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  1. Definitely take a later flight!!
  2. 7 day cruises along the coast are not booze cruises
  3. We live in town but have stayed there for July 4 to watch fireworks Lots of places to eat across the street
  4. I don't understand why people keep asking questions on the phone? Those people canNOT answer them! Ask here or ask on Trip Adviser but never on the phone!!
  5. I didn't use my phone for the app I used my tablet I gave up my desk top computer a long time ago
  6. We get drinks directly from a bartender We like to make personal connections with the staff We rarely use room service
  7. We meet people as we do activities around the ship We do NOT like to sit with strangers at dinner! If we find folks we like we will ask them to join u s for a meal Otherwise dinner for 2 is like d ate night for us
  8. Everyone is different We don't use the app at all on board the ship All you need to get on board is your medallion
  9. Your location will show up on those display panels Again,that's from wearing your medallion and not from the app
  10. Are you confusing the medallions with the app on your phone??? Everyone gets their own medallion to use on the ship We both watch the video together You don't use the app for that at all!!
  11. I have one app for my husband and myself You can fill,out all the info for your family on one app Each of you will get your own medallion but you only need 1 app
  12. Sigh!! The folks you speak to on the phone are sales,people who know very little little about what happens on board the ships! There are no "verandahs"on Princess All the perks are listed in writing on the web site No need to ask questions on the phone about that
  13. The free pizzeria only has pizza I've seen C aesar salad on menus in the main dining room "Good" depends on your own taste buds
  14. I booked the Oct 5th cruise hoping it would give us a d ay in Catalina! I've never been there and have been to Monterey and San Francisco multiple times!! I may cancel if I find the schedule is changing!!
  15. Hi Are you staying 1 night or a few for sightseeing? The port is in downtown San Diego so tons of hotels from which to choose!! I'd look around on your dates and come back here mentioning the possibilities for your specific dates
  16. I can't imagine arriving at a train station at that hour anywhere in the world Is that the only possibility?
  17. There's aports,of call board on this site I'd go there for more info Or I'd go to the Puerto Rico forum on Trip Advisor
  18. Agree Just use your passports
  19. We never wait until the end of the cruise to to tip extra We don't use our cc room steward much so we tip the first day c when we explore a in how we want things done We tip the head waiter in club class and our servers some time during the cruise We don't tip 1 and done specialty dining extra
  20. Hi All info from o l d app transferred to the n ew one On the check in p age all is checked but t h e payment method They have a picture showing my cc with the correct last 4 numbers but the page won't complete when I click on it Considering deleting the card and putting it in again What do you think??
  21. Email to stockperks NOT Princess This is the one I found hello@stockperks.com
  22. I do not want yet another app!! I thought there was an email to stockperks that we could use!
  23. The c all centers,no matter where they are located, are manned by sales people They know little or nothing about anything on board the ships! Do no t call them for information!!!
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