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  1. We have cruised for decades and have not taken an excursion in years. We love to wander around on our own. This may or may not be a deal breaker.
  2. Some years ago on one of the Spirit class ships (don't remember which one) we had an elevator attendant. He was a little boy--perhaps 6 or 7 years old. He manned one of the glass elevators all day and pushed the buttons for the floor you wanted. He wore a "Captain's hat" and was cute a a bug!!! His Mom and Dad checked on him periodically and couldn't interest him in all the activities--it was all he wanted to do. He became a celebrity on that cruise!
  3. We are long term holders of CCL stock. Love the OBC feature and loved the dividend. I expect the stock to move upward when cruising resumes but I don't have the courage to buy right now---I may hate myself in a couple of years.
  4. October cruise cancelled but booked for December and hope it goes. Like the annual flu we will get control of this and return to what ever passes for sanity. My plan is to spend that sanity on a cruise ship. It will be interesting to watch the various new protocols that ensure safety as much as can be done.
  5. I can't say for sure which cruise it was but we are West Coast cruisers so it was on one of the Mexican Riviera trips that we do 4-5 times per year. The DOU card worked for both of us.
  6. If they see that your wife is not drinking at all and passing on the drinks to you, they may stop serving her In fact I had been going to the bar and purchasing my beer and the bartender told me to go to a server on the floor and my beer would be comped. We were not trying to game the system.
  7. My wife plays the slots and doesn't drink. I drink beer and don't gamble and I get drinks on her DOU. We always take 7 day or longer cruises.
  8. With the no sail order now being pushed to 30 September I have my doubts about October. We are booked on the 3 October Panorama sailing and are not confident at all. Mexico and the CDC have votes.
  9. We are booked on the 3 October Panorama cruise but I am not optimistic. Mexico and the CDC have big votes!
  10. We are Legend cruisers and yes you can make complete loops on deck ten. It is also true on deck three although you will have to open doors on the forward end of the ship. Enjoy.
  11. Any of the Spirit class hips for us.
  12. My wife and I have used both the 25 and 50 Milestone awards. We separated them because we are West Coast cruisers and typically do the seven day Mexican Riviera itinerary. The Milestone desk at CCL is most helpful.
  13. We are west coast cruisers and the ships have docked port and starboard side in both Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta and at Cabo they anchor and tender into the port. Best I can tell it is random based on factors at the moment. The same was true when CCL used to go to Acapulco. Enjoy.
  14. I don't know if you would call it a secret spot but very far forward on deck three there is a quiet spot where I go to read. Comfortable chairs and small tables. My wife and I are buffet people. We no longer go to the main dining room and the buffet on the Legend was superb for all three meals every day. Great variety and very appealing the way it was presented. I think your husband and you will enjoy it.
  15. Kimma11 gave great ideas. We sailed on the Legend last summer and I would add that you try the Guy's Burger Joint. The burgers and fries are killer. I am also a big fan of the Pizza on the ship. There were more than enough activities everyday and also many places for a moment of quiet if you like. The Comedy Club is a hit and the comedians change so it is always fresh. Enjoy!
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