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  1. In Canada, cruise leaving on October 12, final payment due on July 7. It is a 28-day cruise, I don’t know if the duration of the cruise has any impact.
  2. Thanks Ptsaint, we (DH and I) are now confirmed on this cruise and would be interested in the safari. I did not find the roll call for this cruise. Still have time. Michele
  3. Thank you for the update. Do you know if there are any benefits attached to early booking, such as OBC, prepaid gratuities, etc.?
  4. Be cautious with invitations, we are planning two weeks in Tasmania soon🤭. I will join the roll call.
  5. Thanks Caspall, great pictures and useful comments.
  6. We (my husband and I) are on this cruise with a couple of friends, we disembark in Mumbai. I understand you are in a suite, same for us. We will see you there! We love Tasmania, we will have lot of questions.
  7. If you look at the video on the Victoria, on the Costa website we see a menu « Club Ristorante ». I presume this is the suite restaurant... We will be on the Victoria for 28 days starting in Venice next October.
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