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  1. To anyone who was in a full suite, did you ever go to the Concierge Lounge or use the Concierge’s services for making reservations for a show or a dinner?
  2. Thank you for posting! We’ve already missed some wonderful Alaska video. Can’t wait to board her on Aug. 22.
  3. Here’s a Hand-Tossed Pizza, Hot Out of the Oven This charming sit-down venue offers an enticing menu of freshly prepared individual-size pizzas along with beer and wines by the glass. The open kitchen design allows you to watch as the chefs create pizza by hand and serve them straight out of the oven. Venues and menu items vary by ship and are subject to change.
  4. Woo-hoo! Me too!
  5. We’re sailing to Alaska on the Majestic in August. No cancellations at this point.
  6. Thanks for the heads up! I just chose our boarding time and it says “Group A, 11:30 AM - 11:45 AM”. We are Elite status. Never got any notice from Princess that boarding times had opened up.
  7. I had a couple of issues regarding a FCD, OBC, and a bonus gift card. I sent a polite email to Princess and they contacted me in three days. After a couple of back and forth emails and a phone call from a Customer Relations rep., everything was resolved. It wasn’t as complicated as some of the problems others have had, but I’m very satisfied with Princess and the outcome.
  8. I wondered the same. We can always hope for an upgrade.
  9. I just checked my booking again, and Voila! It has reappeared. Too many glitches on the Princess site as well as the Medallion app.
  10. I just checked on my Aug. 22, 2021 booking to Alaska. Now the option to print luggage tags has disappeared entirely. It gets stranger and stranger.
  11. A phantom booking appeared today on my Medallion. It’s a cruise to no where on an unknown ship, on a date that there are no cruises according to the Princess web site. This should be exciting. 😁
  12. Your ghost booking just got transferred to my Medallion. No ship listed but it’s a cruise from Jan. 24, 2022 to Feb. 25, 2022. I checked Princess web site, and there’s no cruise for those dates. I had to talk to Princess on another matter, and when I mentioned the phantom booking, he said he couldn’t see it, and I was looking right at it. Hmmmmm.
  13. 66 days out and still not able to print luggage tags.
  14. I’m happy to see who our Entertainment Director and Cruise Director will be when we board the Majestic Princess on Aug. 22. Daniel Falconer was the Asst. Cruise Director about 10 years ago on the Sea Princess. Funny guy!
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