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  1. We have been at the point now for about 10+ years that the ship is the destination, we have been everywhere that was on our bucket list. Because we hate to fly but live in Florida we just take Caribbean cruises out of FLL, Miami and Tampa, the line that we get the best deal from at the time we want to go gets our business. Our 62nd cruise is coming up on the Nieuw Amsterdam on Nov. 30. and which the price was right.
  2. We sailed on the Rhspsody a little over 2 years ago out of Tampa. We have sailed on 61 cruises and I keep track of certain things with a rating system such as cleanliness and the shape of the ship. Checked my cruise log book and I gave the Rhapsody a 90 for shipshape and a 95 for cleanliness. Service was 94, entertainment and activities was 93 and food was 90. My ratings are in relation to cruise ships, most ships most likely won't come anywhere near a Ritz Carlton Hotel or some of the great restaurants we have dined at down through the years. Anyway the Rhapsody wound up with 92.4 taking an average of the five categories I use. She wound up with a better score than Freedom of the Seas, the only other RCCL cruise we have been on. Worst cruise was on the Carnival Freedom which scored an 81 and the best was the Royal Princess with a 95. We sailed twice this summer on the Celebrity Equinox with a score of 93 both times. Back to the Rhapsody, I thought that she for her a age a wonderful ship, the public areas and lounges were beautiful, looked for worn out furniture and carpeting and didn't see any. The showroom looked brand new as did other areas of the ship like the Schooner bar and the MDR. Our cabin showed a little wear and tear but was very clean. It's hard to believe the ship has taken that much of a turn for the worst in only 2 years.
  3. We have 6 HAL ships, a Princess ship and a MSC ship, they are all very nice. Shown is naturally 3 of our HAL models.
  4. I live in Sebring, are they close to US 27?
  5. We walked off the Equinox at 7:20 AM last Saturday.
  6. We got a call from Princess about 12 years ago a day before our cruise asking us to cancel completely, cant remember what they offered but it was quite substantial but we said no.
  7. 9.11.01 changed everything. I remember our first cruise on Sitmar's Fairwind in 1982, we were with another couple on a tour in San Juan and when we returned to the ship, Carnival's Festivale was docked right next to us, so we went up to the gang plank and asked if we could check out the ship, no problem at all, just showed them our ships pass card which was in those days made of cardboard and you printed your name and cabin number on it.
  8. My biggest gripe is the quantity and quality of entertainment aboard HAL ships. BB Kings and Lincoln Center are pretty good but the rest is a joke.
  9. Down through the years I'm a loser at slots but ahead playing Blackjack. Most of the ships slot machines are pretty tight especially RCI and Celebrity. I've done pretty well on slots on MSC, not as tight. My wife won 400 dollars at slots on the old Noordam about 18 years ago and the next year won 300 more on the Veendam. Walked away from the machine both times with her winnings. My theory on slots is I'm only there for one reason, to get lucky and win some kind of jackpot like my DW did.
  10. Time of the year doesn't matter, just got off the Equinox last Saturday and woke up Monday with a sore throat and the rest of the week has been miserable. You may be right about the stewards and how well they clean the cabins. Lot of pressure trying to get the cabins ready for a shipload of new passengers plus they have a lot more cabins to clean than in previous years.
  11. You can cruise with HAL a lot cheaper than with Celebrity. Here are some other differences, HAL entertainment has gone downhill. MDR's are about equal but X is better in the buffet because of the many choices. Service is excellent on both lines. Older crowd on HAL but going on 74 I'm no spring chicken. Specialty restaurants on HAL are less costly. Both lines have beautiful ships and are well maintained.
  12. Actually I come down with the cold after leaving the ship, most of the time its been the next day or two. Only twice in 61 cruises have I come down with a cold while on the ship. We live in Florida and drive to the various ports so no problem with planes.
