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  1. Is there a difference between refare and rebook? I recently used EZ-Air for the first time. I saw a price drop, so I tried to refare and it only let me cancel and rebook at the new price. It took a couple of weeks for the credit for the original flight to appear on my credit card. Is there an easier way?
  2. We’ve sailed exclusively in suites for the last few cruises and have always been able to change the free embarkation night specialty dining for another night. Only once did we have someone deny it, but took it up with someone higher up, and were accommodated. You might give it a try.
  3. I also use Safari and I get the new page. The differences may have to do with the type of device you’re using. I almost always use my iPad, but my MAC desk top shows some sites a little differently. My husband’s PC shows pages differently than either of my devices. That being said, I also really dislike the new set up on the Princess site.
  4. We were cabin D727 for a transatlantic cruise and enjoyed it very much. The cabin itself is plenty big with a desk in the living area which makes it feel more spacious. With regard to the balcony, it was a huge wrap around and partially covered. If having more shade is important, that’s something to consider. We did get some soot, but our cabin steward was on top of it. We would book it again.
  5. We are paying in U.S. currency for our ‘round Australia cruise and therefore will pay the auto gratuities. Our TA gave us substantial OBC, enough to pay the gratuities. As I understand it, the OBC is in U.S. dollars but will be converted to Australian dollars, and the gratuities will be charged in that currency as well. I can’t wrap my brain around trying to figure out if it would be to my advantage to prepay, or if it would be a wash.
  6. We only sail in aft cabins. Love the view of the wake and sail away from most ports is lovely. If you google Crown Princess C752, you’ll find a lot of information on that cabin.
  7. Be aware that it may be a little chilly on your balcony while in Glacier Bay. Also, depending on the configuration of your balcony and location on the ship, it could be windy while under way. We did ours on a sea day, but we had an aft cabin, so wind wasn’t an issue. They give you you enough food for 4 people, so we shared with friends. Enjoy your cruise and your balcony breakfast!
  8. We're also from the Bay Area. I haven't checked on a roll call yet. Once one is started, we can chat.
  9. When Vancouver To Tahiti opened up to Elites, we jumped and got the cabin we wanted. After checking a few hours later, almost all suites and mini suites were already sold out. Amazing. We’ve never been on the Pacific Princess, but sailed her sister ship, the Ocean, to Scandinavia and Russia and loved being on a small ship. It can go places that the larger ships cannot. Because of the small size, we were able to dock next to city center in a couple of ports. Walking off and being right in the middle of everything is such a bonus.
  10. Thanks for the great review. We’re sailing on the Crown for the first time in September, so I was interested in your critique. Peter Tredgett was our cruise director several years ago on the Sea Princess, and we really liked him. Do you have any idea if his contract extends into September? We’d love to sail with him again.
  11. When will these become available for booking? Many aren’t available on the Princess site.
  12. Thank you. $250 this year and $200 next year plus dividends. Can’t beat it!
  13. This just came in my email box today. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/3674/&source=99360/?fbclid=IwAR1UXBHJ7mo8TJrOKCOTjp3P-OpaeIWfnX2s0wTdUMNLckaLEGY7vWYhhX4
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