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  1. .I am looking for transportation from Orlando SFB airport to Port Canaveral? Any help appreciated. Cand fly Allegiant for a great price from mid-west nonstop.
  2. Does anyone know where a person could get a beach massage?
  3. Does anyone know where a person could get a beach massage?
  4. Does anyone know where a person could get a beach massage?
  5. Hahahahaaaa...I usually take the stairs unless I'm in heels. I guess that will be something to learn 😉
  6. But, have you ever went without knowing anything about the ship? I haven't even peaked 😉 I might have to since it's getting so close. We have been booked for at least a year...I think 😉 I was more focused on our Alaska cruise and all of a sudden, it's cruise time in less than 5 weeks 🙂
  7. I am so excited, too many times on repeat ships. I think I am going to have to peak. I don't even know where my cabin is, I know mid ship balcony...that's it. I will have to take a look at my details 😉
  8. We are going on the Horizon next month and I haven't even looked at the pictures of the ship, restaurants...anything! I know where & when I'm boarding and what ship. I have cruised so many times on many ships over & over that I wanted to be surprised. I know there are specialty restaurants, not sure if we need a reservation, besides the steakhouse? We are going to Aruba, Bonaire, La Romana & Amber Cove. I have never been to Bonaire or La Romana (previous cruise it was a cancelled port due to wind). This cruise we are meeting friends from England who will be staying @ the Hilton in La Romana, may do an independent excursion...any suggestions for us all to have a great day together?
  9. Seavis is very well known in the Caribbean
  10. We are cruising on the Horizon in Nov. and our friends from England will be in La Romana at the Hilton, It looks like we can take a taxi and meet up with them for a fun day. I just emailed Seavis, thanks for your post 🙂
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