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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I have also seen the sailing full sign. Just wondering if anyone has upgraded onboard.
  2. Has anyone asked Princess for a balcony or minisuite upgrade once they were onboard? If yes what was the price? I have done this on Norwegian right after we arrived on the ship and the balcony upgrade was $250. Quote
  3. Can anyone recommend a pre-cruise Barcelona Hotel close to cruise terminal and attractions? I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  4. I hope we will have good weather. I have done the Dublin hop on hop off bus and loved it.
  5. Eventually I want to go to Titanic Belfast and stay in the hotel. The Titanic Experience In Cobh was very interesting and worth the visit.
  6. I just do not think I will have the time I want to spend in Edinburgh. If there was a port stop there I would not hesitate to go to Edinburgh Castle and see as much of the city as I can. I do hope to go to Edinburgh and stay for a few days at another time. Thank you for your reply.
  7. I am afraid of being in traffic and not being able to spend time in Edinburgh. I appreciate your response.
  8. There are some tours that go to Inveraray Castle. I will look into that as well. Thank you. I am excited to get to Scotland.
  9. We went to the Titanic experience museum. It was very interesting and had a great time. We love everything about the Titanic
  10. We are going to stop in Norway, Greenock, Dublin, Cobh and Halifax. We have already been to Dublin and Cobh and will do different things than last time. I will look into taking the train. Thanks for the idea. Hopefully we will have good weather.
  11. Thank you for your reply. We have decided not to go to Edinburgh and do a Stirling Castle tour with the Trossachs and Luss. Just have to decide which tour company. We are looking forward to visiting Stirling
  12. I appreciate your reply. I agree it would be time consuming to go to Edinburgh. Hopefully another time we can go there. How was the transatlantic sailing? I heard there can be some bad weather. I just hope we do not miss any ports.
  13. Thank you for your response. I am looking forward to seeing Stirling Castle and the surrounding area.
  14. Thank you Tina. I am researching tours now for Stirling castle. I also think I will get my money's worth visiting Stirling, The Trossachs and Luss. I appreciate your reply.
  15. I appreciate your reply. I am leaning toward Stirling even though I really wanted to go see Edinburgh.
  16. Thank you Tak8 for the reply. I am thinking of going to Stirling Castle and looking at tour companies now.
  17. My husband and I are going on Regal Princess in September and not sure where to go from Greenock Terminal (the only Scotland port). I always wanted to go to Edinburgh but the excursion from the ship is $110 a person (just transportation it will be on our own). Our other option is taking a guided tour to Stirling Castle, village of Luss and Trossach National Park. I have always wanted to go to Scotland and would like advice as to where we should go. Thank you
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