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  1. Check with your bank for their rules. in Canada, with my RBC credit card, when you have a credit balance on your credit card, there is no fees for cash advance because you don’t owe them anything. Be sure to ask ! good news I , received my $900 back yesterday from a booking I cancelled mid March. thank you Celebrity! brockmom
  2. What about b2b travellers. How long could such a certificate be good for. that is what I thought of right away. brockmom
  3. This is our most favourite place on the ship. We wish it was open and available for every port. We were recently disappointed when we didn’t get an invite as Elite Plus we figured we were a shoe in....( on Summit) but they invited b2b guests, concierge and suites only. ( probably newbies and aqua too ) The Captain Club host said its not a perk.....and they are limited on when it’s available for them to offer it. brockmom
  4. Thanks again ! Great info I reached out to our PCC. cheers ! 😀
  5. thank you this site has saved me many many phone calls...lol... I will keep watching Brockmom
  6. Please refresh my memory on this.......and I keep reading conflicting info... can you pay and upgrade the free perk ? Anyone done this ? thank you brockmom
  7. You guys were all awesome ! The nicest people come from Indiana ! We emailed Linda and she now has our email...we asked her to be sure to say hello to you both ! Hope to see you on another cruise ! cheers! Roslyn and Dave
  8. As a side note...we visited Tuscan twice and Le Petite twice. We were on board for three weeks. We were disappointed with both . We are not hard to please, but when my soup comes out hotter in the main dinning room and the flatbread pizza was stone cold....we really were disappointed. The steak was awesome so we felt that is what we paid extra for ( we had awesome wait staff upstairs so service was not an issue) Le Petite same thing and we both felt the quality of the food was dropped from the onset of this venue . We will not do either again. Sushi on five was amazing and we lo
  9. You could order off the main menu at the regular price. You could order the full Valentine’s menu for the usual,cost plus the extra charge and you were welcome to mix between the two if you were ok with $25 more added to the bill. We went for 6:30 and it certainly had a good turn out but not sure what people were ordering. cheers !
  10. Valentines update. For those of you who recall our situation where we received an email for a price change from reg Tuscan price of $45 pp to $119 pp as it was Valentines day...... 3 weeks before boarding, this is the menu which was what the Summit went with with an extra $25 pp charge. We went with the regular $45 pp menu. So the $119 was totally thrown out. just thought I would post for those of you who followed that thread. cheers Brockmom
  11. Just off 3 weeks on the Summit. first week - day one we ate at Sushi on five. We are not lovers of raw fish but it was awesome ! second week went to the b2b lunch and were disappointed with the menu ( since Nov on silhouette). Chicken breast is now a dried out phillo pastry They had salmon and the pasta as mentioned above...but we can’t remember what the other item was.. if it was short ribs I would have ordered it so it certainly was not that. We enjoyed the experience of being there and were in and out quickly..... but last week we went back to Sushi on 5 . Really enjoye
  12. I am having trouble finding what the main dinning menus look like on a short cruise. Anyone have them or can steer me towards a recent posting? i am not having luck with my search ( probably my wording ) thanks tons brockmom 😀
  13. I as well was someone who was affected by Celebrity’s decision to change the menu and price on a dinner we have booked for Valentine’s Day on the Summit. Instead of our $45 Tuscan dinner - to a pre fixed Valentine’s dinner for $119 pp. We had pre booked and paid for our reservations back last summer. I was shocked and so disappointed when I received notice to either change my Tuscan dates , get a refund and cancel or pay up the new price with the new menu on Valentine’s. just wanted to clarify for everyone....I also received the up to date email saying no changes required
  14. Check out the passport bar for Melbourne from Jamaica. amazing bartender! enjoy your trip brockmom
  15. Thank you ! i appreciate your thoughts and comments. we did also feel like it was quiet a bit more than other lines but I am one who will spend for value if you know what I mean. This doesn’t feel like the way I want to spend my Sbc. I am sure the food will be good but for the price it may be a hit or miss experience so we will pass. thanks Brockmom
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