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  1. Having done 10+ cruises on Cunard, my experience is that the demographic is different depending on itineraries and times of year. Like T5LHR I found the transatlantics to be a good mix of ages but - this was over the summer holiday period which might account for the younger guests and children being able to travel. Baltics in the Spring tended to be 50-70 age group. Short break to Hamburg just after New Year was a mix of two or even three generation families. Canaries in the Spring again a mix of generations. Canaries and Europe in November December - a lot older. I even heard whispers of some crew that it was a 'pre Christmas dumping ground' for elderly relatives. Harsh. Adriatic and Eastern Med in the summer months was a nice mix of all generations. Ive cruised on Cunard since my early thirties and never felt it was too old for me. I enjoy the company of all generations and it's so often a blessing to have different age groups to talk with and listen to. That's what can make cruising such a wonderful experience.
  2. Twelve cases, heaven!! Just dont mention the same to Hubby. He thinks Im taking two!!!
  3. When I took my (then) recently widowered Dad (now sadly departed) on a Cunard cruise in Nov 2011, I was Platinum and he was a newbie Cunarder red-top. We both received invites to the senior officers' party, wine tastings etc, Captain's Table on two occasions, and he was treated like Royalty by the staff and crew. Whether that was down to my Platinum status, or (far more likely) the kindhearted staff, who knows, but he came away thinking the whole Cunard 'thing' was the 'cat's whiskers'!!!! I remember his eyes lighting up like beacons when he sat down to dinner that first evening in Britannia. And everytime someone put a glass of something sparkling before he him absolutely beamed!! Happy memories!
  4. Thanks for all your replies! The formal/gala evenings tie in with what I've bought dress wise, so that's good. Appreciate the advice about the more 'informal' vibe on the independence celebration segment. I noticed that last time I did the cruise in 2009 - but have to say it did make it fun to have a different set of passengers onboard, and a different feel to the ship for that week! As to the luggage question - from what you've all said, and contemplating my own suitcases, I should be fine getting it under the bed! If not, I can pop Hubby on the balcony to sleep, and use his side of the bed for storage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Bit in advance I know but any pointers folks can give me would be much appreciated:- This cruise comprises two transatlantics with a week in between doing NY (twice), Portland, Halifax and Boston. My questions are these:- 1.How many Gala nights are there likely to be on each Transatlantic? - trying to plan dresses! 2.If any other cruisers have done this voyage, can you recall if there were any Gala nights on the segment cruising the eastern seaboard? 3.Luggage. Obviously going to be taking a fair bit. Some of the cases will fit under the beds. If the rest won't, can I still ask the cabin steward to store anything left out of cabin? Many thanks for your help!
  6. Haven't cruised since 2014 and not on Cunard to America since 2009. Back then I budgeted a cruise fare for our onboard spend (if the cruise was £2,000 each, I'd budget £2,000 for our combined drinks, photos, speciality dining, duty free and general shopping on board). I don't budget spending money for tips - I factor them into the price of the holiday when I book it as to me they are a non-negotiable must-pay part of the trip. Back then, the dollar to pound was between 1.40-1.50 and the price of a gin martini cocktail (my bellweather) in the Commodore was $9.95. Prices have obviously increased. And the pound has slipped against the dollar. And I am wondering ... We are doing 22 days QM2 Westbound TA, New York, Eastern Seaboard and Eastern TA next summer. We've looked at the cost of drinks, speciality dining etc and we think we are doing to need at least £3,500 spending money to cover it. But as the political uncertainty continues and the pound ever weakens - I wonder if any cruisers out there can remember similar times, and whether Cunard responded by softening the blow with slightly lower on board prices?
  7. bodsfanclub


    You don't need to rely on the Upgrade Fairy ... We booked at 22 day b2b TA and filler in an Inside on QM2 - at the time of booking it was all we could afford. Our circumstances changed so I rang and asked if there were any available paid for upgrades to a balcony and how much they might be. What we paid to upgrade was significantly LESS than what that stateroom was originally priced at when I first made the booking. Of course it doesn't work for every one all of the time but if you don't ask, you don't know. But ... be warned. If you haven't opted out of the auto-upgrade and you get upgraded when you don't want to be - you lose your original stateroom. Happened to us, and I was gutted. All because our TA didn't tick the NO UPGRADE box despite us asking him to.
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