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  1. The devils throat is at the Argentina side.
  2. It is doable. We did both sides on one day. We spent 5 hours an the Argentina side, started 8:00 am and walked the blue loop and to the Devils throat with the train. It was not to busy in the morning and not to hot and it was beautiful. 1:00 pm our private taxi dropped us off at the Brazilien side where we spent 4 hours. After lots off walking in Argentina it was great that Busses bring you to the Falls to see the highlights. We flew from Buenos Aires to Argentina and stayed at the Brazilien side in order to have inland flights only. And have no delay with boarder crossing. It was all easy. We had amazing private accommodation and great driver allways be on time.
  3. The black and yellow taxis have a meter and they charge you fair. We just got in the taxi, devided the showen price by 39 and paid in US $. No problem ever. They don’t have change and do not accept 1$ bills.
  4. It is really close. We paid for 4 people 30$ and that is way to much. After staying for two days i know we overpaid. 10$ to the Plaza de Mayo should be enough.
  5. Hallo Steve, thanks for the great tips. I read good about Dennis Purtov before and contacted him now but couldn't get a hold of him. Also read about Patrick Watts and Angelika Deutsch from Chacabuco. You have a great trip as well. Champagne bar is supposed to be the best 🙂 we'll check it out for you. cheers
  6. I did ? See ,no glue, sorry :) I did not get any response Thanks
  7. Thank you Fred. I read that before and I think we will do public transport now. I thought it is much better deal than NCL but still expensive. I don't understand any Spanish or Portuguese and English is my second Language is that okay? do you have any recommendations for Puerto Montt? thanks again Monika
  8. Thanks for your response. No I haven't I'm new to this and have to figure out how to 🙂 Monika
  9. Hi, we are a group of four people from Germany and would be happy to join a small group for private tours. I've reserved a private tour in Chacaboco, Coyhaique+ Simpson Valley for 6 People 670 USD, 4 1/2 hours. www.toursbylocals.com Is anyone interested to join us or has a better deal where we could join? NCL Sun from Chile to Argentina 16.Februar- 2.March Thanks
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