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  1. Ahh, different countries, different terms or promos..
  2. Maybe your Canada page is different from our US page? The header for the section is in bold letters. BUY AIRFARE FOR FIRST GUEST, SECOND GUEST FLIES FREE (copied from the page, I'm not yelling at you) The deviation request part is a sub-section... Here is the page I'm looking at - https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions
  3. Google "NCL promotional terms and conditions", the first result is the T&C's for all current promotions including the airfare promotion...
  4. Except that there's one glaring issue you're overlooking. The ship employees are not employed under US regulations. If they were, they'd be paying US taxes.
  5. One of my neighbors is a student at a local pharmacology school. She graduates in May. She's been pressed into service at local vaccinations sites (seemingly a different one every day) and is administering 150 a day...
  6. No, the CDC advises that those that had COVID and received infusion treatments need to wait 90 days before getting the vaccine. I had COVID in January (tested positive on January 13) and received my first COVID vaccine shot on March 10. When I was offered the vaccine I made sure they were aware that I had COVID in January and after they checked they said that there was no reason to wait. In fact - I know someone that had COVID at the same time as I did and received the vaccine less than a month after! Oh, this is covered on CDC FAQ - https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vac
  7. @Nola26 huh, that's a $50 PP difference from what it was in 2019. It cost $25 to fly in a day early back then...
  8. Covered in numerous threads on this topic, also covered in the T&C's of the promo on NCL's page (first result when Googling "NCL promotional terms and conditions") - https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions Airline imposed personal charges such as baggage fees may apply.
  9. The information on this is contained within the T&C's of the promotion. first result on a Google search for NCL promotional terms and conditions... https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions Deviation Requests: Deviation requests up to 2 days pre/post cruise will be credited $25 USD per person per deviation for guests 1 and 3-8 on the reservation. No other deviation requests will be permitted. Date deviations can be added up to 75 days prior to embarkation; once flight is ticketed, date deviations can no longer be requested. Secondary land package
  10. Except that distinguishing between an asymptomatic, active, contagious infection and someone that has had and recovered from the virus and still tests positive is not easily done...
  11. Don't be so sure on that. NCL updated things this week. See https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings and look at the FCC refund requests section...
  12. This must be new. When I sailed in Oct. 2019 my TA just linked the two cabins for the purposes of flights and there was no additional charge assessed..
  13. If you're paying to fly in a day or two early they BETTER book you on flights to meet that request, no "try" about it.
  14. I did say CHANCE, didn't I? @zerooveride thank you, and - hi neighbor! I was vaccinated at a St. Peter's facility...
  15. Or if you filed a dispute and won, getting money refunded. I imagine NCL would have pulled the FCC on the account by now, but it's possible it would still be there...
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