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  1. They will probably let everyone know towards the end of the month
  2. Yes as long as it is one year plus or minus 4 weeks
  3. Sorry I meant I would LOSE the OBC if I cancel. Ours is August 24. If they cancel I would lose the drink package but can them move the OBC to a different sailing.
  4. We also have the Mariner booked for late August but ours is no bargain price. I have gone back and forth about cancelling but just went ahead and made final payment and will keep it only because we have the $18 drink package and OBC that we would lose . At least now with the CWC and Best Price guarantee we won't lose any money if we decide to cancel and if it does sail and the price drops we can get that as OBC. If you look at the August Mariner pricing there are certainly no bargains
  5. If you had a refundable fare you will get your deposit back since it is before final payment date
  6. It is automated. Just tried it myself- hit prompt #4 then 2 then 1 and got the automated system- If you booked thru a TA not sure if you can use it
  7. To get an invoice call 866-562-7625 press #4 and follow the prompts from there. You will need your booking number
  8. My sister who lives in Westchester is hoping to go to their timeshare in Missquimicutt this weekend so they can go to a restaurant and the beach😇
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