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  1. We also are booking the Haven (H9 Haven Spa Balcony) from the get go..and since those are limited in number, we feel like it best to book as far out as possible to secure that type of cabin...We like that we are getting a nice cabin in the Haven, and being able to enjoy the Thermal suites as well! Did the same type of suite on the Getaway last year...Right now on our sailing of the Encore in May 2020, the H9's are sold out...So we are happy with our rate and will just continue to monitor it in case any better rates happen to come up..I have never been lucky at gambling so feel better to go with the sure thing! We love the services of the Haven and are looking forward to sailing on the new ship!
  2. Encore...b/c of Broadway show Kinky Boots!!! And it's newer..plus Choir of Men show looks great..and the new Italian restaurant Onda!!
  3. Hey there...thanks for all the info! We will be on an Avalon cruise on June 27th from Nuremberg to Budapest...so hoping for the best...It's coming up fairly soon!
  4. Same here JS...we will be on the Encore in May 2020 and plan to use our specialty dining and the rest in the Haven!!! Can't wait either!
  5. We loved that coffee too, yum!!! And what a great view looking out to the ocean! Fabulous!
  6. Flourisgirl...we were were in the Haven the Getaway, it was nice that they took us down the back private elevator to join our shore excursions...I also liked that they did the same to get us to our different shoes and into the seats reserved for Haven guests...Those were nice touches!!!! Can't remember about getting back on the ship, but I think they had an entrance for the Haven guests...Just makes it hard to think about doing a different category since those perks were so special!
  7. When we were on Getaway, we loved dining in the Haven restaurant...food was awesome and matched by excellent service! It's so much more personal than the MDR..and they all knew our names by about the second day! We like to do the 3 specialty dining choice so we do get some variety...then we enjoy the Haven restaurant on the other nights..It feels like a good balance...So hope you really enjoy the Haven restaurant!
  8. I'm with you FLAHAM, hoping for something new and exciting!
  9. We really enjoyed the Haven on the Getaway and are looking at doing the new Encore in the Haven next May headed for Bermuda (which we have never done). Did the Haven Spa suite, which has the awesome unlimited access to the Thermal Spa suites...loved that for cloudy days, etc! Plus I feel like NCL is really outstanding with the entertainment and looking forward to seeing the Broadway show, Kinky Boots plus Choir of Man and so on...Enjoyed all of the perks the Haven had to offer, and don't really think Carnival can compare at this point...
  10. Oh dear, so might be a risk, but as some say here you never know! Sure do want to go on the new NCL Encore and see Bermuda so I think we probably will!!!
  11. going to do a Haven Spa.but I think they are up on a higher deck...going at the very end of May so maybe it will be more like June weather....lol, if luck is with us!
  12. Thanks again Charles...yes, we are looking at the Encore and I may try for the last week in May, gets me a little closer to June! I do like warmer water though, so that is a consideration!
  13. Charles...thanks for your info..we are looking at May, but who knows I guess about how the conditions might be!
  14. Hello...we are considering the NCL Encore from NYC to Bermuda next May...have done several Caribbean cruises where generally the waters were very smooth....have heard off and on that the crossing from NY to Bermuda is often a rough ride! Hoping not, b/c really interested in Bermuda and the NCL Encore! Any thoughts or experiences to share? Thanks!
  15. Trying to decide on our Avalon Legendary Danube cruise whether to chill out and do some sightseeing right in Passau where we dock..looks like some interesting sights...or to take the full day excursion to Cesky Kromlov which we hear so many good things about?! We are doing quite a few excursions, which is what has me thinking about staying close or whether to take the drive to see Cesky Kromlov...tough to decide! Is there plenty to see in Passau or would we be giving up on our chance to see Cesky? Thanks!
  16. We are at the point where we can see Avalon's excursions that can be purchased which is great..going on their Legendary Danube late June..but how do you see the excursions that you can choose that are included? There are some that can be purchased that look very interesting, but would like to know what excursions we could do in each port that wouldn't be at an extra cost!
  17. Avalon...Legendary Danube..in late June! Can't wait!
  18. No...sorry but wish we were..we aren't sailing until later June...have fun on yours though!
  19. The wine tour sounds interesting! We may do that one if it's offered as well! Thanks for your comments...
  20. Hello...We will be on an Avalon River Cruise, this summer..It ends in Budapest so we will enjoy a day there with Avalon and a day on our own with their 1 night extension...On our own we plan to do one of the thermal baths and maybe go to the Parliament...Has anyone taken any interesting or active tours with Avalon..We don't get to choose our excursions for a bit so I was just wondering...And I did see in one of the reviews that someone had done a country side wine tasting and that looked fun..So any thoughts? Thanks in advance...
  21. Hmm...that's interesting, Fuel Science...Will check with them...
  22. We are actually flying in and doing our own air, and then staying in Munich for a night to visit the Beer Halls! Lol...So the next day when we train over that's when we will have a little time before the River cruise departs..but thought if we have big luggage, just may have to get it to the ship first! If that makes sense...
  23. We will be traveling from Munich to Nuremberg on the Bahn train, hoping to do the ICE fast train....I am assuming there is only 1 station in Nuremberg? If so, can anyone say how far it is to the Imagery II, Avalon ship? I understand you can go to the ship in the a.m. and drop bags and then we wondered if there would be any activities that we could do before boarding our ship? Thinking about the Rally Ground excursion for the next day as it appears that is offered then on an Avalon excursion.....And does anyone know of any other sightseeing opportunities that wouldn't be too far from the ship? Even just checking out the Village and having a nice lunch would work! Thanks in advance..This will be in late June....
  24. thanks! Those seem like some great points...will check out a few smaller ships and some of the one way sailings! Any small ships you prefer or have experience with?
  25. Good idea...I will check it out...I think if you went to dates first before the ships or itineraries, I believe you can go out to 2020...thanks!
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