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  1. cancruisers

    Celebrity App Updated with Edge

    Just noticed on my latest app update that Constellation, Equinox and Reflection are now on the app. Anybody know when Silhouette will be added? Cheers, Steve
  2. cancruisers

    Helpful Bermuda Information

    Great information - thanks! Steve
  3. cancruisers

    Celebrity Edge to sail EUROPE in 2019!

    Us too!!
  4. cancruisers

    Regal Princess Review - Baltic 6/14 - 6/25

    Thanks for the quick response - I think I misread your cabin numbers but it doesn't really matter. We've been on Royal and I know we'll love Regal. Enjoyed your trip report and happy cruising! Steve & Wendy
  5. cancruisers

    Regal Princess Review - Baltic 6/14 - 6/25

    Enjoyed reading your trip account immensely. You will always look back on this trip as one 0f a kind. We're on Regal Sept 10 for the T/A. I may have missed it, but what did you think of the obstructed veranda staterooms on Emerald deck? We're booked in E326 which, I believe, is beside one of your rooms. Appreciate your comments, Steve
  6. cancruisers

    South America Here we Come - DIVINA - 24th May, 2014

    [quote name='aprilmay15']Whattt! No one told me about the changes. If I did not check the boards I would not have known. Who contacted you about the changes?[/QUOTE] The first and only notification we received was through this board. I contacted our TA and she didn't know anything about it and didn't get updated until she had dealt with MSC for several hours. What a class outfit this MSC is - fool me once, shame on me, but I won't get fooled again! Steve & Wendy
  7. cancruisers

    South America Here we Come - DIVINA - 24th May, 2014

    Wow - this is a game changer! This means that we can't take this cruise since we don't get off another one until May 22. We now have flights booked and paid for to Miami and back from Rio - no longer needed! What a mess! Hmmm, wonder if this is one of the reasons that MSC has the rep it does.
  8. cancruisers

    South America Here we Come - DIVINA - 24th May, 2014

    All the best to everyone for a happy and prosperous 2014. Looks like it will be a great year for travel. We look forward to meeting everyone on the Divina May 24. Steve & Wendy
  9. cancruisers

    South America Here we Come - DIVINA - 24th May, 2014

    [quote name='marcoigna']i believe you will have your passports back in 2 weeks - you can take an express post envelope with you and they will simply mail them back.... going in on the 9th of December i believe - already did the online details..just need to get a couple photos done...[/QUOTE] Thanks for the quick reply. We think we'll wait until March to apply for the visas - we have some trips coming up in Jan/Feb and I don't want to have to worry about getting our passports back in time. I've dealt with the consulate here before and they can be a bit difficult when they want to be. Steve
  10. cancruisers

    South America Here we Come - DIVINA - 24th May, 2014

    [quote name='VIAJANTE']Hi Everone, Marcoigna - There will be 7 games in Rio and we have tickets for 6 of them, including the final. :D lucky, lucky, lucky..... We too will be flying to Fort Lauderdale, from New York in our case, but really only because of the flight times. The visa is reciprocal. A US visa for us lasts 10 years and is roughly the same price as americans pay for a brazilian visa. It´s been a while since I´ve been to Canada but as far as I can remember the canadian visa was for less time. cheers, Lilian & Iain[/QUOTE] Iain & Lilian - Great news on the tickets - that's quite a catch (but not without a price I'm sure). Started looking into our visas and we're going to get them in December but not sure how long the consulate takes to process as we need our passports for New Year's. Marcoigna - any information on that? If you go into the consulate on Dec 9 when do you expect to get your passports back? Interesting process - you fill in the application on line then get a confirmation before you present your passport and your documentation to the consulate. Cost is $81CAD - but if you have WC tickets, visas are FREE! They look to be good for 5 years.
  11. cancruisers

    Oceania 2015 World Cruise

    Seems to be a lot of availability online this morning.
  12. cancruisers

    Oceania 2015 World Cruise

    Let's ask Frank!
  13. cancruisers

    Oceania 2015 World Cruise

    Thanks Frank - this means a lot to many of us faithful Oceania cruisers - the fact that you take the time to look at what your customers want, read their comments and then act on them is an unusual but welcome step for a cruise company executive. I don't believe I've ever seen that done by any of the bigger companies. Kudos to you and Oceania. Steve & Wendy
  14. cancruisers

    Oceania 2015 World Cruise

    Perhaps we could start a petition, a twitter campaign, Facebook page - whatever it takes!! WE WANT CAPE TOWN TO SINGAPORE 2015!!
  15. cancruisers

    Oceania 2015 World Cruise

    We're there too!! (P.S. - Laraine - it's handy to have inside connections, I see)