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  1. ellie1145; did you see a Starbucks when you stopped at Woolworths?
  2. Coral the way I see it; I have no control over Princess going bankrupt; so I am not going to worry about it and if after two years they are out of business or I haven't cruised then I guess I lose my deposits. But I see a glass half full and expect to see a ship sometime next year.
  3. Turtles06; you are correct. It was supposed to hit theaters next year. I have no children at home but bought Disney+ for two year plan at members rate; so got a good deal. I watch it at least once a week. Love Avengers and Star War, plus some of the older Disney movies
  4. Roberto256; I like your thinking. Apple has all the software in their phones and watches; surely Princess could have a software program developed that would do the same. Good idea
  5. Disney paid a lot of money to broadcast Hamilton; so they are counting on people to join for the month; watch Hamilton, then hopefully stay longer than the month.
  6. Turtles05; I too watched Hamilton last night. Watched it on my 110" movie screen
  7. rmf11699; we had a good fireworks show last night. We live on Ohio River and the local amusement park did a bang up job last night
  8. cruzsnooze; if you have social media accounts you could post your complaints about Princess on their facebook page and twitter account. major companies do not like negative press; by posting on their social media pages with negative reviews; this usually gets their attention.
  9. ellie1145; glad to see you made is safely to Sydney. Thanks for stopping at Starbucks to pick me up. I didn't want to miss the flight to Sydney. Cheers
  10. portiemom; yes doing well from surgery; thanks for asking Coral; I think face shields for teachers would be good idea
  11. ontheweb; since all cruises have been halted; I don't think the cruise lines have been able to test out self serve to see what the difference would be. Most buffet places where I live have closed or gone out of business.
  12. Good for you; and Southwest pulled out of EWR last year. Have fun
  13. Good info. What you did by clearing cookies, cache, and history; the F5 key does same but just for the current page you are on. Your way clears out everything on the browser. Thanks
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