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  1. I have plenty of food pics, just need to get around to writing the actual review.
  2. I’ve been meaning to post my review of the Bliss from a year ago, I kept putting it off during the pandemic. Any day now...
  3. I think those with means (and money) can get their hands on them, ie NCL corporate. I was wondering about that myself, but the wording is directly from a Port of Virginia news release, not just the newspaper itself. I certainly hope it’s true but I would take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Hopefully this helps anyone who was on a recent sailing feel a little more at ease, especially with the reports of a 2 year-old on the 3/1 sailing testing positive. "The Norwegian Cruise Line ship has a 1,700-member crew but no passengers aboard. The crew members have all tested negative for COVID-19 but will be confined to the ship, according to a Port of Virginia news release sent Wednesday." https://www.wavy.com/news/norwegian-cruise-ship-to-dock-in-port-of-virginia-during-coronavirus-crisis/
  5. Shows are still going on, we saw Six last night and it’s on again tonight. They closed down places like mini-golf, table tennis, the library, etc. Otherwise everything is normal.
  6. As a Charmin Red user, NCL tp leaves a lot to be desired (even in the Haven), but as others have said it’s what the ship’s septic system can handle. You can get those moist wipes (is from costco) but I wouldn’t flush them, you can put them in the sanitary bags and then in the trash to be safe.
  7. They have heightened sanitation procedures in place, they’re constantly wiping everything down and they’ve taken away all the bar menus. We missed GSC due to wind.
  8. They disembarked the Europeans in Nassau so they could fly home before the travel ban takes effect so we were late leaving Nassau. In other news we saw a hearse pull up to the ship in Nassau, and on the bus to the ship we heard someone got really drunk and fell off deck 10 onto deck 8 so we had to dock early in the morning in Nassau so they could be taken to the hospital. I don’t know all the details but the person was apparently very lucky to have not fallen into the water and may have gotten away with just some broken limbs. It’s been a pretty eventful cruise.
  9. Looks to be sailing pretty full today. There was a nurse taking everyone temperatures before you go through security. In other news they’re currently converting Margaritaville into American Diner. They said it should be done on Thursday.
  10. The captain announced that the delay had to do with new/extra paperwork that has to be filled out and they’re still getting the hang of it. Presumably related to COVID-19. Also the Bliss seems pretty full today. Not sure about the passenger count but at the Splash Academy they said we had 400 kids.
  11. I’ll be on the Bliss next week, I’ve never eaten at Cagney’s so I have no baseline, but I’ll report back.
  12. Day 7 It was starting to get cool as we headed back to NJ, but the pools and water play areas were still open. My sister and son signed up for iFly, we were a few minutes late getting to the simulator where we thought we had to check in, but the check in desk was actually the next deck down and we ended up being about 7 minutes late. They told us we missed the video and that we were too late to participate. I asked if they could squeeze us into the next class but they said they were completely booked, so I asked if we could wait around in case there were any no s
  13. Ok, let's try to finish this up. Sorry this is taking so long. I'm just going to run through the highlights of the last 2 days. Day 6 Lunch We finally got around to having lunch at the MDR. The hours seemed really restrictive to us so we kept missing it. I had the pork belly appetizer, which was ok but the crispy skin was inedible because it was so hard. I also had the chilled peach soup, which was fine but a little too sweet for me. My wife had the caprese salad which was good (and had avocado for some reason). For the entree I had the salmon which was pretty good. Th
  14. Honestly I never would have known that if I hadn't read these boards. NCL does not advertise that little caveat readily...
  15. Thanks for the context, and I certainly appreciate your perspective. Your original statements made it seem like you were just shooting from the hip. I'm certainly not an advocate of CAB in and of itself, but as the article I posted pointed out (not sure if you had a chance to read it), there is a case to be made for private label beef. Some of it is really good quality and you get what you pay for (DeBragga, Snake River Farms, Niman Ranch, etc). I guess you can be skeptical about any and all of them, but for us average consumers who aren't in the industry, this is the bes
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