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  1. Oh dear, now you teach young people (sorry for them), you edit books, you use more quotes than anyone ever on the planet, you highlight and bold your, oh excuse me "we" statements..."jg51" get help.
  2. Yes you did, you conveniently left out Houston and Dallas, unless they have no homeless or crime there?
  3. The beauty of the premium package is you can try anything and everything you want. If you don't like, try something new and different until you find what suits your taste, ENJOY!!
  4. The first time I went to the Esplanade for Boston Pops 4th of July concert was 1976, Arthur Fiedler was of course the conductor, I was 17 years old, I was mesmerized, along with approx one million others on the banks of the Charles River.
  5. I certainly hope so, one of the great cities in the US.
  6. Because they were probably very busy removing gratuities
  7. and good for you, your choice as well. As I said I was speaking for me and others disagree, cest la vie
  8. Or give huge kudos to LLP and Kelly Hoppen for the amazing design of the e-class ships
  9. I don’t need my sheets changed daily, I’m good with towels for a couple of days, same as at home. Don’t have the attitude as some, I’m traveling I paid for it, etc low key on daily service. Many disagree and that’s ok but if my ice bucket isn’t full, I’ll survive, just like Gloria Gaynor.
  10. She makes a very cogent point, discusses age demographic, very relevant, IMO, guess that’s what you don’t like?? Good marketing strategy
  11. Then why use a TA? You are paying them to do the work for you. If they are not communicating with you then you have a bad TA. Don’t blame Celebrity for your decision.
  12. Please provide the link to where Celebrity said they think this.
  13. Always Included decisions are made prior to boarding/booking. Going green, separate issue, the targeted demographic will like it, as they should. I’m 60+ and totally get what and why celebrity is doing what they are. It’s not your grandma’s living room anymore.
  14. The times they are a changing…nothing to see here move along…
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