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  1. Royal and the Regal, very classy ships.
  2. I just want this damn virus to go away so we can return to normal life, after that everything else will fall in place including cruising.
  3. In the old days it meant something, thus the word POSH, Port out, Starboard home. You didn't want to be on the same side as the sun as there was no AC on those old ocean liners especially on north-south routes. We have never booked a cruise caring what side of the ship our cabin was on.
  4. Late November 2019 on Niuew Amsterdam, had 2 cruises booked for March and July of 2020 and always book in late Nov. So we lost 3 cruises and have no idea when we will cruise again.
  5. I can't ever remember a hurricane in the Caribbean in January. We live in Florida and have been tracking storms since 1993, hurricane season is from June 1 until Nov 31. We have cruised in the Caribbean many times in January you have no worries, just nice weather.
  6. Here's a fact, number 7 smells a lot better than number 2.
  7. With cases spiking again and the vaccine now looking months away, I think you made the right move. We probably won't sail until 2022 either unless there's some kind of miracle and the virus dies away on it's own which happened with the 1918 pandemic.
  8. We aren't big drinkers, one cocktail each day before dinner in the Passport lounge. If the rumors are true then we won't be sailing on Celebrity anymore, why pay for something we aren't going to use.
  9. The Edge and Apex are not that much larger than the Equinox and her sisters and only about 100 more passengers.
  10. I have to disagree on your ratings, none of the mainstream cruise lines are 5 star. You want 5 star you need to sail on lines like Seabourn, Crystal and Hapag-Lloyd, their Europa and Europa 2 are both rated at 5.5 stars. There are only 3 more ships in the world that are rated 5 stars and all belong to Siverseas Cruise Line. As far as the mainstream lines go, Celebrity is the best, We've sailed with Princess 20 times and are Elite status and believe me, Princess is not anywhere close to Celebrity, most of their ships are rated at 3.5 stars. They have gone downhill in recent years with thei
  11. What do they do about other diseases? We've been on 62 cruises and to tell the truth we believe the lines have been lax in cleanliness, ventilation and buffet procedures. Holland America is our line of choice and they do the best job in cleanliness and buffet procedures, not sure about ventilation.
  12. I'll be the one to decide when my cruising days are over, not you.
  13. That's exactly what we are hoping for, a vaccine that is extremely effective like the Salk Vaccine.
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