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  1. I’ve never been but planning on it soon. However just curious what are the main courses? I’ve looked at the menu but it’s kind of hard to tell. Could anyone that has been there please confirm which course is the main course options? Thanks.
  2. So I’ve never eaten in the MDR for breakfast or lunch as we’ve been wary of the seating. Are you able to get a table for yourself for two or are you forced to sit with strangers? Thanks
  3. Can you no longer get funnel cakes delivered to the cabanas? Do you have to go to the place yourself to get them? Thanks for all these pics 🙂
  4. I believe that I have heard that they are all pre assigned now correct? So we can’t request a specific one? Thanks
  5. Cabana looks nice. Did you get to pick the one out or were you assigned it? Thanks
  6. Thanks! Yes I saw that but wasn’t sure how it would be. :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks, yes they only don’t eat fish and meat, but they do eat eggs and dairy. :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks both of you. That is great to hear 🙂
  9. Hi everyone! I am looking for some advice from recent cruisers. I will be very shortly going on Symphony with someone that is vegetarian and two of the specialty places we are dining at are Wonderland and 150 CP. Does anyone have any recent experience with eating at these places as a vegetarian? How accommodating are they? Current sample menus don’t have a whole lot of options so we want to set our expectations about if we will need to stop at the buffet or something after so that they can have enough to eat. Has anyone visited these places recently that could please provide some advice/tips? Thanks so much in advance :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Is that a milkshake from Johnny Rockets? If so did you have to pay for it? Thanks
  11. Oh looks yummy. Is this different from a Miami Vice or is it the same thing? Thanks
  12. What places do people recommend for people that don’t eat meat or seafood as an alternative to WJ? Does the options listed have good vegetarian options? Thanks!
  13. That is normal. When looking at the website on the tab that says my calendar it will say at your leisure instead of the actual time. This is how it shows for everyone I believe. But it if you go the homepage of the planner and scroll down to the bottom there is a small calendar there and this one should list the actual time. At least it does on mine. But only if I look at my calendar here instead of the actual calendar link. Happy Cruising
  14. Thanks! I was thinking that we would probably be fine as long as we got off early but since we aren’t familiar with the Miami port and airport, wanted to check. 🙂
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