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  1. Could a person tell me how to contact John Heald today? Thanks
  2. It would be great if Carnival would put a little sign showing GF available, for instance I just seen on CCL sight that fries were GF and now I read that the one's up front aren't. To be able to have an option at lunch of some things from the buffet that might have GF available would be nice. They might need to get it from the back, but would be nice.
  3. I invest...lol I am not a BIG gambler, but usually get enough for free drinks if my offer doesn't include them. Depending on how many sea days and who I'm with
  4. I just did a search...I am so happy!! I can have a GF bun with my Guy's Burger, GF pizza, breads, pasta, even chocolate melting cake, soft serve ice cream, etc. Copied this from someone's post that was in a link from Carnival... Carnival can provide our guests with meals suited to the following special dietary needs: vegetarian, low-cholesterol, low-fat, low-carbohydrates, low-sugar, and gluten free. Our chefs will make every effort to fulfill your requests, and will gladly prepare freshly-made options that meet your dietary needs. Once on board, we ask you speak with the headwaiter or dining room host in advance, so they can assist in planning your daily meals in the dining room. This will allow us the necessary time to prepare foods, as requested, in a timely manner. Gluten-free pizza dough, pasta, bread for deli sandwiches, and hamburgers buns, as well as cake are available upon request. Plus, our frozen desserts and yogurt are gluten-free. All items are freshly prepared and may take a little longer than regular menu items. Gluten-free beer, Estrella Daura, is available for your enjoyment. We also provide prepackaged kosher meals. If you're requesting kosher meals, you must let us know two weeks advance of your cruise. Guests who require a different dining time than they chose when booking can change once on board the ship. Guests will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis. Food Allergies: We ask that you please inform our dining team of any food allergies and special preparation you may require to accommodate your allergy. Please discuss this the first evening of your cruise. Although there are a number of options at our various restaurants, special dietary and food requests can be accommodated in our main dining rooms only. Other Dietary Needs: Although we do not have dietitians on board, we can offer assistance with simple requests such as the method of preparation of menu items. Diet requirements need to be arranged with the head waiter on the first night of the cruise. If dining in the Lido Restaurant, the guest should discuss requirements with senior dining staff.
  5. Thank you so much...glad I thought to do a search. I didn't think Guy's had gf buns, it didn't show it online...only that their fries are and you could order it bunless. I am super excited to try the French toast. I was wondering about the pizza also...yay! I have sailed many times, just never gluten free. Thank you for all your info
  6. I was just going to start a post to try to get some answers
  7. 39 cruises and never received an Elite offer 😞
  8. I became diamond a few cruises ago and when I inquired about the upgrade, I was told the expiration date doesn't apply. Mine expired almost a year ago. I am going in a few weeks, but it's just a short cruise and I didn't want to waste it on that...The hot streak deal is a great deal. I am taking my daughters and could have done the 3rd person free, but it's so inexpensive I will save it for a Caribbean and get a balcony
  9. I can't eat gluten, but would love a Guys Burger on a bun...Wondering if I could bring some gluten free buns onboard?? The fries are gluten free and they say if you have a gluten problem they serve it bunless...that's not a burger to me, I want it on a bun???
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