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  1. Seriously? No reputable study has found that masks are either unlikely to reduce or be counted-productive. That’s just spreading misinformation. As for FL, consistently in the top 5 for cases and just set a daily record for cases two days ago. ... yeah, they’re killing it. SMH
  2. I had totally forgotten about some of this! In my State we have a no more than 2 people per elevator rule. Even if we do relax our rules here we’ve been told there is zero chance we can return to the office until the elevator restrictions are completely lifted. We work in a 55 floor office tower with about a hundred thousand other folks. With the restrictions in place .. if I arrived at the office at 8am I might get an elevator by noon 😂
  3. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the private islands will be just like being on the ship. No need to have a excursion to go ashore, but all COVID protocols will still apply just like on the ship (social distancing, masking when necessary, etc.) I think there was even one line (not NCL) that was thinking about “breaking up to the day” on their island. 1/2 the ship gets the morning, other 1/2 gets the afternoon. Then on the return trip when they stop again you reverse your time block.
  4. I told myself last night I was done responding to these vaccine threads, but I just can’t let this one slide. First, I’ll start by saying I completely agree you have every right to refuse to take a vaccine and if anyone tried to force you, I would gladly represent you pro bono. I also really appreciate your reasonableness in understanding the impact that decision might have on your life short term. But after that we differ greatly. I think when all this is done and dusted, the true tragedy is not going to be just the 500,000+ souls lost, but also how the initial mischaracterization
  5. Having read both the filing and the complete revised CSO, I can say that, on its face, it is not as laughable as other suits I’ve seen in my days, but I don’t think this is likely to succeed or force HHS/CDC’s hand so I’m not sure what the point really is. The teeth of the argument is disparate treatment of cruise lines versus other forms of travel (not sure FL can actually make that claim as their harm is derivative of that claim, but I’ll assume for now they can avoid jurisdictional dismissal). The other claims are just toss aways that have almost no real likelihood of success.
  6. The study was absolutely fascinating! All the work, testing, adjusting, retesting that has been going on for years. Another piece of the study includes some compelling advocacy for creating a culture of industry corporation and information sharing. The researchers say that because all the walls are coming down for this “all hands on deck approach” to dealing with COVID researchers are able to learn from each others’ success. The HIV team said working with Moderna likely shaved years off their work.
  7. I am definitely known to be a little long winded! And thank you for your thoughts and well wishes and, of course, the same to you. Yes, in Dr’s orders I’m doing my best to keep my vit D levels up ... before COVID I did not realize how little I was actually consuming!
  8. As many have said, no one if forcing anyone to do anything ... the choice is up to each of us. But none of us are free from the consequences of the decisions we make. Some of what you say however is already being taken into consideration. About recovered COVID patients for example, in the countries that are requiring vaccines, they exempt anyone who has fully recovered within the last 90 days of the date of their departure. Why is that, you might ask? Because of the actual detail in these reports and studies rather than just the headlines (none of which are as key catching as “6 m
  9. We’re not on any of these NCL summer cruises, but we have been getting regular updates (like almost every other week) from another cruise line that is starting up this summer as well (a smaller line we are on next spring). The updates have been very detailed and always include a video where you can infer a lot of other information. Of course NCL can vary but i think the lines will be generally close to each other on these early cruises. If it is helpful to you at all, this other line has provided details on some of your questions ... I hope this helps: 1) They claim that boarding w
  10. Sorry for the confusion. I just meant as the vaccine data rolls in and the true efficacy of vaccination becomes clearer then countries will be in a better position to decide what the protocols will be for cruise visitors (it really won’t be the cruise lines that make this decision ... it will be each port and embarkation/disembarkation location). At that point, maybe the non vaccinated will have an option to cruise with just testing. But for these initial test cruises ... vaccination and testing makes total sense as it puts the cruise lines in the best position to prove to these countries that
  11. No one is mandating anything. Each adult over the age 16 is free to make their own choice, but no adult is free from the consequences of the choice they make. And this is nothing new ... proof of vaccination for travel have existed for a very long time. Ask anyone traveling from a country with elevated risk of yellow fever or polio ... many countries require visitors from those countries (by land, sea or air) to provide proof of vaccination before entry. Most of us have never had to deal with this because the successful use of vaccines in our countries in the past have rendered us low risk cou
  12. I would hope it’s not with animosity that most of us point out the fact “you do you and let me do me” doesn’t really work in a cruise setting. We’re all in it together and we’re only all as protected as the least of us are. Most of us completely understand and respect everyone has the right to choose for themselves whether they get a vaccine or not, but if cruise lines allow too many unvaccinated people to board and an outbreak arises ... some of us are not willing to risk being quarantined indefinitely in some foreign port for the situation to play out. Now, if cruise lines and
  13. Same here. We’re doing a few vacation rentals this year and are scheduled to attempt a Seabourn cruise in March 2022. Rather coincidentally ... the exact same cruise that was cancelled in March of last year 😀
  14. S i completely agree with you ... each country ... or Union (in the case of the EU) has the sovereign right to set their own standards for their citizens, but no country can subject the rest of the world to such standards. If a country were to prohibit vaccine passports and a cruise line wanted to offer a cruise with an itinerary that included a port that requires proof of vaccination the cruise line is between a rock and hard place. An interesting scenario would be what could the cruise line do when the ship enters international waters? What might end up happening is the
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