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  1. Manhattan, straight up made with Jack Daniel's, sweet vermouth and bitters and they better not forget the maraschino cherry.
  2. If they are spending money, they need to spend it on changing the buffet area to some kind of restaurant where you are waited on.
  3. We were on Sitmar's Fairsky in 1989 when the same young couple missed the ship sailing away from St. Maarten and St. Thomas. A pilot boat brought them out to the ship and both times they had to climb up a rope ladder to get back on the ship. Those were the days when times for various events were right on the dot.
  4. No cons, along with the Eurodam our favorite HAL ships.
  5. We love days at sea and it would like a cruise to nowhere very much.
  6. This is silly, it isn't going to happen anyway. Many times during a week on a cruise you will be passing other passengers going in the opposite direction, for instance entering places like washrooms with only one door or the shops with only one door. We aren't cruising anyway until there's a shot or vaccine so I guess for us it's a moot point.
  7. That would be impossible, when you are coming or going from your cabin you will have to walk in the opposite direction.
  8. Nothing will change for us, we live in Florida and just cruise in the Caribbean out of either Ft. Lauderdale, Miami or Tampa.
  9. We finally received ours today, our March 29th cruise was cancelled on March 13. Next step is to some how find a flu shot or vaccine that protects us from the Wuhan Virus so we can cruise again. We haven't been on a cruise since Nov of 2019, longest we have gone without a cruise since the early 90s.
  10. If downsizing happens what is going to happen to a lot of the ships. Usually after a period of time (25 years or so) the mainstream lines sell their ships to the smaller European lines, my guess is they are not going to be in the market in buying ships with the industry in limbo right now.
  11. This is what I see when we all can start cruising again.
  12. The lines do everything they can do to not offend passengers, so stupid.
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