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  1. I noticed on the app that room service does not list a fee except for late night delivery. We have an upcoming sailing and are not in a suite. Are they suspending the fee on some sailings, or is the description inaccurate because I’m not onboard yet?
  2. I’m not in front of my computer, so don’t quote me on this, but I believe you are correct in that the green line is a viable option however: 1) I think you do have to pay a small fare to board this bus 2) I believe this bus will go straight to your cruise terminal but you need to make sure you get the right one that goes to your terminal. But yes it should be mentioned as an option as well. I don’t necessarily need a free option, I was mostly trying to avoid boarding the bus at the station since there will most likely be a wait and a line to board the bus. At least this one is a little further from the station, so I think it’s a good option. When in June are you going to Rome?
  3. Did some more digging, looks like this is a free shuttle provided for tourists by the city. It appears to run this route: https://civitavecchia.portmobility.it/en/shuttles So I think the directions in the video are accurate. I think I've mostly answered my own question (doesn't look like I can take it from Largo della Pace to Fortezza easily, unless I'm in for a long shuttle ride), but otherwise wouldn't mind it if someone could confirm what I found above.
  4. Quick question about getting from the Civitavecchia train station to the cruise port bus stop. I know the main walking route goes about a mile to the Largo della Pace, but I found a video on youtube where the guy says there's a free bus near the Fortezza Michelangelo that takes you to Largo della Pace. I'm not sure what this bus stop is but it's in this area: What is this bus? Also how do you go in the other direction, from Largo della Place to this bus stop near the fort? Bonus question - cruise lines really charge 90 dollars for a 15 euro trip?
  5. I can't comment on deck 9 but we were on the Bliss in 11312, it was one of the aft facing suites with the bathroom on the outside instead of the bedroom, and we loved it. We loved the room, the balcony, and the bathroom with the sea views. We paid a fair price for it as well, and we would definitely book it again if we got the chance. For us the room was well worth it even if it wasn't in the Haven complex.
  6. Did you call? What did they come back with?
  7. This is our 5th cruise together as a family, I don’t want to overstate our difficulties with them, for the most part they do alright. They can handle a few hours here and there in the kids club, maybe 1-2 hours a day on average, but we do spend the vast majority of the cruise together with them. What I meant about not leaving them with anyone was in regards to the comment about leaving them with family, they’re enough of a handful that I wouldn’t want to leave them with family for a week (let alone a weekend!) I just wanted to figure out a way for my wife to experience Aquaclass, I think she’d really like it (getting 2 AQ cabins would be prohibitive)
  8. Sorry I forgot to mention, this is on the Edge. My kids both have ADHD and are very active, so we don’t typically leave them with anyone because they are a handful.
  9. Yeah we thought about that too, but the Suite upgrade is 4k and adding 2 more people to the room is 4k. We're going to end up getting a BCC balcony for me and a kid and an interior for my wife and the other kid. On this sailing it was cheaper to get the interior (2600) than to add 2 people to the balcony (4200).
  10. There are, the only way to book kids that young into an interior is if you get the cabin across from them (or I guess next to as well).
  11. I just got off the phone with Blue Chip Club (who I'm booking my cabin through), they confirmed that we could not switch cabins once onboard, which is what I thought would be the case. They did however, say that it might be possible to book an inside cabin for our kids, as long as it was across from our cabin. There weren't any available on this sailing like that, but it was interesting to hear that it might be an option in the future. I think I've heard of cruise lines allowing this kind of cabin situation before...
  12. Yeah I didn't think we could, which is why I thought it was weird that one Celebrity rep insisted that I would be able to.
  13. The goal is to get my wife's name in the AQ cabin so we have the option for the 2 adults to eat in Blu or use the spa. I understand that my kids wouldn't be able to eat in Blu. We eat dinner together all the time at home, on cruises they prefer the buffet and kids club after rather than sit through a sit down dinner, and then we can have a nice dinner by ourselves after we feed them.
  14. They wouldn't be unsupervised, we would still keep it to one adult and one kid in each cabin. Was just wondering if we could switch the names on the cabin.
  15. I want to book Aqua class with my wife and an inside for my kids (I don't want to pay AQ prices for my kids), however Celebrity won't let me book an Inside with their names on it because they are too young (8 and 6). If we booked one adult and one kid in each cabin, could we switch the names onboard so that my wife could eat in Blu and go to the spa? Either way we would have one adult in each cabin. When I spoke to the Celebrity booking agent they insisted that we could switch the names once onboard, but I wanted to confirm whether or not this was the case. Anyone have any experience with a situation like this?
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