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  1. Reviving this thread to ask an etiquette question. I assume it is impolite to point out a grammatical error, right ? Just saw a post where the poster confused There and Their. I have always resisted suggesting a correction but this thread did open up a broad discussion. My thought is to educate rather than criticize. As an ex-brit I sometimes have problems with S and Z and am happy that spellchecker just showed me how to spell 'criticize' 🙂
  2. I think the pronunciations of towns is part of local dialects, 'twang' etc. Just as the 'i' being softened in Hurricane.
  3. I think 'in order' used correctly, amplifies a sentence. It suggests 'why' something was done. 'In order to protect my new clothes, I stayed in out of the rain'. Hmm, maybe you are right, if you delete 'in order' it is still explanatory !
  4. Wonderful thread, thank you all. Then versus Than drive me crazy but I do understand it is a case of mishearing - but how do they not understand the difference between Then and Than ??? No idea how 'That' gets dropped into these phrases. I have longed to make comments about this but DW says that would be impolite, so once again, thank you ! Along the lines of 'Most Unique' how about 110%, 1000%
  5. We are looking at that cruise - bucket list Sidney + San Francisco. Any thoughts on April as a travel month ?
  6. I think from an accounting point of view, since an FCD can be refunded, it has to be treated separately. Versus an FCC which is money in the bank for Princess. Princess could have said they would reinstate FCD if you did not ask for FCC, not sure it makes a lot of difference either way FCC + Bonus FCC versus FCD + OBC and since Princess would prefer to get the FCD off the books they chose that option.
  7. I suppose we could shave 5 days if we decided to disembark in Hawaii. Just musing because we have never taken anything longer than 12 days. Since it is a Bucket List 27 or 28 days would be OK. I also assume we would pay for the whole cruise even if we disembark early.
  8. Thank you I will look for that, I did check Princess site but it does not show 2022 yet, will keep looking. How many days are those cruises, please.
  9. I did not know how else to get a comment to you 🙂
  10. Thanks for the update. There was a similar cabin aft on another ship, I can't recall the details. It was an OV but the person pointed out that it was easy to go out and a few steps to a rear pool / bar area. One comment was that the crew use this back stairway and there was a lot of noise from door banging. Hence my question. We saw it too originally on Island before carve up and later in a different theater, possibly Island after re-work.
  11. Got it thanks, new price popped up when I picked a cabin.
  12. Can they request Medium Rare for the Searing ?
  13. Thrak is there any noise form other Pax opening and closing that door ?
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