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  1. I hear you - I guess my thinking is given an inch take a mile in this case. If RCL does give people the package at the deal (which would be cool), does that open the gates for other people to ask for it. I get what you mean, it's like missing a sale. But on the other hand - I can see other's complaining it's not fair. Not everyone is rationale or can accept they missed out. Again, just musing at this point 🙂
  2. So here is another question - IF Royal decides to honour the price and let people keep their deluxe drink packages, are you then going to start receiving complaints from people who didn't get to order it in time? I mean, on one side, people will reply "to bad, so sad, missed out on the opportunity" but then could not the same response be turned around on the people demanding their drink packages at the erroneous rate "to bad, so sad, it was an error..." *shrugs* I dunno, I think if RCL is going to honor those error prices, maybe they are going to get complaints they should extend that offer to everyone. Fair is fair? Isn't that what this whole hullabaloo is about?
  3. Owner suite not so much. Bid $1475 cdn per person. For GS I bid near max of $875 pp CDN (Max $930). JS I bid $675 pp max was $800 pp.
  4. So I finally got a rejection letter. BUT, it was only for the Owners Suite I bid on which as of a few weeks ago became "not found.". No email regarding my other three bids.
  5. Odd. No email received at all. Not even a denial one and it's less than 24 hours till departure.
  6. Hey thanks - we sure will. Nothing yet - still holding out for a possible upgrade. I actually bid medium to strong. One poster on page 46 said they got it the day before, so still holding out 🙂
  7. *laughs* Thanks for the optimism *laughs* It's all good - either way I'm going on vacation, and that, I can't complain about.
  8. Yep - happened to me. The Owner's Suite is no longer available. I suspect this is happening when the room is firmed up and no longer available as an option for the upgrade program (albeit the flaw in the assumption is what about last minute cancellations) Our cruise is on Feb 22, and bids still showing as pending. Getting a little nervous as many people posted getting upgrades well before their sale dates.
  9. I had the same issue this morning where it couldn't retrieve my eDocs. I was stoked based on feedback above, however, they showed up after trying three more times with my original booking. The wait continues with fingers crossed.
  10. Yes - same thing happened to me. We bid on the owner suite. I suspect that means all the rooms were firmed up / fully paid and won't be available for an upgrade. The Royal Suite (which we did not bid on) is no longer available as an option either. The Grand Suite, Junior Suite and Oceanview Suite are still available. Interesting enough - the available max bid levels have gone done quiet a bit since our first bid. So what might have been weak originally is more mid-range. *shrugs*
  11. Can anyone provide feedback on the rooms they have won? Were any of the upgraded rooms adjoining?
  12. Well this is interesting. We're sailing on Serenade of the Seas and originally put bids on the Owners Suite, Junior Suite, Grand Suite and Ocean View (no balcony). When I check the status of my Royal Up bids, I get the following error when I click on Owner's Suite "No eligible cruise found." Also, when I click on the original Royal Up email, the Royal Suite and Owner's suite are no longer listed to bid on. It leads me to believe that the system then only offers rooms that have not received full payment rather than cancellations. Otherwise, how would the system account for a cancellation unless a new Royal Up email is sent out?
  13. I'm actually curious what happens if you win a bid for a room that only supports 4 people and you have 5 or more in your family. Since the 5th person goes on a second reservation, is the system intuitive enough to only offer rooms that can accommodate? Example, on our sailing on Serenade, the Royal Up letter offered the Royal Suite as an option which only has max 4 people. Also, some of the Owner Suites only have 4 people.
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