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  1. Godfredo and family hitting the Mexican Riviera on the Eurodam, December 30, 2018
  2. mr. godfredo

    Mr sanchos

    Yes, take a cab, it cost between $16 and $18. Quick and easy!
  3. So after two or so years since our last RCCL cruise we decided to book a cruise on the Adventure of the Seas for next year in March. I have a great travel agent and he had to explain to me the crazy games that RCCL plays now with their bookings in regards to refundable vs. non refundable cruise fares. I do not at all like the fact that you have to pay a higher fare as well as lose potential OBC by booking a refundable deposit. I suppose from a business standpoint it makes sense, but I still don't like it much from a consumer standpoint. Thanks for letting me rant! :D:D
  4. mr. godfredo

    Buffalo Trace on Valor

    Not sure about Valor, but they had it at all bars on Breeze going out of Galveston. I am sure they would stock the bars similarly.
  5. mr. godfredo

    Ready to go!

    My bags are packed and I am ready to catch my flight to Houston tomorrow for the Sunday April 1st Breeze sailing! :cool:
  6. mr. godfredo

    NCAA Basketball Championship

    Being born in Philadelphia, I am a big Villanova fan. It would be great to celebrate a victory at sea!!!
  7. mr. godfredo

    NCAA Basketball Championship

    Thanks to all for your replies! I am looking forward to watching and enjoying the game at sea!
  8. mr. godfredo

    From IAH - Carnivel port in Galveston

    I would try Galveston Express Shuttle. they charge $30 per person each way. You can reserve through their website quickly and easily. Otherwise use an Uber.
  9. I am a big college basketball fan and would love to watch the championship game while we are on Breeze sailing next week. Will they show it on the big screen??? Also, it is on TBS, so is that channel available on Carnival? I know I have seen big games before on Princess and RCCL, but this is our first full week cruise on Carnival. Any insight is much appreciated.
  10. mr. godfredo

    We leave tomorrow on the Breeze

    We are boarding leaving the day you come back! I hope you have a great trip!
  11. mr. godfredo

    Gin and Bourbon

    Thanks for the information! I love to try new whiskeys, but the wife is a Hendricks only type gal!
  12. mr. godfredo

    Gin and Bourbon

    Does Carnival carry Hendricks Gin on board??? What about 4 Roses Bourbon???
  13. mr. godfredo


    So I finally convinced my wife to go on Carnival! We booked the family for the Breeze doing the Western Caribbean from Galveston for spring break! Hoping it works out! :cool:
  14. mr. godfredo

    Fun on the Maasdam

    We were on Deck 4/A deck.
  15. mr. godfredo

    Fun on the Maasdam

    Yes it was! It weighed in at about 2 3/4 lbs. It had a claw missing, so I am sure it would have been well over 3 lbs. I highly recommend that Bar Harbor Lobster Company!