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  1. Our initial thinking is a medicare advantage plan from Kaiser in Washington State (returning there for major issues, if necessary—will run us around 200-250 per month). . Since we both take cancer meds, this is a must. And then supplemented by an annual travel policy as well as a membership in Med-Jet. Need to research which annual travel policy fits our needs. All on the to-do list.
  2. Thanks for reminding me to get my win/loss statements. I suspect I am a tad down on the ships. But up in Las Vegas. But with two free cruises and others discounted, I think I am ahead!
  3. Send me an email. Margotknight11@yahoo.com and I will send you the info on the tour we did
  4. We did an Airbnb Experience meat lovers tour that was amazing. We did a Famila Sagrada tour with Airbnb as well. Good prices and both were amazing experiences.
  5. Love this thread. Agree that I would never fly to Europe for a 7 day cruise. We always add a week or two before or after. The past few years, this has meant longer stays in the port cities of Marseille, Venice and Copenhagen and train/interior stays in Paris, Vienna, and Como. Just not worth the airfare or jet lag unless you stay for at least two weeks, imho. Same thing for cruises from South Pacific and Australia. Plus you just have a deeper travel experience. There is certainly a style and a line of cruises for every taste and pocketbook. Key is knowing your experiential goals. And key to knowing what you like is to learn (sometimes the hard way) what you don’t like! Sea days vs. ports, stateroom location and type, food, inclusive vs a la carte pricing. And general ambiance—which you have to experience to grok. all the luck in making your choice.
  6. Just rebooked! Because this was a free gambling cruise, I got a lovely offer on the 9-day Carnival Legend from Barcelona to Venice. Free aft balcony for port charges and taxes, $200 OBC PP AND $1000 in casino credit. Great air rates via Carnival at $1500 for both of us! Happy cruising, all.
  7. No reason to venture outside save for specialty restaurants, casino and shows. 😍😍
  8. The Yacht Club (ship within a ship) on Meraviglia and Bellissima were cruise perfection. We loved the service, the food and the Cirque shows. With liquor ship-wide included, it was a good value for the week as well. I have heard mixed reviews of MSC but our experiences were pretty perfect.
  9. 21 Princess cruises. Trying Oceania Regatta this spring (Papeete to SF) so this thread interests me. BUT, as far as the Mediterranean goes, our MSC cruise in Yacht Club was so good two years ago, we booked the identical itinerary this past fall. Spectacular experience.
  10. Oh, threads like these! As an Army brat whose father was too cheap to stay in hotels or eat in restaurants as we drove to 15 different postings, I treasure and appreciate every MDR meal, every Princess mattress night, every room service breakfast and every free cocktail at the Captain’s party, I love boarding early, I love the complimentary liquor and sodas in my cabin. I like to do my own laundry so it is not a perk I use. I have also taken advantage of the early booking window for Elites. Having said that, if extra loyalty perks or levels WERE ever introduced, I would deeply appreciate a gratis night in a specialty restaurant or a spa, Sanctuary or Chef’s Table credit/discount. But it isn’t a make or break. . . And the name? Real or tongue-in-cheek options include D’Elite, Eliter, Molybdenum, Midas, Commodore’s Circle, POSH, Luxor, Top Brass, Zirconium, Polaris, Atlantis, Remora, Whale. . . Happy cruising, all. . .
  11. Also fans of MSC Yacht Club, with two Med cruises with them now. 18 cruises on Carnival where we started out and still take one occasionally. Disney once but too pricey for us. Loved Cunard and hope to try again. And trying Oceania this spring. And want to try Celebrity sometime. We also have a deposit down for Virgin, just need to find itinerary and timing that work for us. Viking looks great but too expensive for us. . .same with all the river cruises. Princess is our go-to line these days.
  12. 1) I find packing to be less of a concern when I board in SF—Don’t have to fit everything into 1 suitcase! And I can eat a little magic illegal-on-an-airplane chocolate before I board 😜. If I have to fly back to SF, we sometimes just ship a box of souvenirs and heavy clothes home before we board. 2) airfare plus a hotel the night before (too nervous to fly in day-of) plus transportation to the hotel/port all add up. And we can’t lug bags like we used to. I would rather spend travel days in the Sanctuary! 3) and I love, love, love sea days, so that makes the SF choice even easier. 4) and price-wise? Because I generally sail on a casino discount of 35%, it is cheaper than flights, etc.
  13. WIth 18 Princess cruises under our belts and a Princess WC booked for 2021, we are fans. We live 1 hour south of SF and have taken Alaska, CA coastal, Mexican and Hawaiian itineraries on Princess. I now look for cruises in and out of SF due to the savings in transportation. Cunard’s Queen Victoria from SF to Sydney was spectacular. And we are trying Oceania (Papeete to SF) in March. We now look for itineraries we want and low cost! But we will always be Princess fans—for the value and the experience.
  14. Double damn. And i just had to cancel two other cruises. Was so counting in this one. And it was a free gambling cruise on top of that. Sigh. . .the universe’s way of telling me to put money towards the WC! bit i didn’t get any notice of details from Carnival. Just a short “sorry your cruise was cancelled”.
  15. Since I am retiring and my house comes with my job, we have an entire notebook devoted to things along this line! Like who, if anyone, wants my family silver and other heirlooms? Our retirement budget is $5K a month. We will not own a house or a car when we board. We are divesting ourselves of a lot of stuff and establishing residence in a tax-free state where we will rent a storage unit. My moving costs will be covered which saves a bundle. And I am planning to accumulate some vacation time before I leave. I got the trip insurance and have Med-Jet but still need to figure out which Medicare Advantage plan to get in our new state. We both have cancer which means making sure we can get our respective meds. We plan to stay in Sydney for 6 weeks when our WC returns so scoping out rentals we can afford in order to book as soon as they are available. Then a 5-week rental in Como, Italy before another cruise from Rome to FT Lauderdale. Then a few weeks in FL before a South American cruise. That’s as far as I have gotten with plans thru early 2022. Live your life. Live your life.
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