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  1. I think the last time I checked a few months ago it was listed on there, so it may have been a recent change...
  2. They’re not in the Classic package either: NON-ALCOHOLIC Nonpremium bottle water Premium coffees Juices Sodas Premium teas According to this thread they moved moved up from the Classic to Premium 2 years ago.
  3. I just happened to be checking the inclusions for the Premium Beverage Package and I didn’t see smoothies listed. I’m pretty sure this used to be on here? NON-ALCOHOLIC Premium bottled water Acqua Panna water Evian water San Pellegrino Premium coffees Juices, fresh and bottled Red Bull Sodas Premium teas Honest® iced teas Matcha teas Vitaminwater
  4. Are there certain MDR menus tied to the chic nights?
  5. Same here! I hope we get to see more Family Veranda pics!
  6. Can you check what the plan is for Qsine? Are they keeping it as is, are they converting it to Le Petit Chef, or maybe Qsine on some night and LPC others?
  7. Which bagel shops? I'm always looking for good NY/NJ style bagels in PA.
  8. Yeah, I totally get that. I would probably be the same way too about TexMex if I live in NM.
  9. I think it's great as well that NCL has a rodizio on board, I think it's an experience that probably not a lot of people have had. I've been spoiled by living near a very large Portuguese/Brazilian community (Ironbound Newark), so I've eaten at dozens of rodizio's, from stand-alone restaurants to chains (including Fogo), so for me personally, I have no interest in Moderno since it's a scaled down version of what I'm used to. I know that argument can be made for all of the specialties, but maybe I'm too big a fan of rodizios to be able to handle a scaled down version. On a side note about rodizios, has anyone seen skirt steak at a rodizio lately? I feel like I used to see it all the time (was my favorite cut to get there), but now I can't find it anywhere. Even on my recent birthday visit to Fogo they didn't have any.
  10. I was talking to my TA yesterday about NCL pricing in general and he said a couple of interesting things: -once the ship hits 80% full they stop aggressively pricing it to fill it further, and at that point will start offering cabins to employees at employee rates, agents at agent rates, etc -NCL would rather sail with empty Haven rooms because if they lower the price too drastically they don't want the people who got it for really cheap to go around telling the people who paid "full price" how little they paid
  11. I had been keeping an eye on Escape prices and I thought about this thread. It looks like they've pretty much held so far for your sailing, I'm seeing BE's with 2 FAS perks for 949pp. However what really shocked me was the sailing the week before on 3/31 has Inside GTYs starting at 349pp, which is the lowest I've seen on any cabin for this class of ship on NCL since I started tracking prices about 6 months ago. I'm still trying to get a handle on cruise pricing but seeing this makes me never want to book more than a month out ever again.
  12. It looks like they took the puff pastry app off of the menu. I too am primarily a ribeye guy, I usually skip filets, but people seem to rave about the Le Bistro filet, I see a lot on the boards here about it being much better than the steaks in Cagney's. Has anyone had the Le Bistro filet and the La Cucina filet? How do those compare?
  13. If you mean the one from BeyondShips, I think the one on there is older, even though it says 2019. It still has crispy calamari, which I heard was replaced by sauteed calamari and a few other changes. I was looking for the newer menu which apparently came out pretty recently.
  14. What kind of meals have they made for you? My wife is a vegetarian of 20+ years and is getting tired of the vegetarian option in a restaurant being a plate of pasta or a giant bowl of vegetables. Vegetarians and vegans need protein too! I'm especially curious as to what they could do at Tuscan or Murano.
  15. You should send her an email, maybe you could catch her ear. The person in the thread below was able to get a response back from her assistant (although yours would be a different kind of query). It doesn't hurt to try, you know never know, maybe she'll take you up on an offer to hear you out on your concerns.
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