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  1. I have a good agent who gives me back good OBC, but she doesn’t get much in the way of group bookings. I know we can’t mention agents on here, but where can I find the agents who have access to all these heavily discounted group bookings? I tried Cruise “Fight” a few times, but never got any offers better than my TA’s.
  2. So are you saying the price is that low because it’s a combination of a Diamond discount and a group booking discount? That seems crazy cheap to me.
  3. Is that per person? What's the balcony discount? I just checked and the cheapest Oasis cruise for 11/20 was ~2100 for 2.
  4. Can a 6 yr old order off the kids menu and not pay the 10 bucks? My son's not very adventurous at all with his food and would be more than happy with the 5 and under menu.
  5. Is the MDR open for embarkation day for lunch for normals?
  6. I think it was trying to make it look like Certified Angus Beef without actually being CAB. You're right, saying "we serve Angus beef" is pointless since the vast majority of beef served in the US is Black Angus (or at least cattle with some percentage of Black Angus genes). Black Angus and CAB are different from the grades, you can have Prime/Choice Black Angus, and Prime/Choice CAB.
  7. Sounds like they know someone who knows someone. If it’s true I wonder if it’s only for the Key or other items in the cruise planner as well?
  8. Based on many reviews, you’re taking a gamble on the steak as well at Cagney’s, it’s not just the seafood. Many others have also said that the filet is better at Le Bistro.
  9. You mean you won't be able to cancel after final payment? Or even before final payment they won't let you cancel it? I've never heard of something in the cruise planner that you couldn't cancel before final payment, and I thought you had up until a few days before the cruise to cancel anything purchased in the cruise planner (correct me if I'm wrong).
  10. It just showed up on mine a few days ago as well. Mine was a bit better than yours at 32, but still more than I think I’d like to pay. Like you, I reserved it anyway while I decide.
  11. Maybe it’s the OP’s first time in Europe? How would he feel about French tourists visiting the US and complaining that American bartenders don’t speak French or know how to make French drinks? Europe gets visitors from all over the world. How many different languages should Italian bartenders know? This is the kind of attitude that gets Americans a bad rap in other countries.
  12. That’s what I was saying, it let me book it for just the 2 adults. I currently have it reserved, I’m just not sure what’s going to happen to the reservation. Will they charge him eventually? Will they cancel it? I’m not sure.
  13. For my Oct 2020 cruise on the Oasis, it just showed up for the first time actually. On mine it’s a whopping 32pp pd. I got it for my wife and myself but not our kids. I was surprised that you have to pay for kids 6 and over, which I think is a little much. I forgot that my son will ha e just turned 6 by then, but it let me buy them for just the 2 of us anyway. If we’re technically required to buy it for him, what’s going to happen? Will the cancel it, charge for him without telling me, refuse him the benefits? I have no idea. I bought just to give me the option option in case it sells out, but I’m not sure it’s worth the 450 it costs right now, and it’s definitely not worth the nearly 700 total if we have to add him.
  14. I was wondering how well the massive price increases were going to go over for people who are actually paying for their meals instead of using an SDP credit. If I used an SDP credit or paid like 12 bucks for that, I might not think it was worth the effort to complain or send it back. However if I'm paying nearly 40 bucks for something like that, I'm going to hold it to a higher standard. No matter the restaurant, be it on land or on a ship. People didn't care as much about gristly or overcooked steaks when it costs 12-15 dollars. 35-40 dollars? People will start caring about the quality of the food, and it doesn't look like the quality has risen to meet the new price points.
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