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  1. geoherb; there are no rhyme or reason. Sorry that you can't find the information you want. Lots of upset customers on these theads
  2. Sailing on Princess to Cabo in October. We plan to do a private tour. Either a four-hour private land tour for four going to Todos Santos and Hotel California; or Catamaran four-hour tour around the bay area, snorkel, beach, and sightseeing. Thanks for your answers
  3. Grego, someone on a different medallion thread said they are 12 days out and got their arrival time on the app. So, I assumed 30 days out; but it may be less than that. I like your theory of times being assigned based on which port you sail from
  4. PROCRUISE, maybe you will get an email when your medallion ships
  5. There is still an app problem. I login and stay logged in. I have had all green checks for two weeks; with the exception of arrival. I sail Oct 4; assume the arrival/departure will open up 30 days prior. I don't believe I have ever logged out of the app. I do close it on my iphone by swiping up; so I know you guys are frustrated; all I am trying to convey in this wordy paragraph is the app is buggy;; always has been. No one knows why certain people (like me) have no issues at all and others can't get past their name and address. I will try and help those who continue to have issues
  6. so things are looking up for some of you. Awesome. Have a wonderful day.
  7. I too sail in Oct. App says try closer to your sail date. I will wait until mid to late August or first of Sept No big deal. I will get on before the ship sails away.
  8. Thanks for all the great feedback from Majestic Princess. Lots of good info to take forward
  9. Go back to your pharmacy and ask for a new card; tell pharmacy you are on a cruise and the requirement is the CDC card must have the pharmacy name on it. You should be able to get that.
  10. jpearson50 did you get both covid shots? If so, the facility giving the shot is required to log your shot with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and provide you with a card stating the dates of the shot and the place where shot was given. If you do not have this; suggest you go back where you got the shot and ask for the CDC card. Tennessee may not require it; but the federal gov't does and any pharmacy or clinic that administered the shot was required to provide the card to you.
  11. see don't worry over something you have no control over. Have fun
  12. I'm thinking 30 days prior until they get the app working properly
  13. snnc2005; if you booked a suite you should have club class dining; no need to reserve a dining time. I have a suite booked for Oct and medallion class app never asked me to book a time because it knows I have club class dining.
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