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  1. I’m to busy enjoying a vacation to miss anything on land, but even then bingo on land never done it.
  2. Not 70, yet, but getting very close...personally I've no problem with this if it is a requirement. Reminding me of convos I had to have with my mom....
  3. It does NOT ever stop on a floor where there are cabins. Lower level for tender and upper level for restaurant/bar, also one other level but not where there are any cabins.
  4. the photo below is it, and the MC does not cause interference in any way shape or form. Afraid of wide open heights so was not for me but I do think it is an architectural win.
  5. no issues with cruise planner here
  6. and even if you were in a SS on the track, it would be zero issues at all.
  7. I have checked out a few cruises for O's new Vista, like Beyond, they are through the roof. They do have some awesome itineraries though.
  8. I have not but am looking forward to it after chatting with several folks there. A bit more sedate from what I gather, but that is OK with us. Def going to find out.
  9. 16 day cruise on Riviera, Dec 2022, less than $20k. We had a 12 day on Beyond Oct 2022, $30k, no brainer in moving to the O cruise.
  10. For these types of itineraries you may want to check out Oceania, they are plentiful on their site and the cost compared to current Celebrity prices may very well surprise you.
  11. Why didn’t you ask while on board?
  12. Isn’t Australia closed to international travel right now?
  13. It’s all so fluid right now, once on your cruise you will find out. It is and will change day to day.
  14. Then find private insurance, options have been posted all over the place here. IMO of course need insurance, more so now than ever.
  15. Well it says what’s included and in that states, or seemingly so from you post, that premiere drinks package is included. have you called celebrity or your TA to confirm???
  16. Totally agree, really the best live cruise vlog, interspersing the on board experience together with the amazing land adventures in Greece, just so lovely. Thanks miaminice!!
  17. Sheesh, he was just stating his opinion on his joys of cruising on a luxury ship, don't see anywhere he was making fun of anyone in the post.
  18. They make more $ from a couple who cruises 1x/year in a RS, PH, EV and IC, than they do from a couple who cruise 3-4x/year in an inside cabin. Right or wrong, IDK, but they are definitely following the $$$.
  19. Ironically your posts, among a few others, are what convinced us to try O!
  20. No I would not, though good question, I don’t spend 12 plus days in any restaurant I go to. Just my thing on board and it works for me.
  21. if cruise ships do not stop there, they will survive and most likely be happier with the bar guests not staggering back to the ship. 🙂 Seriously, I just feel like if folks who live there, made a vote, whether one agrees with it or not, it should be respected.
  22. I def do not doubt folks have had the wait times they have shared, but honestly in all of my calls to Celebrity, the longest wait time I have evr had was 18 minutes, and they are ALWAYS so nice
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