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  1. Was your inside booking made with non-refundable deposit? If not, cancel and rebook to get there outside cabin at the online price you like. Even if you have a non-refundable deposit, if the difference in the online price and what they quoted you is more than $200, it might still be worth cancelling and rebooking.
  2. I was having the same issue after the most recent update. Clearing cache corrected it for me.
  3. Haven't done a transatlantic yet, but I can say without hesitation, our first choice would be an ocean view balcony. We love sitting out there on sea days watching the waves roll by.
  4. I have Pro, on Android. It updated to v8.5 two days ago. Had to clear cache, but otherwise no trouble with login. New issue I quickly noticed is each forum is now only loading 10 threads. Previous version was loading 20. Obviously it's supposed to load them all. It's one of the ongoing issues with Tapatalk vs CC's implementation of Invision.
  5. The hiring of James Van Fleet was part of the response to the incident with Anthem. He started Spring 2017.
  6. Take that with a grain of salt. I posted about the same response (in this thread) back in June. I believe others have posted similar responses for most of the past year.
  7. I don't like the way things are laid out on the website. Never have. Even before the switchover to the current software. With Tapatalk, I can see all of the boards I've joined, all presented in the same way. I can customize which forums and threads I see, and how. Just the ones I subscribed to. Or just the ones I've participated in. Or whatever. It's fast, intuitive, and consistent. I could count on one hand, the number of times I've accessed CC from my desktop this year. Is it perfect? No. No idea why CC is having so much trouble getting the plugins for Tapatalk working correctly. The biggest drawback at the moment, is it will only pull the 20 most recent threads in any particular forum. It's annoying, but I've learned to live with it for now. They say they're working on it, so I figure it'll get fixed eventually.
  8. Correction: Digital + Prints is $280 on this sailing.
  9. We certainly are when we get it. We usually hit a couple of the spots before dinner, and the remainder afterwards. (We have first seating. YMMV on second seating.) We pretty much stop for every photo op we encounter throughout the cruise.
  10. Packages on ours have been $200 for All Digital or All Prints, and $250 for both. Saved a few bucks on sale at $188. Haven't seen it any cheaper this go round. That's on the Sept 29 Freedom sailing.
  11. The freshwater they produce on board still contains a modicum of salt. It's only a few ppm -- certainly not enough to taste -- but still more than most other freshwater. The water produced on board is used for everything. Cooking, making ice, soda fountains, brewing tea and coffee, etc. So if you are salt sensitive, it could have a cumulative effect.
  12. I've been trying both for a few days now, including this morning. The first being the one I've always used to register for an M&M. It's still giving me errors. I'm no longer going to worry about it.
  13. If only. Many of us have been trying for days to register again, and have gotten nothing but errors. Any yes, this has happened before.
  14. I understand your disappointment. I love trains myself. Very much enjoyed our time on it during our Alaskan land tour with Royal a few years ago. I don't get, however, why you're expecting compensation under the circumstances? You weren't left stranded in Denali. You were still transported to Anchorage, presumably for your flight home. If you'd booked the rail trip on your own, maybe they would've arranged an alternative, but I'm guessing not. You likely would've been waiting hours or days for the track to clear, or refunded and left to find your own way.
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