our final payment is due in December so lots of time to ponder.
  2. To update on my original post... The lady who posted on Facebook said she would speak to her travel agent and return to update, on the Tuesday after Easter. Sadly some of the comments to her post were not very pleasant and it appears she has chosen not to return. There may of course be cabins available closer to the sail date if Australia does not open her borders to those of us having to fly in internationally...
  3. Cruise is only available Sydney to Sydney or Brisbane to Sydney on UK website...but has been showing ‘Currently Unavailable’ since a few days after booking opened. We have a cabin booked (not our first choice as seemed to be offered in Australia and USA few days before UK) Have been keeping a close watch on posts about it as we will obviously need to fly in Internationally and not yet sure if Australia will open her borders in time. Would be grateful for any information as and when t becomes available.
  4. Thanks for that information. The ‘Currently not available’ has been showing on UK site since before Christmas...shortly after bookings opened.
  5. I have just read on Princess Facebook page, a discussion about whether the Around Australia Cruise on Coral Princess, in March 2022 has been cancelled. Several people have stated they have received cancellation notices, but others are saying the cruise is showing ‘currently not available’ which some think means it is fully booked. Our booking has not changed and speaking to Princess UK, the cruise is still scheduled to sail. I am enquiring whether anyone has any additional information as Princess UK has occasionally been a few days behind Princess Australia and Princes
  6. I agree....Anytime should be just that..with no reservations !
  7. We have stayed at Holiday Inn on the Rocks, which has now been taken over by Rydges. Looking at 2022 there seems to have been a significant price rise. The hotel is clean, with helpful staff, excellent breakfast, has a swimming pool and is very close to OPT.. an easy walk; but unless we see a price drop, will be choosing somewhere else. (Always assuming we are allowed in to Australia and the cruise goes!)
  8. Sorry to say this but our cruise around Australia in March 2022 has been showing this for weeks now. Not sure whether it may be because it is fully booked, Australia’s borders are closed for international travel or something else. Will get travel agent to look into it when he calls to add on flights, next month.
  9. Many thanks to all who have replied. We usually book, mid ships balcony cabins but am now looking forward to our aft facing cabin...even if it is 2023 !! Thanks again.
  10. For coffee connoisseurs, I would recommend the coffee card, or taking your own instant coffee. Everyone’s taste is different, but for me personally, buffet and room service coffee is just about drinkable and doesn’t vary much on any of the Princess ships.
  11. I agree.. and deepening on how placid or otherwise the baby is, I would not want to be in a cabin next door to a baby that cried a lot.....I know that sounds awful but that would not be the relaxing cruise I would hope for. Sorry !!!
  12. We have booked an aft facing cabin for a cruise on Sapphire Princess in 2023. Husband just thought would be interesting to try...always assuming we are allowed to cruise in the future. Please share opinions on benefits of such a cabin. Many thanks.
  13. I am sure Princess and other cruise lines are just as eager to know. So many variables , so an early decision is most unlikely.
  14. I am sure Princess and other cruise lines are just as eager to know. So many variables , so an early decision is most unlikely.
  15. We are in UK and have considered booking through US agent in the past..but have never actually done so. With life as it is at the moment, I wouldn’t contemplate it.. you never know when you might need to speak to the travel agent or even Princess directly, to chase up refunds for possible cancelled cruises......maybe you’re braver than me!
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