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  1. I'm totally confused by "the cruise line can come back to the agent for that payment". Makes no sense at all. Booked direct, or via agent, fare charges have always been in the name of the cruise line, not the agent. So how could the cruise line possibly demand that payment back from the agent? Regardless, I understand you wanting to protect your commission, but this isn't the way to do it. Your beef is with the cruise lines, not your customers. Probably not the best time to alienate those customers either. Just a thought.
  2. I wasn't questioning the start, I was being skeptical of the completion.
  3. In this environment? Definitely no guarantee of that.
  4. The Alaskan cruisetour we have booked next June, is up $200 from when we booked a few months ago. Been that way for a few weeks now.
  5. Until it doesn't. Hopefully it will, though. Only time will tell.
  6. We disembarked Freedom on 10/6, last fall, and received the link by email on 10/8. Very convenient.
  7. If it's ever built, you mean. I don't think anyone would be surprised by a postponement, if not an outright cancellation.
  8. We have a cruise scheduled for June of '21. A few months ago, we toyed with the idea of a fall cruise this year, but not doing that now.
  9. Royal Caribbean is not going to go out of business in that timeframe. You should be more concerned about whether or not they have resumed cruising by then, and to what extent they will need to modify itineraries. Countries who's economy is dependant on tourism would be the first to welcome cruise ships back. Other countries, may be more cautious.
  10. That is not protective gear rated for Covid-19. They were there for something else. You can relax.
  11. I think they're fine. For now. But which government is supposed to bail them out? The one where they're headquartered (USA), the one where they're incorporated (Liberia), or the one where their ships are registered (Bahamas)?
  12. It's not that the warmer temps kill the virus, it's that people tend to be outside, and more spread out when it's warm, rather than being cooped up inside together when it's cold. That slows the spread.
  13. Hopefully that continues to be the case. Still presents a Herculean task.
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