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  1. It looks like it is not a Best Western any longer. The name is Brooklyn Way Hotel but it looks like it may be closed now. That is too bad because it was a good price and close to subway. It was on 4th Avenue, Brooklyn.
  2. The last time we went on a cruise out of Brooklyn, we stayed in Brooklyn. It was a Best Western that has a subway stop right in front of the hotel. There was not much food available close to the hotel but we just road the subway around. We had a driver pick us up at the airport to the hotel. On the day of the cruise we hired a driver to give us a driving tour of Brooklyn. We went to Coney Island and had lunch of Nathan's Hot Dogs. The driver stopped so we could pick up a few things at a grocery store. We were dropped off at the port with plenty of time.
  3. We were doing the same thing (3 day to Vancouver, overnight Vancouver, and then 7 day from Vancouver). We received an email saying the 3 day cruise to Vancouver was cancelled but have not received an email about the 7 day cruise.
  4. Another way that sometimes works to see the room layout is to look for connecting rooms. If you do a search and mark that you want to see connecting rooms, you can see the two rooms connected. The two rooms together have the connecting door on the long wall (not the bed wall). Then you can count every other room to pick your choice of room. Also picking room because of fire wall does not always work. We tried that last cruise, and did not get correct layout. We like rooms with the bath on the right side as you go in. I like to sleep on the right side of the bed closest to the wall and husband likes left side of bed toward the balcony. Not as important is head toward or away from front of ship. Last cruise we picked the room backwards, but we were just happy to be on a cruise. Good luck everyone picking the best room that makes you happy.
  5. We started our last cruise 1 year ago tomorrow (2/16/2020). Regal Princess to Caribbean. We had booked that cruise because we were in Florida for a family trip to Walt Disney World the week before. We also booked that cruise so we would have enough cruises to be Elite for our British Isles cruise in September 2020. Wow what a year it has been. We are so glad that we had that cruise before everything stopped.
  6. I would like to tell someone at Princess that my Cruise Vacation Planner did a great job. Every time we have contacted her she has been very helpful and listened to everything we had to say. Who do I contact (email or letter) that my Vacation Planner did a great job? Last week our planner J*** was patient and able to complete all our requests. We contacted J*** to book a cruise to Alaska for 2022 for 2 couples. She was able to get us a great price less than what we had expected. When she tried to book the cruise for my sister-in-law, the computer told her that my sister-in-law had already booked through vacation planner R###. I got hold of my sister-in-law and asked if she had booked her cruise. She said NO, she had only called for a price. R### had put a cruise on hold for my sister-in-law. Sister-in-law said she told R### that I was going to be booking the cruise for her and did not want a cruise held. When J*** contacted someone about taking over the booking, she was told that R### made the booking and would have to complete. Also R### booked a more expensive room than we were going to book. My sister-in-law had to call Princess and get her booking changed to J***. J*** also saved her $100. My sister-in-law and her husband allow us to plan their trips and they just pay us back. I did not want to have to deal with another vacation planner.
  7. Yes, we usually pre-order the water. We usually shop for pop/soda before the cruise. Now we will not have to shop before the cruise.
  8. Is Denali the part of Alaska you want to see? We drove to Seward one trip and to Valdez another trip. The scenery is beautiful both drives. We took at boat ride at both towns and saw glaciers up close and lots of wildlife. The very first trip to Alaska we did do the Cruisetour starting in Fairbanks to Denali and then to the cruise. At that time it was a train for both legs of the trip from Fairbanks to Denali and then from Denali to the ship. My parents did the Cruisetour that went to Denali lodge and the McKinley lodge. They did say they spent too much time on the bus between the two Princess Lodges. I recommend you just do the Denali Princess Lodge and spend more time in one place.
  9. Thank you for the info about the coffee cards. I wish we were coffee drinkers. We are such boring cruisers. No alcohol or coffee for us. (Some wonder how we made it through college without either one). We are excited about bottled water and sodas. It saves us having to go shopping before the cruise.
  10. Our next cruise (whenever it may be) will be our first cruise as Elite. Thank you all for the information about the mini-bar set up. We do not drink alcoholic beverages, so we will be having it all traded for soda and bottled water. I wish we were able to take care of the trade before we arrive.
  11. Do you know when Princess changed the FCD? We were told today by our Princess Planner that a FCD does not suffice for a full down payment. We had a cruise booked for September 2020 that was cancelled so we booked another cruise for September 2021 to replace it. We thought that Princess was just using the FCD from the cancelled cruise for the deposit for the 2021 cruise. When we looked at our Future Cruise Deposit page it says all 4 of the FCD were used for the 2021 cruise. We called our Princess Vacation Planner she said that 1 FCD does NOT fulfill the deposit for a cruise anymore. Since the deposit of the cruise was $400, Princess used all four of our FCD for this one cruise. Now we know when booking a cruise, to make sure Princess only uses one FCD per cruise. Even though they used 4 FCD we only get one on-board credit for the cruise.
  12. I am trying to figure out when Princess changed the Future Cruise Deposit. It used to be that 1 FCD was all that was needed to book a cruise. We booked a cruise for 2021 and they used ALL 4 of our Future Cruise Deposits for this one cruise. When we called our Princess planner she said that things have changed and 1 FCD is not enough to book a cruise. Each Future Cruise Deposit is just $100 and they will use more than one to pay for the cruise deposit. Also the onboard credit that you are supposed to get with each deposit is limited to one per cruise. So they used 4 Future Cruise Deposits and we only get one onboard credit. We are planning on cancelling this cruise as soon as we find something better and we know to make sure they only use 1 Future Cruise Deposit.
  13. We were notified that our 7-day October 16th Canada/NE was changed from Sky Princess to Caribbean Princess. Very disappointed. Looking to see what we will be able to change to instead when updated schedules come out.
  14. MickeyandLV I like Mickey Mouse and everything Disney Husband likes going to Las Vegas and gambling
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