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  1. Well it's good I have free cancellation as I now have booked in yet a different hotel! I want somewhere relaxing for my no interested in tourism husband Many years ago I stayed on the Aventine hill at Villa San Pio The garden was lovely I kept thinking about that and so now I've booked at its sister hotel San Anselmo The price for transfer to the port is less than what was quoted to me by the Civitavecchio hotel fromFCO to the port I thought going from Rome itself would be much more! I think I am quite settled now Iam also hoping that the nearby Testaccio restaurant is still open and available
  2. I noticed that booking dot com also seems to have some apartment lI stings For me I prefer serviced apartments with someone to call if there's a problem I agree that I'd consider an apartment for a longer stay
  3. We were at the BW Yacht Harbor for the4th of July We had no noise problems at all There are restaurants across the street and around the h arbor I thought they had a shuttle to the cruise terrminal and airport
  4. As it turns out we've cancelled th e Tribune Dh has no interest in 2nights relaxing in Rome sooo well probably just arrive early one day before the cruisexand relax in Civitavecchia
  5. Credit showed up tonight for my December cruise and also for my May2022 cruise I wasn't sure they'd add it for the May cruise but happy they did
  6. Really funny! I just spoke to the woman at corporate who handles this and she sai I just picked a day when they had 400 requests!! Just my luck
  7. I faxed the info on Thursday I asked for an email confirmation No email yet and I don't see the credit listed What's t he usual turn around time? I have the number to call but don't want to bother if a few days is normal waiting time
  8. Google sent it to my spam folder
  9. @cleobella Your hotel gets great reviews on Trip Advisor All say the location is great! I didn't mean to seem negative about it! DH is a little claustrophobic so I try to find rooms that have larger beds and a balcony if possible I don't know why but when I travel I just get feelings about certain areas on the map I first looked at Memmo Alfama to be totally different T h ey wouldn't book early so I started moving the map around and just found Alecrim I may change my mind as time goes on
  10. Good to know I thought it looked good but didn't know it was fab!
  11. Be aware that if you are planning to do lots of sightseeing then Albergo del Seato is in a much better location
  12. Hi I think we are on the same cruise We are staying in Lisbon for 2 days of sightseeing after the cruise I started out using booking.com but found too many full up notices That's when I realizes it was early to book I wanted to be farther down the hill than the location you are considering We also like larger than double beds I ended up emailing this small hotel/ guesthouse which looks lovely Alecrim ao Chiado We are paying 170 euro pernight with breakfast and a small balcony It is refundable so if I change my mind there's no problem I also looked at Avenida Palace but I thought it fel too elegant for my low key DH
  13. The hotels are not sold out! Many don't allow booking this far in advance Albergo del Senato is in a perfect location to walk to many sites It has good service too I stayed there many years ago on a land trip It's worth a little splurge I didn't book it for this cruise because we are not going sightseeing in Rome Dh just wants to relax before t h e cruise We may just sit at a Cafe or go b to the Borghese So far I booked t h e Tribune Hotel with free cancellation
  14. Hi, I put. Wheel chair transfers Rome into Google and found a page,of specialized companies There's even a blog by a paraplegic person who lives in Rome I don't know if Rome in Limo or the company I've used Private tour in Italy has the equipment you need
  15. Thanks We would never do banking over free wifi I mostly keep in touch with whatsapp using wifi
  16. There's another hotel thread on here so you can scroll down to see it If you are flying into Fort Lauderdale and cruising from there why would you look for a hotel in Miami? We stay at the Hyatt Place on 17th street It has an airport shuttle and includes some breakfast It offers a port shuttle for a small fee The portmis nearby a taxi or uber/lyft car would be inexpensive There are restaurants near the hotel as well
  17. Funny but I usually travel solo myself on land DH is starting to get anxious when I leave for a trip sooo this time as a compromise we are on a cruise that ends in Lisbon Portugal has been on my list for a while so we are staying 2 days after the cruise We will be there in October of 2022 if all goes well
  18. We stay at Hyatt Place on 17th street Breakfast and airport shuttle offered We usually try to stay at Hiltons to collect pts but this was a better deal
  19. We booked Alecrim ao Chiado by emailing them No pre payment Small but full service so looks interesting to me Avenida Palace looks lovely! DH is a very low key guy so for him it is just too elegant. Hehe
  20. Your hotel web site says to take the vap to the Rialto Bridge stop I don't know how long you will be in Venice or ifyou have lots of luggage? That may make a difference in the fare You buy a ticket and validate it in a white machine before boarding You can also buy from the conductor on board You can use Google to see fare and the process more specifically The vap is just like a bus at home. It is not a great thing to use with lots of luggage
  21. Thanks for answering Iam making sure to book hotels for pre and post cruise stays which offer free wifi Good to know about McDonald's although not usually part of my European visits Was really spoiled in Japan! I haven't been back to Europe for over 4 years so just wondered
  22. Here in San Diego we carry masks with us and put them on when indoors We wore them at an out door musical show where only vaccinated folks were allowed Even if c everyone on board a ship is vaccinated folks can get break through infections on shore and bring it onto the ship where it can spread No vaccine is 100% effective in preventing sickness They are all effective in preventing SERIOUS cases but again not at100% We will continue to be vigilant here at home and on board I am glad Princess is trying to be vigilant as well
  23. I signed out and have no trouble getting back in with booking number My android phone saves it but I also have it on a little sticky note on my desk No problem at all to use that BTW I am a senior too
  24. I would compare this tour with those offered by other companies You have plenty of time before 2023 I don't like large groups so I'd want to check for small group tours
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