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  1. hallux

    Epic Interrupted

    Princess has had a ship that's been "limping" along for a while. I think it's the Caribbean Princess. MANY trips had itineraries changed as she just couldn't make the speed needed. The issue was with an engine and could ONLY be repaired while in dry-dock.
  2. I can only imagine if the OP had seen anything on this one!! Good thing they didn't get to the Quest either. As a non-drinker I'm probably the LAST person cruise lines want a customer, but I still found plenty to do on my last cruise, though I was with family. Next one will be all on my own, on a different line...
  3. hallux

    Onboard Texting Update - Symphony

    I don't know what device you're using but usually once airplane mode is on WiFi can then be turned back on, just as @Pratique has explained above. I've done this when traveling with my last 2 Android devices (Nexus 6P and Pixel 2 XL) including on Anthem last year...
  4. hallux

    Favorite thing to use Onboard Credit on?

    Then I guess I need to eat my way through $100 somehow..
  5. hallux

    Favorite thing to use Onboard Credit on?

    I don't pre-pay my gratuities. Whatever is left on my account (not much to begin with as a solo cruiser, not much used either) goes towards that.
  6. hallux

    Epic Interrupted

    It doesn't matter. All you need is something to depress the switch so the lights come on, that's not a mag or RFID reader..
  7. hallux

    Epic Interrupted

    @coscab Probably killing time. Someone mentioned earlier that she was only going to Nassau with today being a sea day. I looked earlier, there were 5 ships in port in Nassau so there was "no room at the inn".
  8. hallux

    Cruise Deals for Solo Travellers?

    When I was looking to book my trip for this year, one thing I did see was that Royal Caribbean extended the 60% off second guest or 30% off each guest promotions to also apply to the single supplement so a single on those cruises was only paying 140% on a 2-person cabin. Those trips were not on ships with solo cabins so I can't compare those rates but they were still higher than I'm paying for a solo cabin on a different line and itinerary (yeah, apples/oranges comparing Caribbean and PNW trips).
  9. hallux

    Cruise Deals for Solo Travellers?

    I think some of that depends on the perks being included in the higher-rate rooms. As an example - I'm sailing in a solo/studio cabin on the NCL Bliss in April, I get one on-board perk. Other room categories include as many as 6 perks (drink package for which you still have to pay service fee, free/discounted air, free internet, specialty dining, free additional guests [beyond 2?], $50 OBC per port for excursions taken). In my case - the air fare was no bargain (I booked my own for less INCLUDING a hotel night), I don't drink, I can live for a day without internet (only 2 at-sea days and my cell service should work in all ports), I'm using the OBC from the excursions to pay for specialty dining and some of the gratuity at the end of the cruise. Oh yeah, the next 2 state room tiers get the same number of offers as I get (ONE), and the lowest balcony price gets all offers but costs $300 more and I KNOW I won't get $300 worth of value from the higher cabin cost. While I don't doubt that there may be instances of people paying less for a different class cabin, I think for the most part it's the overall cost/value they're looking at and that just isn't there for me.
  10. hallux

    I Used "Free" Airfare

    Some have reported that you pay PER PERSON for the hotel (costing 2x as much)...
  11. hallux

    Solo cruiser

    Royal Caribbean's Quantum class (Quantum, Ovation, Anthem) ships offer solo cabins (code 2W for interior studio). I believe they even have some solo BALCONY cabins (looks like code 2F), but you need to book EARLY to get those. I'm not seeing any on the Oasis class ships. I've stayed in a studio interior cabin on Anthem, it was fine for a single cruiser. I spent much of my time with the rest of the group I was with but even if I wasn't with others there was MORE than enough to occupy time outside the cabin.
  12. hallux

    Cruise Deals for Solo Travellers?

    If you don't need a balcony, some ships offer single-occupancy cabins. Royal's Quantum-class ships have interior solo cabins (2 per deck on most "hotel" decks) and apparently also have solo balcony cabins. I found Royal's solo interior cabin plenty roomy for one person. Norwegian also has some ships that have solo interior cabins - the Bliss is one of those. I'll be trying one on the Bliss in April. Both of those options allow solo cruisers to sail without paying the single supplement, but some of the extras are also reduced.
  13. I wouldn't either. They were already late, the ship was sounding a warning and they STILL made stops along the pier? Yup, good luck getting to the next port ladies.
  14. hallux

    Epic Interrupted

    For what? Isn't NCL giving future cruise credit as compensation? Aren't they also covering airline change fess (within reason)? What are you looking to get compensated for? What does your trip insurance policy say?
  15. hallux

    Epic Interrupted

    lol, seeing people that were on the Feb. 9 sailing sharing articles on that book-like social media site, and saying they're getting no flight-change or hotel compensation. Weren't others reporting that they WERE going to get that? Did those people miss some announcement?