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  1. 7:30 am in the Vista lounge on my upcoming Enchanted sailing. Every morning.
  2. I wonder if Princess is missing out on profit from first run movies. They can be expensive. Theaters make their money on concessions.
  3. I saw Don’s video this morning. He is one of the more reliable vloggers.
  4. Shall I assume this is one of the many functions that don’t appear until after I board? I’d rather buy in the app than at the desk. Thanks for the info.
  5. I bought my current FCDs onboard Sapphire in September. The nice lady would like to have sold me more but I was able to hand her my credit card and was on my way in less than 10 minutes.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I will be visiting the future cruise desk in a couple weeks on Enchanted. But all I intend to purchase and all I will purchase is FCDs. They can jabber all they want, but to no effect. People can tell when I’m getting impatient. So far, it’s been a pretty quick transaction.
  7. Princess has taken me to a few places where once I left the port, it was clear I was in a third world country. And it would be wise not to wander around those places with a pocket full of cash.
  8. Until you get so drunk that you fall overboard and your family sues the cruise line for allowing you to drink more than 15 alcoholic beverages in a day.
  9. Well, let me correct that. It’s only when I’m flying home. I buy something local to take back and share with friends (if I’m feeling generous). In March, it was six cans of Naked Pig from Back 40 Brewing in Gadsden, AL. In September, it was a mixed 6 pack of Alaskan beers picked up at the liquor store by the port in Ketchikan. I lost one of those - a dry Irish stout - on the trip home. Fortunately the ziplock stayed intact. My favorite beer is local to FLL. Last Snow from Funky Buddha is a toasted coconut coffee Porter. But it’s seasonal and hard to come by. I will stop in on my way home from Port Everglades in June and hope they have some in stock. But no flight needed. Just a longish drive.
  10. Inconvenient, yes. But I travel with beer in checked luggage almost every time I fly. I do put each can in a ziplock bag but have only had one burst in >25 years.
  11. On Sapphire in September, there was a live instructor 3/7 mornings. I don’t think he was paid and he did ask participants to mention him in their surveys. I’m thinking he hoped to turn it into an official gig at some point.
  12. It is a device that takes the place of the keycard issued by other lines. It has some additional functionality, but at a minimum unlocks your cabin door hands-free. In conjunction with the app, you can use it to find your traveling companions, order drinks and food to be brought to you almost anywhere on the ship, make purchases in port and earn 8% back, identify yourself to crew such as bartenders, servers and folks manning the gangways. For some, it just opens the cabin door. For some, it is a scary 1984 Big Brother device and they request keycards as if they provided a cloak of invisibility. It is a potential swallowing hazard for toddlers. It is a badge of honor to some, as it shows your CC status. It is a souvenir printed with the ships name and sailing date. All of this and more.
  13. Since everyone is trying to be as concise and clear as possible, I will add that this was a Princess transfer, booked in advance by my TA.
  14. We used the bus to transfer from Whittier to Anchorage. It was quite scenic and the driver offered a non-stop commentary over the course of the drive. It was more than just transportation, and very comfortable.
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