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  1. During the peak of the pandemic, the most important thing was to get the number of new cases under control and to reduce the number of hospital beds and ICU beds used by covid patients. Pfizer and Moderna deliveries were held up and AZ was available for a certain age group. People were encouraged to take the AZ if they fell into that group. Later, when cases of blot clots occurred, the advice was to switch to Pfizer or Moderna, which in addition were better protection for the variants. I believe that those who were given AZ and then P or M, are double vaccinated and should
  2. Reading some of these post and others, I notice an anti-Canadian sentiment, which is very sad. The US and Canada used to be the friendliest neighbours in the world
  3. The tower rooms look really nice. Would you advise this hotel for a week's stay? Or would the Sonesta be better? Can we take the water taxi to the Galleria? Thanks
  4. It's also that they believe some internet conspirator theory propaganda.
  5. As a fully vaccinated passenger, I would not be happy to be on a tour with non-vaxxers. I am sure most feel the same way
  6. Thank you. We have stayed at the Westin and the W in past years. Now their prices are through the roof! The only complaint I have about the Sonesta, is that the rooms have no balconies. But I have heard that it is a well-run hotel.
  7. I don't understand. Was the tour for unvaxxed pax only? Did they mix unvaxxed and vaxxed on the tour?
  8. We booked the Sonesta for the first time. Please tell me why it is your favourite. We booked it for a week pre-cruise in Jan. Thanks for any info.
  9. Met Canadians working in the shops and in activities and counselors
  10. Probably that is why you will not find too many Americans working ion the ships. Lots of Canadians, though!
  11. I don't think crew and staff are heavily taxed. Not like us!!!!
  12. If someone posts their honest experience, I don't think it is another poster's place to criticize. Someone mentioned that it is funny that two posters on the same cruise post opposite opinions. That is because everyone is not at the same place at the same time..or doing or eating the same thing. I remember a woman at a table near me complaining about her filet, because she noticed that I ordered the same dish . Mine was fine. Hers wasn't. I believed her. There is no reason to doubt. By the way, every time we take a cruise, I notice at least one
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