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  1. Woobstr112G

    Emerald Princess Friends 2016

    Jo; Refresh my memory; what itinerary are you sailing? Bob
  2. Woobstr112G

    Emerald Princess Friends 2016

    Good Friday morning. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend..... Bob
  3. Woobstr112G

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    I'm also in agreement. I know it's good for some and everyone is different but before 1700 is just too darn early to eat dinner..... Bob
  4. Woobstr112G

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Strange indeed..... Bob
  5. Woobstr112G

    Change Email Address

    Thanks for the information..... Bob
  6. Woobstr112G

    Change Email Address

    I've been searching high & low on how to change my email address with CC but I cannot figure it out. I've been all over my profile, and other areas, but just do not see it. Can someone please help me out? Bob
  7. Woobstr112G

    Emerald Princess Friends 2016

    Right behind you at 401..... Bob
  8. Woobstr112G

    email notifications.

    I just checked my junk mail folder and did not see any CC messages contained within. Wouldn’t they be there if your email was considered junk? Bob
  9. Woobstr112G

    email notifications.

    Any idea how to fix my problem? Bob
  10. Woobstr112G

    Emerald Princess Friends 2016

    Down to about 405 hours..... Bob
  11. Woobstr112G

    Emerald Princess Friends 2016

    Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday. I’ll be at work till 1800 or so..... Bob
  12. Woobstr112G

    # days to your next Princess cruise

    Days and a bag drag till embarkation on the Star Princess..... Bob
  13. Woobstr112G

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Yes, we will be in CC, but I was not sure of the time range with the changes..... Bob
  14. Woobstr112G

    Subscription notifications

    Will do, thanks again..... Bob
  15. Woobstr112G

    AT&T phone/texting cruise packages

    I’ve used the international AT&T plan on a number of my T/A’s and found it generally worked well while in most foreign ports. I’ve never tried it on the ship via WiFi though. The one piece of advice I can give is do not under any circumstances use the Ship’s cellular service. While some providers have an agreement with Princess, AT&T does not. Prices for data usages are out of this world expensive. If memory serves me right, it was $10.00 a megabyte. I found this out the hard way as AT&T actually shut me down due to my bill had skyrocketed. Using my phone to upload some pictures to FB and onto my “Live From” thread left me with a bill of nearly $400.00. Bob