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  1. I have found different information, my pet can fly in a kennel inside the plane and it doesn't need to be free. She will go to a boarding facility, or one of my adult children will pet sit for me. I will only be on the cruise 5 days, but gone for 11....Traveling with In-Cabin Pets (united.com)
  2. Can someone tell me the policy for an emotional support animal? I'm not finding anything under the search... Thank you
  3. I booked the $100 pp & fees for an 8 day Southern Caribbean. Only booked for 1 for now, I have my Diamond upgrade and used it to get a balcony. With $200 OBC & $200 play credits...Virtually free and free drinks in the casino. A great time for my upgrade to be used, would be about $2300 without it. I am also holding a cabin for the 5 day balcony cabin to Mexico on the Miracle for $314. If I add a guest just the port fee and gratuities. I have really missed the sound of the ocean and beautiful sunsets
  4. My son had a medical emergency onboard sailing from Long Beach to Ensenada and didn't have a passport. After spending the night in the medical unit we left the ship to get him to the hospital in San Diego. The ship staff was fabulous, they made all the arrangements for a driver to come onboard the ship and take us off. It cost around $200 for him to get the proper paperwork since he didn't have a passport & only a couple hundred to have the driver take us across the boarder (that was a few hours wait) and drove right up to the ER and opened the doors for us. I have never seen such exce
  5. I booked that just last night. There were cabins to choose from
  6. It doesn't work like that...You would not carry over the same "perks" unless you book a new cruise with the same "perks" I had a $150 deposit on Oct. 31st, it cancelled. It was a 5 day so had a $300 OBC for a future cruise. I booked Alaska for 10 days, and had to make a new deposit of $400, the $300 is OBC. The $150 will go toward the final price when they make the adjustment. I get my $400 deposit as an OBC also. So, I had to put out yesterday, $400 and will get $700 OBC (remember was originally on a 5 day). I will get credited off my cruise the original $150 deposit and f
  7. I'm really looking to book Australia for May 31, 2021 for 11 days Shows I could get a free interior, but yet shows $215 + port fees= $672.74 (There is a walkway interior, which I've had once before...kind of like your own area) Make a non refundable $300pp AUD Deposit and get $600 AUD on board Shows total deposit due $429.42 Drinks $250 AUD in Fun Play?? Is that only for Casino? I have a deposit of $150 from Cancelled 10/31/20 and should have $300 FCC since it was a 5 day. However, as of now there is a 14 day quarantine for anyone entering...
  8. Any help would be appreciated...I know it all depends on Covid!
  9. Well, My 5 day cruise was cancelled. I have a $300OBC & Deposit of $150. Carnival wants me to take a Premier Cruise with a FREE Interior Cabin. Could I upgrade that to an OV by paying the difference & then get my Diamond Upgrade to a Balcony? Carnival is offering $600 OBC &$25o fun play (AUS $). Free drinks in Casino... Looks like airfare can be very spendy...Any suggestions ?? Also, when is best to travel and what Itinerary? 10-12 day cruise?? I live in North Dakota, so anything from here is over $1800 each. Has anyone booked using Carnival Air?
  10. That's the math I was doing...LOL And, I think crew members coming from all over the world might be a challenge to get them tested, up to date on the new procedures and through the quarantine process. I don't see how this could be possible. My thinking is, Carnival is using our money to gain interest until next month. Trying to sell future cruises to replenish what they will have to refund. JMO
  11. That's very interesting regarding the Sept. 21st due date. Well, it sounds like a no brainer if they are waiting until then before making recommendations when and how cruising can begin.
  12. I talked with John Heald today on his page, my question was... When will Carnival come out with more updates to cancellations? Message from CDC? Shelly Torgerson John Heald Are all the new cruises opening up bookings, so Carnival will be canceling the rest of this year and preparing for refunds? Just wondering! How can we go on a cruise when we have to quarantine for 14 days after we return? I would at this point like to be able to cancel and get a refund, too bad all 4 cabins I have booked for my family on Oct. 31st are non refundable...
  13. Travel Orders Read the official confinement order Who's Affected The amendment to the state health officer order allows people to travel freely within the United States and releases requirements for everyone except international travelers. Anyone traveling from another country, who is not merely passing through the state, must quarantine immediately upon entry to North Dakota for a period of 14 days or for the duration of the person's presence in North Dakota, whichever period is shorter. When you live & work in such a small community everyone knows everyone'
  14. I would be more than happy to get it. I was just tested again today for the 3rd time...just because. The previous 2 times were because I was sick and both tests came bag negative, I still think I had it. Missed 3 weeks of work. I just wish they would cancel already!!! LOL How would they really expect people to have to quarantine for 14 days coming back into the country? I could see being tested, but to know you'd have to be out that long...I don't know if it's all states, but I would think it is.
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