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  1. I think it was late December 2019 when the 2021 itineraries were posted. Hopefully something similar this year for 2022. <fingers crossed>
  2. Yup. I got that email this evening that our June 24th cruise-tour, which included the June 30th sailing, was cancelled due to redeployment. Says three other ships are available for the same itinerary, but after looking at what's available, I think we're just going to wait and see what the 2022 deployment looks like. No mention on where Sapphire is being redeployed to.
  3. Ah good, it's not just me. Hopefully sorted out soon.
  4. At this point, "day one" for currently available sailings may have been more than a year ago. Some sailings may already be over 50% (or whatever reduction rate eventually gets used), so the cruiseline would definitely need to determine who gets "reduced" in such cases.
  5. That's fine for staples, but not letting someone else pick my produce.
  6. No guarantee of a vaccine ever being found.
  7. I continue to remain optimistic about our Alaskan cruisetour next June, but it gets a little bit harder each time there's an extension.
  8. Wishful thinking aside, one would have to be pretty naive, to put it nicely, to still be booking cruises.
  9. Can't help but wonder about the Constitutionality of such interstate travel restrictions. I know there have already been some court challenges. There will doubtless be more.
  10. My wife and I people watch. It seems perfectly normal to us; just little snippets of life as people pass by. Our three adult children, however, find it rude, and will fuss about it whenever they "catch" us doing it. I then like to point out that there are likely people watching them at that moment. Lol
  11. We've only done 8 cruises so far, but haven't had a ship-booked excursion yet that we haven't enjoyed. We've booked a few on our own, too. Only had problems with one of those. Maybe we've just been lucky, but I'd like to think the effort I've put into researching them beforehand has played a role as well. YMMV
  12. I agree. She did seem a bit full of herself. My wife and I really enjoyed watching the series. Hoping they eventually do more. Timothy is a riot. His laugh is a hoot. Would love to find him onboard sometime.
  13. I'm totally confused by "the cruise line can come back to the agent for that payment". Makes no sense at all. Booked direct, or via agent, fare charges have always been in the name of the cruise line, not the agent. So how could the cruise line possibly demand that payment back from the agent? Regardless, I understand you wanting to protect your commission, but this isn't the way to do it. Your beef is with the cruise lines, not your customers. Probably not the best time to alienate those customers either. Just a thought.
  14. I wasn't questioning the start, I was being skeptical of the completion.
  15. In this environment? Definitely no guarantee of that.
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