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  1. Just announced that the US is pausing the use of J and J due to potential blood clots. That can't be good news for getting things back to normal
  2. That would be me. I have the drink package purchased (only other time I bought it was the $18) glitch for our next cruise which I DEFINATELY will cancel if this policy is true. (which I believe it will be at least at first if not forever)
  3. Actually he did not completely rule out flying as well but I think the test is the deal breaker. Guess proof of vaccination alone doesn't cut it. It was fun thinking about it for a little while today
  4. Don't you also have to get tested in order to fly into Nassau?? I was actually looking at those cruises today but it looked like the Bahamas require a test 5 days or less before flying in
  5. Yes there were a couple of people that got it done but not easily
  6. My TA got my 6 night on the Allure that got cancelled changed into a 7 night on the Harmony. There were no 6 night ones going out of PC for that time period in 2022
  7. I just got an $8.34 check a few months ago from a class action lawsuit filed a few years ago against the telemarketers calling telling you that you won a free cruise
  8. I couldn't find the website for Air2Sea and was asking for it but then I found it and deleted my question
  9. Try again I shifted an Allure cruise to Harmony and even shifted from a 6 day to a 7 or rather my TA got it done for me.
  10. There was a pricing error on the UBP where they were selling them for $18 per day for several hours for cruises in 2020. I had purchased 5 or 6 of them for various 2020 cruises that never took place. I got to use it that one time
  11. Mariner of the Seas Feb 21 2020 to the Bahamas VP cabin and $18 drink package.
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