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  1. Then we looked at different cruises. Last year I booked my October cruise in August and had the 'S' designation. My room had a solo supplement discount but because I took the reduced airfare I paid the full supplement.
  2. You kind of did... Not all new cards have RFID but all new cards DO have the other chip...
  3. I believe there are actually TWO chips in credit cards, one is the RFID hidden inside then there's the visible chip on the face of the card. Not all cards with the visible chip have the RFID chip, you need to look for the symbol on the face of the card that looks like the WiFi icon on your phone or computer, this would indicate it has the RFID chip. It's also in some new driver licenses and it's also in your passport. Look up Princess' "Medallion" setup, probably a similar concept.
  4. @klfrodo and @BamaCruiser39 this thread was linked in the thread I linked in post 2, but I guess people just ignore the duplicates...
  5. No, the cruise line will not work to apply your points for your airfare (since they won't book an airline that you request) BUT if you're a perks member with an airline you should be able to assign the flight to your account and get credit if the flight is on that airline. I did a mock booking, NCL wanted an insane amount of money to fly from Albany to NYC (for which there are no direct flights, it was just a cruise I'd been looking at and was curious about the perk).
  6. This happened to me. Within a week of booking the cruise I had placeholder flights showing just the airports with no times and no airline listed. The day before I had final flights those placeholders changed to the ACTUAL airports (just the connecting flights changed, I was sailing with another party and mine changed to match theirs). I don't see anything in the T&C's about this. There IS a new clause in there though, something that wasn't there a year ago. I know this because none of the 3 of us (in 2 cabins) paid a $25 fee for this guarantee (only for the deviation to fly in the day before) but our reservations were linked. There's a "Travel with guarantee" whereby all passengers in up to 4 cabins pay a $25 fee and the reservations are linked for the purposes of flight booking. For the bolded line, I'm reading that as this linking needs to be done prior to air ticketing being done for any passenger. Here's the relevant section - The Travel With Guarantee program ensures that eligible guests on different reservations are booked on the same flight: A maximum of four reservations per Travel With group. A non-refundable fee of $25 per person applies to all guests in the cabin (who are two years or older). Air cannot be ticketed for any of the guests in the Travel with group. Guests may revise their Travel-With-Guarantee group up to 75 days prior to embarkation. All eligible guests in the Travel-With-Guarantee group must be booked through Norwegian on the same: ship/sail dates, flight itinerary, date deviations and depart from the same gateways in order to qualify.
  7. They book anywhere between final payment and 45 days out I think, or they did. You can't just decide to add it though, it needs to be part of your reservation prior to 90 days before sailing, and if you want a deviation (fly in 1-2 days before or out 1-2 days after) that needs to be requested before 75 days until sailing. The airfare offer also needs to be a current promotion at the time you want to add it. You can't book today, decline the air promotion and then decide later that you want it but if it's not available then I don't think you can add it (someone can correct me here). Also be aware that taking the airfare offer generally adds the transfers from airport to ship, if you want to take other transportation be sure to remove those.
  8. Another note - on Odyssey (Quantum 5) there are NO Studio Interior cabins on the deck plans that have been posted...
  9. There's some discussion of this in another thread, not sure if it covers what you're looking for but it's a new spin on an old perk.
  10. The ship will TRY to wait. It's not always possible, and in those cases the cruise line is on the hook to get you to the next port. For example - the steam from Cabo San Lucas to San Pedro (Los Angeles) is a full-speed trip (for those ships that can sail at 25 knots) if departure is on time. Wait too long at Cabo and arrival in San Pedro becomes late. They can wait maybe an hour or two but then they HAVE to leave or people will start missing flights home. They're not going to wait indefinitely.
  11. Not always. There are several factors there - how far is the next port, what are the current port authorities asking for. In the case of my cruise last October, our ship was blocking the exit path from the port for another ship at Puerto Vallarta and I believe that ship was sailing back to LA after that port call. We had some people return late to the ship, and I have a photo from 45 minutes after all-aboard with those folks left on the pier as the ship shoves off. We all know it takes at least 5-10 minutes from "pull up the gangway" to moving away from the pier so they really only waited about 30 minutes. WE certainly didn't need the time to get to the next port as it was Mazatlan, I can only assume the other ship needed to get moving so the port asked our captain to get moving. I realize this wasn't a "ship excursion" situation, but it's a situation where they can't always wait. The cruise line is responsible for getting you to the next port if you're on a ship-sponsored excursion that is delayed and they can't delay departure any longer, but they are not responsible for getting you there via your ship, they don't HAVE to wait for you.
  12. My suggestion - use the cruise as the item everything else is booked around. The cruise is the only event that has a solid date scheduled. If you have solid dates already for the start and end of your vacation, then you may have to trim a couple days from something before or after the cruise. I wouldn't take a cruise you're not entirely thrilled about just because it fit the dates. Regarding Nassau Is a bit of an exaggeration. Look at the port on Google earth, there are only 5 berths. I've been there, the rest of the explanation is about right, I'm not sure I'd go back unless the rest of the cruise had ports I just HAD to visit. In one day I was able to walk to the Queen's Staircase, shop, get back to the ship and then do an excursion over to Atlantis to tour the aquarium. In fact - my parents were on that cruise and had been there before, I think they went to the staircase but it was otherwise a "stay on ship" port for them.
  13. Actually, someone on the ship first has to HAVE the virus for others on the ship to GET the virus. If someone has symptoms or tests positive mid-cruise (on a 7-night cruise), that means that they were carrying the virus prior to embarkation and this is proof that all the testing and pre-cruise precautions in the world are not fool-proof.
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