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  1. It never ceases to amaze me (and I don't know why) how much misinformation that RCL employees give folks. Like Bob said it's an extra $25 per level off for a balcony cabin, not $100 and it does NOT happen automatically Also like Bob said you will get re-priced at the current rates when you go to get that extra $25 and also get whatever promo is offered when you do so
  2. After reading that other thread on Specialty restaurants figure it's time for a tip or no tip on the dining packages and specialty restaurants
  3. Either way They usually give you a zero bill to sgin
  4. Did you try Googling it? I have had luck finding Compass's that way
  5. Easiest way is to Call Gifts and Gear 800-722-5443
  6. The casino usually opens before they leave Nassau. Not sure what time but it's way before midnight
  7. Anyone else have experience with this as PC??
  8. Your TA most likely has group space on the cruise that you booked. Prices onboard should be the same as they would be if you booked online. I booked a Harmony cruise with a TA for next year that was around $600 less than RCL due to his having group space on it
  9. Yes, but for 2 people, you're only on the hook for $200, if you cancel. Otherwise, you'd have an additional $300 tied up in a "use it, or lose it" future cruise credit. If you book non refundable you lose $200 if you change ship and/or date and have the $300 tied up for use it or lose it. If you book refundable you would get your entire $500 back as long as it's before final payment date and you did not book a GS or higher
  10. I read on another site that starting next week the Specialty restaurants are only going to be open 2 nights out of 7 for dinner😇
  11. Marketing research and/or so they have buyers waiting in the wings if there are any last minute cancellations. Going from what I have read on here it seems that there are almost more offers going out on sold out cruises then there are on ones that actually have cabins available
  12. We have found some that scan your card after giving you every drink which they are supposed to do and some that never scan your card. This is in bars, not the Diamond Lounge
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