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  1. Check out the small print! In addition to the points noted above, the amount you are getting for casino cash and whether gratuities are included are factors. my TA has been great about booking these offers but more recently I just do them myself as so many have been cancelled, I hate for the TA to do all the work for minimal commissions. also, now that you have been offered a casino promotion, before you book ANY Princess cruise, ask your TA to see if there is a 35% casino discount available. Also check any cruises you have already booked. I have been pleasantly surprised
  2. Yes, it is complicated. When the local government in Key West sought to limit cruises to smaller ones at their port, the Governor objected. This, too, may be a lengthy jurisdictional battle. The Feds rule when it comes to maritime law. I don’t see a way around this. The CDC and vaccination requirements will, imho, prevail. I would cruise without the vaccine requirements but I would prefer not to. My Carnival stock will do better with vaccine requirements as well!
  3. I have booked half a dozen free or practically free cabins on Princess and Carnival. Some will fall off the radar as travel plans suss themselves out. But it is grand to plan and dream!
  4. I sure hope this moves thru the courts quickly. The desires of the majority of people who regularly cruise and settled law regarding jurisdiction of cruise lines suggest that the State of Florida will lose this battle. Ironically, Florida ports, their employees and the Florida economy will win the war. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/politics/os-ne-desantis-cdc-cruises-20210603-owotlw4sv5advpalolylcpifgm-story.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+business%2Fthebottomline+(The+Bottom+Line)
  5. All excellent perspectives. I am now trying for the second time to cruise Oceania for the first time! BUT, I do have a lot of experience with Rome and sailing. *I strongly suggest at least 10 days in Rome before or after sailing. Even if you use cruiseline airlines services, they give you some latitude on flight timing. Personally I would go BEFORE the sailing—that way you lose jet-lag time to a hotel room, NOT a cabin. *yes, ask your travel agent for good hotels and rates in central Rome locations. You will want a place where you can walk to major attractions OR are
  6. I have established credit lines on Princess and Carnival. Staff definitely recognize me as so few people do this. But I don’t think it got me any extra perks. Just gives me some extra float time to move money to pay off my losses if I have a bad run!
  7. Casino rates of about 35% off are offered on many Princess cruises. And sometimes a casino rate is not available but, later on, it is. So it is worth checking before final payment. You can ask any Princess PVP to check when you book OR ask your TA to check. i have also booked through the special promotions when casino cash is offered. .
  8. Some of these bookings may fall away. We have two WCs booked in 2022 and 2023. But booked 2023 as a back-up in case 2022 either doesn’t sail or requires ship’s excursions (a deal breaker for us). Also, if ships start to require vaccinations to sail, there will be some cancellations. But, given the relative generosity of timing of refunds and FCC, you can’t go wrong by booking early. We did a ton of research and cost comparisons. For us, an interior on Princess fit the bill. Good luck!
  9. Hey, Petoonya, We were booked with you on last April’s Papeete to SF cruise. It was to be our first Oceania splurge. It was the first of 7 cruises cancelled for us, including the 2021 WC on Princess. I just put $1500 down on the 2023 Oranjested to Lisbon Transatlantic on Sirena in March 2023. Even splurged on a balcony (we generally book interiors). I served 10 years on the Orlando Convention and Visitors Bureau and learned a lot about the psychology of travel, among other things. I have been following various hospitality, tourist and cruise industry threads/webinars and the
  10. We have had the late November Rome to Fort Lauderdale on Island Princess booked for years now. If it goes, it will be our first cruise “back”. If it gets cancelled, we will just fly to Florida and stay there longer, stay in Italy longer, or go home from Italy early. Or a combination. We are headed to Croatia for summer, then Como for a few months before the TA. It is good to be flexible AND make sure refund policies are generous!
  11. Yup. We booked this morning as a back up if 2022 WC falls through. Pricier, for sure. Interiors were scarce and suites sold out. No obstructed ocean views either.
  12. Yes, we are Americans flying to Australia and then taking Emerald Princess from Sydney to Auckland to take 2022 Coral WC (Auckland to Auckland). Fingers crossed.
  13. I have had some amazing ups and downs in Carnival and Princess casinos. Have hit a royal flush and several 4 deuces playing VP. Walking off a ship in Rio with 8K in my pocket is something I never want to do again. Best high was Royal Flush at Heads Up Hold ‘em. $14,175 pay out. I have paid my entire ship’s bill off in cash more than once. My bankroll is in the $500 a day range so with any luck (ha ha) I do okay. Worst loss was around $7K on a Trans-Atlantic where I never got ahead. My husband takes it all in stride (he doesn’t gamble) and knows I am responsible. The free cruises
  14. We were on the Star for the 31 day from LA to Rio in 2015/16 over the holidays. It was an excellent experience. And like two different cruises as many of the older, staid crowd left in Buenos Aires to head home for Xmas and a few hundred South Americans joined us to sail from BA to Rio. The ship then lit up! People drinking and dancing late. Lots of kids. We loved it. Highlights from that cruise included a private street art tour in Valparaiso, breakfast as we sailed around the Cape, the aforementioned Falklands penguins, a 9-course meal at Maido in Lima, a 7-mile hike where they filmed
  15. Me, too! Muggo. . .my brothers and close childhood friends still call me this. Followed by the day of my birth. Which is also my favorite number!
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