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  1. Well, after my trip in April I'd been on the hunt for another. I finalized booking today. I won't be entirely solo, my sister and her BF are going but we're in separate cabins. I booked the Bliss again, Oct. 27, Mexican Riviera. After running the numbers, and getting a quote from a TA to do it both ways, the difference between a GTY balcony and a Studio was less than $100 (with the Studio still less) when airfare was factored (as estimated by the TA). That even factored in the removal of the solo discount in favor of the reduced air, and the fee for reduced air from my airport. Made it a no-brainer, my first cruise in a non-inside room. Oh yeah, that additional cost turns into money in my pocket when you consider that I'm also getting the excursion credit. I only picked dining and excursion as I couldn't care less about having internet access and I don't drink. 66 days and counting...
  2. We'll see I guess, I just gave the TA the payment info 2 hours ago, waiting for the booking to be finalized...
  3. Interesting, my invoice shows the deviation AND transportation from airport to port...
  4. Video kiosks near the elevators, The Social on embarkation day (I think, other reservations can be done there on embarkation day), the TV in your stateroom, the app on your phone if you have installed it prior to sailing and you are connected to the ship's WiFi. The reason for the second show not appearing is probably that they're changing it - Havana! is being replaced with a show called Six (there is at least one thread on this)...
  5. Can't get much closer than the Pan Pacific (it sits atop the passenger check-in for the cruise terminal). Lots of hotel discussion in the West Coast Departures section...
  6. I just booked a trip, my TA added the deviation on the first invoice I saw (because I mentioned that I'd need it). However, the trip IS in October...
  7. Also consider airfare in your value. I'm in the process of booking my second cruise this year, I was on Bliss in April and I'm going back to Bliss for the Mexican Riviera in October. The last quotes I got had the studio at less than $50 less than a balcony when airfare was calculated (from that particular TA, through work). The GTY Balcony (code BF) includes the reduced airfare* and all free-at-sea perks (or 2 free-at-sea perks a-la-carte plus the airfare if you don't want all of them). I was all gung-ho for Studio cabins but if the total cost is only $50 more for a balcony, I'm taking the dang balcony, especially when you consider I'm getting the shore excursion credit of $50 per port (for 3 ports) so it makes the total value that much better. *I posted a thread on this - if the cruise has a reduced solo supplement, that is negated by getting reduced airfare. In my case - airfare is close to $600 so the $400 cruise cost increase plus the $200 reduced airfare cost is what the airfare would be on a Studio but I get a better room. Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the studio cabin, and would absolutely sail in one again if the numbers worked in favor of that cabin.
  8. What are the chances that separate bookings by people with the same last name from the same city would end up on the same flights?
  9. And you will get the same OBC offer. My understanding is that the policy is a one-time "refund" of 25% of the cost difference, or something along those lines...
  10. Thanks, I only assumed that could be done, that's what I get for that... As we're coming form the same city for the same cruise, I would hope that we could end up on the same flights, it's not like there are A LOT of options from our airport.
  11. I don't want the drink package and couldn't care less about the internet but the other two I'd take, which factors into the value of the balcony. Basically, with the full doubling of the base fare plus the $200 I'd owe for the reduced airfare, the airfare "washes", though it'd have been a slightly better value if the solo discount still applied. Doing it this way allows for the reservations for myself and the other 2 traveling with me to be linked and we end up on the same flights so it's a slight bonus there.
  12. I was working through booking my next trip on the Bliss and came across an oddity. Decided to look at a balcony vs. the studio as the balcony offers the reduced airfare option (airfare would be close to $600 for me). When I pick the balcony it shows the price as $1199 (studio is $1049) with the offers, but when I add reduced airfare the price goes to $1598, which is what two people would pay in the same room. Does this mean that the solo cruiser discount and the reduced airfare can't be combined? When airfare is figured with the cost of the studio, it's still costing me less than $250 more to sail in a balcony instead of the studio, and since there's a couple going with me in their own cabin I'm not as concerned about the studio lounge. Also - I CAN just pick two of the Free At Sea offers, right? The site lets me and since I don't drink or care THAT much about internet when at sea, I'd rather not pay the grats. on the drink package... I've emailed a TA that I met on my previous trip and hope she knows but maybe someone here knows as well.
  13. Looks like I'll be on Bliss again. Oct. 27-Nov.3 . I won't be in a studio though, when all costs were considered a GTY balcony with reduced airfare came out around $200 more than a studio when the airfare was factored in. As nice as the Studio/lounge idea is, the balcony was a better value for this trip. My sister helped me realize this, she and her boyfriend are also going.
  14. Funny story - I was in Mexico City for work, I was there with 2 others from my company one of whom had been there previously. We were all hitting the ATM for cash for a tour we were doing over the weekend, the 2 of us that were "rookies" had no trouble while the guy that had been there before was having no luck getting his cash. Why? He hadn't told his bank he was going to be there. I was one of the "rookies". Apparently he hadn't notified his bank previously and hadn't run into problems.
  15. I've sailed on both, not sure you can really go wrong with either. They both have their positives and negatives...
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