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  1. ULCajunCruiser; I have stayed at the Hyatt Regency at airport. It is nice hotel. If you are coming from ariport and staying one night; you should be fine. Since you are right on the water; the hotel has a shuttle boat that takes you across the water to downtown Boston.
  2. AF-1

    LHR to ATL

    Have you checked the cruise line air division? Usually when you look on their site; they will only list flights that they know you should be able to make; that is including the drive time from the port
  3. I know it may be cold for swimming now; but in a few days the warmth of the sun will be upon you
  4. I was on Caribbean Princess in Feb 2019; the elite set up was in Skywalkers each night
  5. Ellie1145; sorry I just got caught up. Have been off the boards for two weeks. Anyway. I see you had a ok time in LAX. I know Dennys well. Have stayed at the Hilton over 100 times. Carl Jr’s is next door. Know the crown plaza where you stayed.
  6. I just checked my account and my FCC and OBC are all listed; my Oct 2021 cruise is still there too.
  7. phabric; which med cruise are you referring to? My med cruise was cancelled for Oct of this year. I received some FCC which they gave me in Jun; and it has to be used by May 2022
  8. I have faith a vaccine will be out there available to public by next summer Jun 2021. Once people start getting shots they will build up their immunity and a lot of senior citizens will feel more comfortable about cruising. Anyone on this thread who choose to postpone their cruises to 2022 have made a good choice. This pandemic should be behind us by then; and the cruise lines will have a worked out all the things the CDC has required for them to sail again. Life will be fun again. Cheers and have a great week. We now have two months left to the year; and we can put it all behind us.
  9. When I was stationed in Hawaii in the mid 70's Cecilio and Kapono (ie, Henry Kapono), used to play the local hotels on the stip. Also used to see Don Ho; he performed on Lewers Street. His daughers used to sing and dance in his shows. Al Harington used to perform at the Hilton. Once of my fav places to visit. The weather is great year round.
  10. Ellie1145; I will be waiting for you at the McDonald's on Kalakaua; right at the beginning of Waikiki Beach.
  11. Hi I have been in this suite. Basically you have a mini suite combined with an inside cabin. You share a living room with the inside cabin. Your brother in law will have a separate entrance to his room; his own bathroom, and will share the living room and balcony with you. Your entrance will be a few feet from your brother in law's. We enjoyed the cabin; and yes you get full suite perks; which are great. The only downside to the suite is the balcony. It is huge; but you can not sit out there when the ship is moving. The cabin is right at the front of the ship; and there is nothing t
  12. Ellie1145; let's do Hawaii. I was stationed there for five years with the Air Force; this was back in the mid 70's. Great place to visit
  13. nice pic of opera house. PescadoAmarillo your blog pics are fantastic
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