  13. All kinds of things like what the OP said is happening throughout the Cruise Industry. We sail with HAL, Princess, MSC and Celebrity and all those lines are constantly cutting costs. HAL's has trimmed down their entertainment budget, Princess has cut down on their food budget. MSC has never had free movies in the cabin but they have not cut back like other cruises. What is going on is becoming the norm and our only recourse is to not cruise but that is something at this point we are not ready to do. What we do is find the best deal we can find for the time of the year that we want to cruise, right now we are taking 3 cruises a year, on the first of December, March and August. Like I said whoever comes up with the best price of the 4 lines I mentioned gets my business. We only sail in the Caribbean as we hate flying and the Itinerary has no bearing for us, the ship is the destination.
  14. I'll start this off by saying that in no way am I picking on Celebrity but because I think the Celebrity board of all the boards I visit is this is the one I respect the most. That plus we were on the Equinox on the 8/31 cruise. Here is what is going on with me and its driving me crazy. I'm 73 and in very good health but in 6 out of the last 8 cruises I have come down with horrible colds after dis-embarking the ship, this has happened on Princess, RCCL, MSC, HAL and now with Celebrity. In 61 cruises we have never come down with the Norovirus but down through the years I've had more than my share of colds after a cruise, we live in Florida and only get colds after a cruise. Is this going on with anybody else? We are extremely careful when onboard using the hand sanitizers just about every time we pass by one. Is this happening to others? Any tips than you might hep us out with would be gratefully appreciated.
  15. We sailed on the Veendam 4 times as well as her sister ships more than a few times each. The Statendam class ships when they came out were great ships but now they are probably a little too long in the tooth for our tastes, not that she is old and dirty but we like the Vista class ships much more, we have gotten use to a few more bells and whistles, not that they are mega RCCL ships but just the right size for us.
  16. We sailed on the Divina 4 times, one of our favorite ships. Great shows except no orchestra to accompany the great singers.
  17. Sitmar was the best, I really miss them.
  18. Exactly, Edge has room for about 80 more passengers, only a little bit wider and longer and is listed at 129,000 tons while Equinox is at 122,000 tons. We love the Equinox, a classy ship and our favorite.
  19. IIRC Elysium was on Sunday, Topper on Tuesday, Life on Thursday and Broadway Caberet on Friday. There was a matinee of Broadway Cabaret early in the week.
  20. Of the current cruise lines we have sailed: 1. Tie Celebrity and HAL though Celebrity wins for a much better buffet. 2. MSC 3. RCCL 4. Princess, food budget has been drastically cut. 5. Carnival, 1 time and never again.
  21. We were also on this cruise and never had a bad meal for dinner in the MDR. The service was exceptional. We ate breakfast and lunch in the OVC and found the food and the amount of choices outstanding. This was our 61st cruise and without a doubt the OVC is the best buffet we have ever experienced on a cruise ship. Only gripe was with a couple of the shows in the Equinox Theater, didn't care for Elysium and Life, Topper was OK. Really liked the comedian and the vocalist. The Broadway Cabaret show was excellent. The musical groups that performed in the Grand Foyer were also very good. One other note, after our June cruise on the Equinox I started a thread on the horrible loud Electronic Dance Music that we experienced on that cruise. Happy to report that someone from Celebrity must have read the thread as there was hardly any EDM and all music in the public rooms were played at a level where you could talk to another person. Either that or maybe Captain Kate is a fan of EDM and Captain Demetrios is not.
  22. I've learned in 40 years of cruising that all the lines schedule events at times that have you scratching your head.
  23. I tend to agree with you because the automatic gratuities are getting up there, that being said because the service not only on Celebrity but the 3 other cruise lines we sail with is always outstanding we always wind up giving 20 dollars each (7 day cruise) to our cabin steward, our waiter and assistant. If we have exceptional bar service we add on to the 20% already charged.
  24. I tend to agree with you because the automatic gratuities are getting up there, that being said because the service not only on Celebrity but the 3 other cruise lines we sail with is always outstanding we always wind up giving 20 dollars each (7 day cruise) to our cabin steward, our waiter and assistant. If we have exceptional bar service we add on to the 20% already charged.
  25. This was for Hurricane Irma on the Divina in September of 2017.
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