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  1. Thank you for replying. Did the others wear masks in the elevators, too?
  2. I don't know if anyone addressed this issue, but I am very concerned about the elevators. Are they crowded? And do people wear masks in the elevators? Thanks
  3. IMHO the gelato on the ship is not great. My DH won't even eat it.. So I take two scoops (not necessarily the same day. But give me real Italian gelato. Wow! That's worth every calorie!
  4. I have no problem with this new directive. Less people = less virus. With the new variant, we have enough to worry about locals passing it around, we don't need visitors to add to the mix.
  5. You probably won't like me saying this, but I would go to a lovely hotel in Athens for at least 5 nights and the choose one or two of the islands and stay somewhere fabulous. At least you will experience Greece and get to eat Greek food. If you can go for only 12 nights, I would spend a full week in Athens and take a few day tours outside Athens. Then I would choose one island Santorini or Crete for the second week. Rhodes would be on my list because I have never been there! You can get a suite on a cruise ship in the Caribbean where the ship is the destination.
  6. I don't think I have ever eaten Bratwurst. I guess I am not sophisticated (lol)
  7. My philosophy is that if there are enough people, there will be "all kinds", wherever you go. There are some truly wealthy people who choose suites, and some who are not wealthy. Same with any other cabin category. (Yes, there are wealthy cruisers who choose insides, too!!) When I read about them eating Brats, I thought the poster was a kid-hater and was being snide!! Being Canadian, I never heard of Brats hot dogs. I haven't eaten a hot dog since my kids grew up! And we buy Maille dijon mustard. And we usually book insides. And we are not wealthy(lol).
  8. Many years ago, we were told by staff that the price included the tip. I don't see why that would have changed without notification. Personally, I think the powers- that- be leave it vague because they don't want to tell pax to tip on top of their extra charges,, but they figure that if they leave it questionable, some will tip and that's OK with them. Was this clear????
  9. More important, what will the schools be doing to prevent major outbreaks
  10. All these safety measures may have worked before the Delta variant. But, now, the more the variant spreads, the more difficult it will be to contain it.
  11. I think this is a possibility for all of us. Any one of us could be asymptomatic at any time.
  12. It is unlikely that the US would do a study for a vaccine that they don't even use. That doesn't make it any less valid. Many cruisers are not from the US and they don't live by US regulations.
  13. Using your logic, asymptomatic people with positive results will be allowed on the cruise ship. I don't think so.
  14. We are supposed to sail Jan. 24. We will arrive in Florida Jan. 17 from Canada. As Canadians, will we be able to get a free test at Walgreen's or CVS?
  15. Today, on the radio, I heard a doctor say that mixing vaccines was a sound medical decision and not accepting them is a bureaucratic decision.
  16. Ah, but here in Canada, the covid shot record is in my maideh name and my passport and cruise booking is in my married name. I will have to bring extra proof! I'll need a brief case for all the papers!
  17. I think a lot will be depending on the variants. Although numbers of new cases are rather low now, they are climbing in many places. When the kids return to school and indoor activities increase, so may the number of new cases. Then we will have to be more careful.
  18. I think it is an excellent idea. My grandchildren went to sleep-away camp and everyone had to be tested first. There were no outbreaks at camps (so far). And the kids under 12 were not vaccinated. Safefy and health come first. I don't understand why so many people do not realize this.
  19. I think that cancels out just about every Canadian. An aside...a friend contacted Blue Cross and they said they would not insure cruisers. Has anyone had difficulty getting travel health insurance?
  20. I, too, was wondering why that vaccinated pax was tested. Do they test everyone or only those with symptoms? All of us who are fully vaccinated, could be asymptomatic at any given time and we would never know it.
  21. If I go to Walmart or any other indoor venue, I wear a mask and my exposure to people is very limited. I try to keep my distance from others. I do my shopping and then I leave. On a cruise, it's a different story.
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