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  1. Crystabel

    Pre booking Princess Excursions

    Yes, if you have enough OBC to cover the cost of your Princess excursions, the cost will be deducted from your OBC.
  2. Crystabel


    How do I edit my signature?
  3. Crystabel

    Princess website down? 9/14/2018

    I just got the same message when I tried to bring up the site. 7:58am Pacific Time. Had no problems yesterday. Two minutes later, it’s working.
  4. See my post #5 above regarding transfer details for our particular cruise. Yours could be different. I believe Princess is charging us $114 pp. We’re still researching hotels. As this is our first trip to Paris, we’re looking for something central. If you’re in good physical shape, a hotel close to a Metro station could be a good choice. Most of them have stairs and are not handicapped accessible, so that’s something to consider.
  5. Unfortunately, there are no packages that I’m aware of. I recently checked for one with no luck. We’re going to take the Princess transfer from Paris to Le Havre, so if there’s a problem getting to the port, Princess should cover it. The optimum word here is “should”. I’ve read some of the horror stories on CC, which makes me nervous sailing out of Le Havre. Hopefully neither of us will have a problem.
  6. Crystabel

    Carnival Stock for OBCs

    One of the smartest stock purchases I’ve made. :D
  7. Crystabel

    Sabatini's breakfast menu

    Just off the Grand the middle of July. Breakfast is still served in the Crown Grill.
  8. Crystabel

    All-time favorite Princess Cruise?

    It’s so hard to pick just one, but my mind keeps coming back to the 29 day, San Francisco to Sydney cruise on the Sea Princess in 2011. It was our first aft suite that spoiled us forever! We had a very active and fun roll call and made some life long friends who we we still enjoy cruising with.
  9. Crystabel

    How to get from Paris to Le Havre Port?

    While taking the train or renting a car may be less expensive and/or more convenient for some people, strikes, accidents, or road construction could cause some real delays in getting to the port. If using a Princess transfer, and there is a delay, the ship will wait for you or the cruise line will get you to the next port. The extra cost IMO is called “insurance”.
  10. Crystabel

    How to get from Paris to Le Havre Port?

    Maybe it’s time to get a new TA who’s more familiar with Princess, if you sail with them a lot. For a Princess transfer, the meeting point is at the train station, but transportation to Le Havre is by motor coach.
  11. Contact your TA or Princess, if you booked directly through them, and you will be given details on when and where to locate the Princess rep.
  12. Crystabel

    St. Petersburg, Russia - Hermitage tours

    Try looking into a private tour. There are several reputable companies who do tours to the Hermitage. They may be willing to customize one for you. We used SBP, and they were great. Check out Tours By Locals too.
  13. Crystabel

    Distilled water for CPAP

    We always request distilled water, but it’s not always in our cabin when we board. Just ask your room steward, and they will bring it.
  14. You’re welcome. Double check the information with your TA. Our cruises are over one year apart, so the time and location may be different for you. Have a wonderful cruise!