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  1. brisalta, so you won't book a cruise on a ship that doesn't have a full walk around promenade? Is that what your saying? Is there no where to walk outside on this ship? I don't get it
  2. Daniel A, here is the easiest way to answer your question. By having your ocean medallion in hand; you stop at port security with your medallion and ocean ready app and passport, and then head to the Princess lobby. If you do not have a medallion or haven't filled out the proper paperwork for one; you will have to go to a guest relations person at the counter. The ocean medallion allows you to bypass the counter; where you used to get in a line to show them your printed ticket; and made sure you have a credit card on file; etc, etc. All that is gone.; except for those who do not have a medallion when they arrive. Hope this helps.
  3. You battery won't die prior to your cruise. They last quite a long time. Have fun out there.
  4. Beige is a safe color. Thanks for sharing these pics
  5. travelplus; good for you. Have fun on your B2B, and with all your flights
  6. szubieta, I love the aft balconies. I have been aft three different times. I have also been all the way forward. The club class mini suites are located mid ship; they have the best location for even cruising with least amount of motion. If you prefer the aft balconies; then maybe you could book a spa day, crown grill grill or some other place; or shore excursions. Sorry did not mean to give you bad info; or snarky info. Money means a lot; so should spend it wisely. Unlike a full suite; (which also gets club class); the cc mini is a big choice. I normally eat at least one night in crown grill, one night at buffet, and the rest in dining room or off ship
  7. Have two cruises with Princess. Emerald and Caribbean, and Sky next fall. I say whatever ship I am on is the best. I enjoy being at sea and traveling to different locations with my wife. Nothing on a ship is that special; as to make me book a cruise for that one feature. Itinerary and time of year dictates where we choose to go; not the ship. sorry can't answer your specific question. Have fun on your next cruise. Both Emerald and Caribbean were great ships and the crews were excellent.
  8. You should be able to do what you requested. Instead of round trip; look for multi city option.
  9. If you read post #2; I stated some people say it may be worth the extra money and some will not want to spend the extra money. So as we are now on #20, You can read the replies and see some are happy and some aren't. Have a nice day and have a great cruise.
  10. Colo Cruiser; Wife and I did not have to wait; but I get what you are saying. I am Irish so luck must have been with me.
  11. I am sailing with AMA Waterways and we get to Amsterdam the afternoon prior to our flight departing. Check your itinerary and see when your ship docks. Also it looks like the dock to airport is maybe 30 min drive. We plan on sightseeing the afternoon and early evening then head back to the ship
  12. The additional items vary each night. Like I mentioned one night the head waiter in club class was fixing either pasta with a marinara sauce or a fettuccini alfredo at your table; your choice.
  13. You won't have to wait for a table; I have been on two cruises using club class; and never waited for a table and enjoyed the same meals as everyone else; on a few nights they made pasta right at my table. That was nice
  14. Debate, club class dining is for pax who book the club class mini suites. The dining is the only added option you get. Is it worth the price; for me yes; others will say no.
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