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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if that perk disappears for a while
  2. Unless I am missing something (don't care and never have accepted the meal with an officer invitation) unless it's a ship that has Coastal Kitchen there really isn't all that much advantage to being Pinnacle. Or is there other than bragging rights?
  3. Since you always book suites being Pinnacle really doesn't matter anyway does it?
  4. Did anyone see the announcement that Royal is doubling the points needed to get to each level starting in January, 2021?
  5. I would chase the points if I were close enough - but I'm caught somewhere in the middle and it would take a LOT of solo days to get there.
  6. Wow thanks for letting me know- I was just going to contact him to book 7 or 8 suites for next year. Guess I won't do that😇
  7. Can you add a choice for too far from the next level to get there? (aka On the long road between D+ and P) If you are D+ between 175-600 points or so it's a pretty lofty goal even solo at 4 or 6 points per night to reach Pinnacle
  8. We did that once as well but it was 2 balcony cabins. Got the balcony discount on both of them and it came to just a little more or less than the one balcony cabin at that time. This was several years ago
  9. Marci You're the model Pinnacle member. One that doesn't really care or use the perks lounge etc.
  10. @nelblu If it's from B of A call 888-305-4626
  11. So will the fact that there will be many more making it to Pinnacle dilute the Pinnacle experience? What do you think @Milwaukee Eight😇 @John&LaLa Stir the pot Ellen
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