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  1. With all the requirements we're out; not taking my kids to a cruise with these restrictions. I'd be okay if it was only DW and I. Taking my $3k elsewhere.
  2. Look at one way California uHaul prices and that tells you all you need to know.
  3. What kind of service does your dog do?
  4. So they I am guessing they will drop the mask requirements, open venues to all, and not limit activities?
  5. Information. I'm seeking information. The RCCL website is kind of a mess if you have never noticed. Thanks for the links to those that helped. This is the first I have heard of it.
  6. anyone have a link to the buffet closures for dinner, please? I'm on Allure in mid-Sept
  7. Are masks required on the pool deck and have they limited the amount of chairs? Having two kids booked I hate the idea of them having capped the amount of guests in a pool at a time.
  8. Thanks for all the info. My Wife and I are deciding if we will cancel our September cruise on Allure. I know Royal are trying to get sailing going but much of the protocols make no sense whatsoever.
  9. We had patients test positive for weeks and weeks to the point we couldn't discharge patients. Last August the infectious disease docs were saying patients were non-infectious after 10 days. We were discontinuing isolation orders after 21 days. I know this doesn't answer the question but does give some insight on how this was working a year ago.
  10. Dumb question inbound: Do you have to do anything extra for double points to post? Does it count on "comped" cruises?
  11. If this holds it does give some justification to the tip removers. I know those gratuities supposedly go to everyone but this may be an unintended consequence of tacking on more tips to packages.
  12. Kids have a 99.99% survival rate. Pools are more dangerous.
  13. I have the week off and need alternate plans. It's a time issue, not a dollar issue.
  14. I too am booked Allure on 11 July. Cruise planner has been full price for weeks, no upgrade e-mail, no check-in available. I'd love to go but am doubtful. I have all these casino offers but few dates to book through next March
  15. Nothing budged for me. Drinks 67/day Unlimited dining 31/day
  16. Same for Allure. At that price I'll smuggle and get my comp drinks in the casino.
  17. Thanks Ashland ETA And someone will always give unhelpful answers to direct questions
  18. My son will be almost six at the time of sailing and think he would have a better time with Explorer group and space. Do Royal 'hardline' ages as far as the clubs go? I'm not sure how much mileage he will get out the Aquanauts program being one of the very oldest kids. Thanks in advance.
  19. This is nothing new, none of this has made sense for the past 16 months.
  20. Well said and I'm aware there are so many cogs to get this going. It's is the stringing along that is driving me nuts, my kids only have 8 weeks of summer and I have to plan how each week is gonna work.
  21. 54 days out from sailing. Everything is full price in cruise planner. Check-in not available. Have a secondary date that would work in September but we are getting strung along waiting for a July announcement.
  22. Fair point This has been my argument from the beginning: If you are too scared to cruise, don't cruise.
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