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  1. Thank You very much for your detailed response.
  2. I had nonrefundable flights booked by Flights by Celebrity on JetBlue and Norwegian Air and both flights were canceled by the Airlines. Based on the US Department of Transportation Web Site, if a flight is canceled by the airline, you are entitled to a refund even if the original fare was nonrefundable. I contacted Flights by Celebrity and they put me on hold and proceed to cancel my reservations and came back on the line and said I have a 1-year future credit with each of the airlines. I told them I wanted to refund and they directed me to contact the airlines. I did, and they told me since t
  3. That's all good, but Flights By Celebrity tells you to contact the airlines for a refund and the airlines tell you to contact your Travel Agent. It's a Catch-22 that makes for unhappy customers. Sorry I relized I quoted the wrong entry, but my point is still valid.
  4. I was booked on an a non-refundable Norwegian Airlines flight for May 6, 2020. I checked the Norwegian Site a couple of days ago and my flight was canceled. I never received any information from Norwegian. I then received the notice that my Edge - Transatlantic Cruise had been canceled. I reviewed the Q & A and contacted Celebrity. At first they told me it was my responsibility to contact Norwegian. I went to the Norwegian site, and it clearly stated "If your tickets were booked through a 3rd party or travel agent, you need contact them". I then contacted Celebrity again and let them know
  5. I just received notice that my April 19 - Edge Transatlantic cruise has been canceled. I spoke with Celebrity Reservations and Flights By Celebrity regarding my nonrefundable airfare. Their answer to my question was clearly stated in their Q&A on the Celebrity Web Site. It states that if Celebrity cancels the cruise, they'll refund airfare even if it's non-refundable (see below). Here's the gotta, this was only for cancellations between March 14 and April 10. The second wave of cancellations April 11 - May 10, the rules have changed. No refund on non-refundable tickets, airline credit only
  6. I saw this question under the Q&A Section when the Cruise With Confidence was first announced, but it's not been on their WEB Site the last couple of day. I guess we can only hope they post it to their WEB Site with the new answer. Thanks
  7. Thanks Susan, Can you direct me to where this is stated. I've not canceled yet, but would like to have it as backup if I choose to and need it to get my FCC that I used to book the cruise reinstated. Is it on the Celebrity WEB Site?
  8. I would agree, this is the same Booking Conditions on my Future Cruise Certificate.
  9. Does anyone know for sure what happens if a cruise is canceled by Celebrity and FCC was used. I'm not talking about taking the Cruise with Confidence cancellation, but instead if Celebrity notifies me that a cruise I have booked has been canceled.
  10. Check the Cruise with Confidence on the Celebrity WEB Site. They make no mention of losing previous FCC applied to a booking in their Q&A. Unlike what was stated in the RCCL Q&A .
  11. Wow sorry to hear that. I saw that verbiage in the RCCL Release, but there was no mention of it in the Celebrity Statement. I too used $1,000 of FCC to pay for my cruise. I feel it's completely unfair that we lose our previous FCC. It's like buying a $100 item at a store using a $50 gift card and $50 in cash. You return the item and they only give you back your $50 cash and keep your gift card. I too was a loyal Celebrity Fan, but I think that's all about to change.
  12. I just called yesterday and purchased the Surf Package using my CC discount.
  13. Thanks Jim! It's just odd that to even get the needle out of the red (lol), I'd have to bid more today then the cost difference between the two categories as listed on the Celebrity Site and the Move Up Bid would not include the additional CC Points or Four Perks if bidding on a Suite.
  14. Is the Move Up Bid Range Amount the same for every guest in a particular cabin category regardless of what their original cabin cost was? Example: If one Concierge Cabin was booked for $1,000 and another was later booked for $1,500 would their Move Up Bid Range be the same?
  15. It's starting to sound like the Titanic. As it is anywhere else in the world, the Titanic was divided up into social classes. First class, second class, and third class. First class passengers and third class passengers were not allowed to mix at all.
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