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  1. Thank you so much for answering this post. Lots of useful info that I’ll be using. I’ll be reading your other post as well.
  2. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  3. Hi guys! Going on a cruise aboard the Carnival Victory this Sunday, Feb 17. It’s Western Caribbean. 1. Anybody ever gone solo on a cruise? I will be by myself. Any tips? 2. It’s only 4 nights...is there a formal night? 3. Attire for dinner? Like how formal should I be dressed? 4. Any recommended hotels by the port? 5. How do I get to the Southernmost part without booking an excursion? Thanks for any help I can get.
  4. I don't think I've ever had a $2 bill....
  5. Oh my! I got that, too, and was so very happy. Even though it was only my first cruise, I somehow won review of the week (or something like that)! Yehey...kudos to Cruise Critic! Thank you!
  6. I don't have an exact answer, but while there, we were cautioned against buying fake silver. there were street vendors at every port selling silver bracelets. one tip I learned is that if they are barely touching the silver bracelet with their bare hands (you can see them try to hide tiny cloths to hold the bracelets), do not buy it. because fake silver will turn green and tarnish if they come into contact with sweat/perspiration. have a great trip....i'm so jealous!
  7. Yeah, we just bought small bills and paid for everything in US dollars. We only had $200 cash for the whole trip, but we came back with $80. However, I'm not a big shopper, only bought magnets, and we don't really drink alcohol, so we didn't spend as much as some would.
  8. There's a lot of shopping you can do at the port! Or just walk around and people watch, maybe? I've only been there once, but after our snorkeling excursion, hubby and I walked around the port and visited shops, people watched, and ate. It was fun....
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