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  1. Exactly we have not used many apps so this is the first time we have experienced something that has a high volume of data. For example Google Maps must have a huge database of information but users are just accessing that data, they are not updating it and data does not vary by user. Worse yet, I wonder if they use more than one server for different MC modules. I notice MC shows a very very old mobile number that is different from Mobile number on Princess Profile.
  2. We got Ginger Candy from Trader Joe's very strong ginger taste. Too strong to eat as regular candy. Only had to use it once but seemed to work,
  3. Separate account for DW. Yes I set up a new account for her on Princess website with new email and password, I know Medallion does not need this but it seemed like a logical step. I set up an account on Medallion class using same password to keep things easy to remember for 'Princess'. Initially could log in to DW account but now it does not recognize the account. I used the 'forgot password' help. It said it would send email to fix password but nothing received. Initially I could see DW on my Medallion Account but not after re loading the App. Login as DW give error message, I try
  4. Well before you do that I would ask 'What can I NOT do on a single account'. I did not see a need for a second account but created one and reinstalled the App for myself - A HUGE STEP BACKWARDS.
  5. Dave from Ont, you make a lot of sense. In eight cruises we never had a wait even as long as half an hour, but I take your point - it is part of the tingle of getting on the ship. I also predict that the vast majority os passengers are blissfully unaware that Medallion Class App exists ! They will turn up at the pier as they always did.
  6. I wonder if this pertains to Server accessibility / response time. The App probably needs to check status on a server every time and does not keep information locally on your device. So maybe the App defaults to Yellow until it gets a flag from the Server to say you are Green.
  7. What does this mean, is it an option under your login or a separate login beginning with Booking Number ?
  8. Did your wife show up in the App automatically or did you select an option to add her ? Repeating previous comments of mine, I believe I had to add her and then her photo showed at the top of Personal Info. I could switch between us and add Passports, Health Acceptance etc. I a moment of idiocy I created and account for her on Princess and Medallion and I deleted an reinstalled the App. I no longer see DW in my login - I added her as Travelling Companion but that did nothing. I have a vague memory that I used Link Booking initially but do not see that option in reloaded App.
  9. Interesting to do a Survey, but I wonder how to keep this thread from being a duplicate of two other threads plus DMW thread. I will say that Servers seem to be a significant part of the problem, slow response from a server makes it seem like a function in the app is not working. Inconsistency is a curse. Secondly moving data from one server to a new server, or giving different module access to different servers makes this even worse. Hard to distinguish between App problems and Server / Data problems. Lastly I think Medallion Class is a cobbled together version of previously separate modules
  10. And you have good access to sources of information - great stuff !
  11. Thanks for the input. What do you mean 'shows in travel party' ?
  12. I agree - people often say that 'all things considered, Oceania is not that more expensive' when I have price compared Oceania was significantly more expensive.
  13. I am now lost as to how it worked initially - both of our photos would appear on the Personal Info page and I loaded passports for each of us etc. I do not know if this happened normally or if I chose to link something. And since I set up an Account for DW - which does not let us login. I do not see DW on my Login. I will call support line tomorrow.
  14. Not to be too picky, but it is the Medallion that is used for one cruise not the Bling 🙂
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