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  1. There's free sauna in the Solstice class ships. I go in briefly after swimming. Usually I am alone. I am very disappointed that the sauna on the Edge is for Aqua cabins only.
  2. When tempted to overindulge, just remember the food will be there tomorrow and the next day, etc.
  3. On the Edge, this past Sept., we had Steiner. On the Reflection, a few weeks ago, it was Canyon Ranch. Both were great. It really is as good as the masseuse you happen to get. Since we usually don't know them and don't have recommendations, like at home, it's a matter of luck. I never heard of One Spa World.
  4. I always have massages on cruises and I don't usually get a sales pitch. If, on the rare occasion, I do, I politely say I am not interested. End of story. Don't let that stop you.
  5. It wasn't the same concert/art tour. It was at the Barbarini the day we were there. It was at other venues on other days. It was an art tour of the palace accompanied, in one or more rooms, by baroque music played on baroque instruments. No food involved. We went nearby to the Colline emiliane for lunch and had the pumpkin ravioli. It was the best thing I ever tasted in Rome! I have asked for it in some of our Italian restaurants, but have yet to find it here. Thanks for the thumbs up on the Artemide. After reading your glowing report of the Albergo del Senato, I started to rethink. But if we take any day trips by train, the Artemide will be more convenient. I just hope the rooms aren't too small. Have a happy and a healthy New Year. May 2020 be a year of wonderful travel!!
  6. we will be spending a week in Rome post cruise next October. We booked the hotel artemide. Do you know it? The reviews are great so my fingers are crossed! Thank you for all your suggestions. I made a note of the restaurants. I think we may have eaten at the one where you had the gnocchi. We had pumpkin ravioli to die for. My husband has the card. I will check on the name. It was near the Babarini. Could it be the Barbarini Palace? There was an art tour accompanied by baroque music. Lovely! I think this will be our fourth time in Rome. Plus I was there the summer I turned 21 (a couple of years ago!) It was so hot that I hated it! By the way, are you on our cruise, Oct 8 Reflection?
  7. I recently booked with the $25pp NRD and was told by the Celebrity agent that that was all I can lose.
  8. Does your insurance include cancellation for any reason whatsoever?
  9. If you attend, they will offer you discounts. My masseuse tried to get me to pay for a more expensive treatment, but I was firm!!!
  10. We tried the Porch once and I loved the branzino. I don't know if there are many others who feel as I do, but I would eat in the specialty restaurants more often if I could order just the main course and of course be charged accordingly.
  11. My 2 cents...a) If you can get a midship cabin on the same floor, do so. We loved the infinity room. Others don't! b) if you are in the US, buy Bonine and have your daughter take one every night at bedtime, starting the night before the cruise. It is amazing. Have a wonderful trip!
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