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  1. Have done it twice. Once on a Spirit class ship and again on the Splendor. Loved it and saw and learned a lot. The young ladies--from the training department--who conducted both tours were just excellent. Lots of walking and stair climbing--but well worth the time and cost.
  2. We were looking to book a Panorama cruise in early October which was available on Saturday and today it is no longer showing. Guess we will just wait for John and the Beards to tell us the real story when the time comes.
  3. Emma we have sailed with you several times and you have more energy, enthusiasm and personality than the law allows. All our best as you move on to new challenges.
  4. We also add a buck or two tip for the free drinks brought to us. Service is great by some amazing young people!
  5. On Spirit Class ships we book balcony cabins right off the glass elevator on deck 6 or 7. No noise, no vibration and convenient to most activities.
  6. John Heald has said that CCL hopes to have the rules out in January. I hope he is correct. We will cruise as soon as we can because even though there will be some restrictions that may or may not be in CCL's control we think they will make it as easy as they can for their guests.
  7. Half of a Cubano sandwich from the deli--they are delicious!!!
  8. We were on her last year and verandah deck did have a fridge. Like an earlier poster said if you crack the front cabinet door a little it stays much cooler. Worked for my bride's water and my beer just fine.
  9. Yes and am interested for CCL to tell us how it is possible to sign up. I think they might like folks with many cruises to compare and contrast the various services and changes.
  10. Hopefully in the first quarter of 2021. We had three cancelled in 2020 after a cruise on the Panorama in February. OBTW the Sky Ride is a hoot!!! I'm 76 and rode it twice.
  11. We have cruised for decades and have not taken an excursion in years. We love to wander around on our own. This may or may not be a deal breaker.
  12. Some years ago on one of the Spirit class ships (don't remember which one) we had an elevator attendant. He was a little boy--perhaps 6 or 7 years old. He manned one of the glass elevators all day and pushed the buttons for the floor you wanted. He wore a "Captain's hat" and was cute a a bug!!! His Mom and Dad checked on him periodically and couldn't interest him in all the activities--it was all he wanted to do. He became a celebrity on that cruise!
  13. We are long term holders of CCL stock. Love the OBC feature and loved the dividend. I expect the stock to move upward when cruising resumes but I don't have the courage to buy right now---I may hate myself in a couple of years.
  14. October cruise cancelled but booked for December and hope it goes. Like the annual flu we will get control of this and return to what ever passes for sanity. My plan is to spend that sanity on a cruise ship. It will be interesting to watch the various new protocols that ensure safety as much as can be done.
  15. I can't say for sure which cruise it was but we are West Coast cruisers so it was on one of the Mexican Riviera trips that we do 4-5 times per year. The DOU card worked for both of us.
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