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  1. Thank you everyone for the positive thoughts for Holli. I will pass them onto her. Also, I just wanted to let everyone know that I've uploaded all of my pictures, including the patters, to my Flickr page. The link to my Flickr page is near the bottom of my signature. Once you click on the link you will be directed to my album page. Simply then click on the Ruby Princess California Coastal Album..... Bob **Note it appears that Flickr is down at the moment**
  2. I’ll try and get them up ASAP. My work schedule is really screwy this week. I have to divide my time at my job location along with teaching at our training academy. An added roadblock is the fact Holli will be going under the knife on Wednesday to have a melanoma removed from her arm. So I will be a tad short of free time for the coming week..... Bob
  3. Coral is docked right next to us..... Bob
  4. Sailing up the channel to dock..... Bob
  5. Good morning from the Ruby Princess. Well the dreaded day is here. Time to get of this beautiful ship at the end of the cruise. Right now we are getting close to entering the breakwater to enter the channel to our eventual docking. While ending the cruise always leaves me feeling a little melancholy, the best part of the cruise ending is we'll be picking up our beloved Golden Misha later in this morning. I hope everyone has found my Live From informative and enjoyable to read. I really enjoy doing them.I will be posting a full review within the week as my work schedule lets me. I also will be uploading my pictures to my Flickr page within the next day or two. I always begin touching up my photos and categorizing while still on the cruise. This saves me a ton of time. In any case, the link to my Flickr page is in the bottom of my signature. That's all for now, I'll probably check back in after we get home. Look for my next "Live From" in November from the new Sky Princess. Bob
  6. Goodbye Ensenada..... Bob
  7. Woohoo, I'm all done packing. Time to get the "Last Full Day On the Ship Party" started..... Bob
  8. Very beautiful day indeed sir. Too bad it’s the last full day on the ship..... Bob
  9. They didn’t have a welcome aboard show. I haven’t checked to see if there is a goodbye show..... Bob
  10. Good morning from the Ruby Princess. Internet was down earlier hence the tardiness of my morning post. Well the dreaded last full day is here. Right now Holli and I are sitting down to our last Suite breakfast in the Crown Grill. This by far my favorite suite perk. Overall, the food and service have been very good to outstanding. Today we don’t have much planned. I may not even get off the ship. After we finish breakfast, I’ll head back to the room and finish up packing. I also will catalog and touch up my pictures. Doing so during the cruise definitely save me a ton of time before I upload them to my Flickr page. Well, that’s all for now. I’ll check in later. Hope all are well..... Bob
  11. Good evening all from the Ruby Princess. Holli & aI just returned to ur cabin after aa nice formal night dinner at the Crown Grill. For tonightI actually got all dressed up in my tux. It felt good as Holli & I are traditionalists and always, with the exception of our first formal night this cruise, enjoy getting dressed up. The dining experience in the CG had some high and low points. While the service was top notch, the food left a little to be desired. I had the lamb while Holli had the sea bass. The lamb, was uninspiring. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t wow me. Holli was not impressed with her main course for pretty much the same reason. This was in contrast to the meal we enjoyed in the CG on the first night. We both had the fillet that was quite good. For our day in San Diego, we elected to take a two hour harbor cruise that we purchased tickets for off the ship. The tour was quite enjoyable and there was an abundance of picture opportunities. After we we returned to the ship, Holli went for a hair appointment in the Lotus Spa. She did say there was some push by the personnel the to buy something. She also mentioned that push wasn’t too bad. While Holli was out of the cabin, I pulled out my suitcases and finished about 90% of my packing. For those that might be wondering about the entertainment options on board, I will be scannng and posting all of the Patters to my Flickr page when we get home. Thats all for now. Hope all are well..... Bob
  12. I found another beer that isn’t on the menu. It’s a wheat beer called “Howlin' Hefeweizen” also by Wolf Creak Brewery. In reading up on the brewery, I found that it is located in Santa Clarita near Princess HQ..... Bob
  13. Now that’s some great photography..... Bob
  14. Good morning all from the Ruby Princess. We are currently docked in Sandiego. We overnighted in port due to the aforementioned itinerary change. Yesterday Holli rested up in our cabin while I went walking along the dock area & Seaport Village. Holli’s sister and her hubby accompanied me. We had a great time just hanging out and wandering around. A little later this morning the four of us are going to take a harbor cruise. After the harbor cruise, I’m gonna drag out the suitcases and begin the unfortunate task of packing. Later on, we hopefully will take part in the adjusted formal night experience. Here is an interesting story that occurred yesterday as we were entering port. Holli & I we’re in the Piazza when I momentarily lost sight of her. Critical mistake on my part as I eventually located her in the Effy store. I’m sure you all know what happened next. That’s all for now. I’ll check in later..... Bob
  15. Greetings from the Ruby Princess. We just finished docking in San Diego. We are docked at the Broadway pier next to the USS Midway Museum. The above picture is the USS Essex that is docked across from us. Not pictured is the USS Roosevelt (CVN 71) that was a out of the picture to the left of tg Essex’s bow...., Hope all are well..... Bob