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  1. The Edge and Apex are not that much larger than the Equinox and her sisters and only about 100 more passengers.
  2. I have to disagree on your ratings, none of the mainstream cruise lines are 5 star. You want 5 star you need to sail on lines like Seabourn, Crystal and Hapag-Lloyd, their Europa and Europa 2 are both rated at 5.5 stars. There are only 3 more ships in the world that are rated 5 stars and all belong to Siverseas Cruise Line. As far as the mainstream lines go, Celebrity is the best, We've sailed with Princess 20 times and are Elite status and believe me, Princess is not anywhere close to Celebrity, most of their ships are rated at 3.5 stars. They have gone downhill in recent years with their food budget decreasing along with other cost cutting measures. I would rate Holland America who we have sailed with 22 times, close second to Celebrity, very classy and clean ships with outstanding service. BTW, the star ratings are from the Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ship annual publication by Douglas Ward but I agree with his ratings and purchase his updated book every year.
  3. What do they do about other diseases? We've been on 62 cruises and to tell the truth we believe the lines have been lax in cleanliness, ventilation and buffet procedures. Holland America is our line of choice and they do the best job in cleanliness and buffet procedures, not sure about ventilation.
  4. I'll be the one to decide when my cruising days are over, not you.
  5. That's exactly what we are hoping for, a vaccine that is extremely effective like the Salk Vaccine.
  6. I'm not sure what they can do but we have decided not to cruise if there is any kind of chance of catching Covid, probably looking at another year or two before the virus is not part of our daily lives.
  7. Probably cost cutting measures, with no income it's hard running a company with business as usual.
  8. Agree 100%, we love cruising with 62 of them but I'm not getting on a ship until it's 99.75 % to do so especially from Covid. I did not go with 100% because there are other bugs that can be caught on a cruise ship like the Norovirus and other flu strains and colds. It's just that this Covid crap is another animal especially for people like us who are in the mid 70s
  9. Old Noordam or old Nieuw Amsterdam.
  10. Thanks, there was a article today in the local paper that eating in restaurants is a good way to catch Covid. I do know quite a few people who eat out and have not caught the virus so I'm not sure what to believe. I did have a good friend who died from the virus about 6 weeks ago, his wife had no idea where he caught it, she was asymptomatic. We will continue to play it safe.
  11. At this point all I'd like is any kind of vacation. We haven't been anywhere except a few day trips in Florida no more than 100 miles from home. We did have 3 cruises booked for 2020 including one that was booked for March 28, 2 weeks after the lockdown started. We haven't eaten in a restaurant since March 14th, still afraid to stay in a hotel. We pack sandwiches and water on our day trips. We miss cruising but if it's not 100% safe from Covid we aren't going. What's keeping me going is playing golf 3-4 times a week but I always broke up my golf with a cruise 3 times a year, right now I need a break from golf as I've played every week since our last cruise in November of 2019.
  12. We were sailing on a cruise out of Tampa on the Rhapsody in 2017 and booked another cruise while on board which put you in a lottery. Last night of the cruise we were informed that we had won $350.00, not bad.
  13. We are in different waters now and I'm sure that the laws could be amended for awhile after the country has gone through hell with this stinking Covid crud.
  14. Why would there be port charges if you're not visiting any ports?
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