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  1. Booked for Aug 2021, 12 days but departs and returns Barcelona, we shall see.
  2. Lastly, scientists??? I work with many, I am not, but those who are veer greatly from your suggestions. Several on CC are, I trust what they have said thus far, I just feel there is no validity to anything in your post.
  3. As of right now, cannot book anything on their site. Interesting indeed!
  4. and THIS is exactly why we cruise!!!
  5. OMG, shut the front door already!!! Do you work in sales for celebrity, JK! We've already got the RS booked, but jeez Louise this is amazing.
  6. Steps are not a problem, and OMG what a lovely suite, the view from that upstairs bedroom!!! Just checked, here are the results: APEX, Europe, Aug 28 - Sept 9 Royal Suite - $25,549 Villa - $37,869 And just for kicks and giggles: Penthouse - $$43,369
  7. Do you know that the heart only shows up in other peoples posts, not our own. Though I do seem to recall, not all that long ago, it showed up in my own, but has not for a while.
  8. Very interesting what Celebrity is doing with Summit itineraries, all over the board. We had a B2B booked, Jan 2022, in a PH (6148 and AMAZING) a PH for the first time EVER, from and to SJ each leg. It too got cancelled, no explanation of why, though they were not obligated to tell us that. Because it was cancelled by Celebrity, we did get our deposit back plus $300 OBC for the next cruise of our choice, We are booked on APEX, Aug 2021, Europe from and return Barcelona, so applied it all to that. Currently have RS (again another first) booked, but dare I say we are considering going up to
  9. Pre-Covid Thanksgiving dinner - 15-20 ppl, 20lb+ turkey, small ham for non-turkey likers, fresh squash, turnips, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, bread stuffing and cranberry. Dessert - apple pie, pumpkin pie, bread pudding and chocolate truffle Covid Thanksgiving - 2 ppl, 6lb turkey breast, packaged stuffing, frozen turnips and Yoplait peach yougurt. Now why am I still so STUFFED!!!
  10. Yes, yes you are correct, just could not resist on this one. I will hold back and just be entertained going forward, I do look forward to the laughs.
  11. You did say that you are in marketing and can easily convince corporations to spend $200k or more for your expert advice? If your RFP's look anything like the above, I'm guessing many have asked for a refund. 🍹
  12. What is interesting, for every single video I have found for Royal and PH on EDGE, have never seen a whirlpool on any. Yet, in Celebrity promotional material and some TA's, they all talk about it being on the balcony. If it is there, I cannot find it. Though I'd be unlikely to use it anyway, so not a big deal.
  13. I guess to protect the names of the innocent. Can you imagine once (if true) the two ships are announced, the wrath that will be forthcoming from the CC folks are endeared to one of those ships. Never sailed on either, but I know how I feel about the ones that I have.
  14. Me thinks you are certainly correct! Sincere apologies for that!!! 🥴
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