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  1. I wonder if the blue is more resistant to rusting? I know that it will hide some dirt more than white, but maybe that is why? reduces the upkeep of cleaning?
  2. I like the blue on the Oasis Class ships, it was a nice change from the pure white on the other class ships. I personally think that this blue is a little too dark, but hey, that its my opinion.
  3. I would say the best time to book is now. Sure RCI will have "sales" but somehow their math would be the same if they had a sale or not.
  4. But PLEASE be respectful of the talent on the stage and DO NOT leave DURING a show. Wait until intermission!
  5. Meow indeed! Charlotte is such a sweet woman, and SO TALENTED! She alone is worth watching the show for! As a person who has acted in the past, thank you! This is how you handle this situation. Walking out during the show is horrible! The actors CAN see those kind of things.
  6. Not really. They pulled it off beautifully in the 1998 Taped version. If you go see this show anywhere else, they remove this song. It was nice to see again (The last time I saw it was in 1998,) but I would not miss it if it were gone. IF you cut Bustopher and Growltiger though, you basically need to cut that actor all together, since he plays both parts.
  7. I can see where people do not like Cats... truly I do... but THIS!? Lion King is a SAINT! I have seen Lion King 9 times and each time I am FLOORED with the productions. The costumers, the songs, the sets, the innovation used. This show was ground breaking! Then again we all have our opinions... it just happens to be your opinions about Cats and Lion King are wrong 😉 Or maybe you just don't like felines?
  8. Sorry, that was not my point... it is not the hearing and understanding, but the actual using of the accent by the actor, it is a tough accent to perform and in London, to me, just sounds off.
  9. The accent is VERY tough, t hat mixture of Irish and Canadian is tough! For me personally listening to the West End (London) Cast, they just don't sound right to me, just a little off.
  10. I think my correct answer is... Alcohol
  11. I love watching flying fish! I have seen a few pods of dolphins, and when we docked in St. Croix there was a beautiful sea turtle hanging around the dock.
  12. My wife and I cruise a good bit with our 2-year old daughter. The cruise (RCI) provided a pack-N-Play if needed, but now my daughter just sleeps on the sleeper sofa. There was plenty of room for us (we get a balcony room.) Basically, We love cruising with our daughter!
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