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  1. My advice to everyone is that you never book a cruise with this bunch of chancers. You will not enjoy your cruise. They will change the itinerary. Just simply don't waste your money.
  2. I couldn't agree more! When we booked our cruise, we booked to include Belize - did we go to Belize? No, When we booked our cruise we booked to include Nicaragua - did we go to Nicaragua? No. They gave us an extra day in Cozumel, and an extra day in Costa Rica instead. C&M just make it all up as they go along.
  3. Well it is looking likely that this whole thing is going to be "brushed under the carpet". Complete failure from CMV. No compensation offered. Virgin airlines blame CMV. Well if I was looking to book a good cruise - I wouldn't touch CMV with a very long barge pole. Simply because they cannot do it. They do not even know runway lengths for the air flight connections. Do you like hot food on cold plates? Do you like cold deserts on hot plates? Do you like warm "chilled water"? I would bet that you would rush to the restaurant for "pan fried snapper", or " pan fried perch", or pan fried sword fish" - they were available every night. They may have been "pan fried" - but then they sat under the "lights" They were not good at all. The pasta dishes were not good. We even had "Vegan Chile Con Carne" one night! Work that one out! Do you like "Mr and Mrs" as entertainment. How about a bit of "Knit and Natter". Yes that should fill the bill for everyone. With a ship full of sixty and seventy year old people - I'm sure that you would love a "party" that was just "Rapping" music played at ear splitting volume. Oh. We did have an interval - it was "David" who interrupted the "party" and thought that it would be nice that we had a bit of "Zumba" - also at ear splitting levels (and Rapping). This company has no idea at all at how to entertain people over the age of fifty. Pontins in the 1980's did a far better job!
  4. I do not find this at all surprising.
  5. I really cannot understand how CMV managed to underestimate the length of a runway TWICE, on a single cruise. They got it wrong at Cozumel - causing Belize to be deleted from the cruise, and then AGAIN at San Jose. CMV really are amateurs when it comes to planning a cruise. They are in no way amateurs when it comes to charging the customers though.
  6. Well it seems that this one is taking a death. CMV and Virgin just "look the other way" and pretend that it never happened.
  7. We left Megellan on 22nd January 2019. I am only just getting rid of that cough and sore throat. I am a very fit person. Not overweight at all. Whatever that bug was - it was a very strong one. That ship really does have some major problems.
  8. CMV do not listen to complaints.
  9. I have no idea about "upper class", but there might have been some food that would have been handed out. A small amount, and when it was gone it was gone. We were in "Premium Economy" and we didn't have anything other than the cereal bar, and the nuts.
  10. You may well have the answer there Biggles .... the only problem being that I didn't understand it all .... Can you expand a bit?
  11. I wonder what would happen if you asked Cruise & Maritime for a certificate stating that they are fit and able to sell Cruises?
  12. Well it seems to be taking the credit card people a fair old while to reach their decision. I don't know what can be taking them so long. Cruise & Maritime sold a cruise that involved two airports. Both of those airports had runways too short for the number of passengers/planes involved. Someone hadn't done their homework. Problems (to understate the matter) had to occur, and they did - at both airports (should we be surprised?) This is a time for Cruise & Maritime to show their class and excellence. But they don't - because they don't have any of those qualities. They just blame Virgin Atlantic - who, in turn, blame Cruise & Maritime. They haven't even provided a reason as to why the first flight was denied access to Colombian airspace. That would have been quite a simple matter, I would have thought ....
  13. Not wishing to build up people's hopes but - a reversal of the flight upgrade charge is being considered by the credit card people. They have asked for more details. One thing is for sure. I will never travel again with C&M. We met so many people saying the same thing whilst on the cruise! The main theatre always had seats "roped off" because of water leaking through the roof. Industrial air blowers drying things out. Outside the lifts, the same thing happening. The ship leaks. I will never forget that night in the theatre when the "band" had a free night to play (no dancers or singers). One of the band in almost unintelligible English, explained that the band could play what they wanted to play. We waited in our seats in anticipation. What happened next was two hours of very progressive jazz. Before we walked out, we must have seen at least fifty others do the same. I consider myself to be a music lover, and have a very broad range of music that I like, and can tolerate, but that was simply "over the top" even for me. We had quite a meeting on deck ten, at the bar - people simply not understanding why, on the Megellan, he who pays the piper doesn't call call the tune. I also experienced the very strong smell of "fuel oil" along the corridor of deck seven, which pervaded our cabin. I was informed that the reason for this was because "it is a very old ship". I have to admit that our air conditioning performed faultlessly. Many other passengers on deck seven were complaining that theirs wasn't working at all. I try not to think what the conditions were like on decks four and five .... we were in the Caribbean Sea after all - it was a trifle warm. What on earth was going on in the Captain's Club? We tended to use other places (the Hampton Bar). There was a nice atmosphere going on there - a pianist and a violinst, they produced a really nice sound three times a night. The Captains Club. Well I must admit that we did do the Bingo (twice), but other than that barely used the place. "Mr and Mrs" isn't really our thing. What on earth was going on with those two singers that performed every night, and never once got close to singing in tune? We did walk past the Captains Club every night - we didn't have to sit in it to experience it. It has occurred to me that maybe they are under financial pressure, which might explain their reluctance to offer valid recompense.
  14. Cruise Madam. We had joined the cruise in London and were going on through the Panama canal. We saw some of our new friends that we had made departing the cruise at Cosumel. They had spent two hours (at least) standing in the sun, no awnings, waiting to board a small ferry (with all of their luggage). This is effectively Mexico (it is hot). In fact we had been out on an excursion that morning, and returned to the ship to see our friends in that queue. For the age of some of those passengers, I would go so far as to say, that this could be a life threatening situation. Whatever happened to our friends after they left Cosumel I have no idea. But then we have the exact same situation (but in reverse), as 1,000 or more passengers come in. Chaos simply does not describe the situation. I think that the early flight came in with minimal problems (apart from an unacceptable journey by coach and small ferry). The later flight was delayed, causing more problems. It must have been the early hours of the morning before all incoming passengers had completed their "paperwork" for immigration officials. Come on guys - this simply shouldn't happen. I spoke to people that had joined the cruise to see the Mayan ruins. We saw them as we wern't involved in the Cosumel ***** up.. We met other people that wanted to see Belize - none of us saw that. Then Nicaragua gets dropped from the cruise. Cruise Maritime have a lot to do to "get their act together".
  15. This whole flight verges on the unbelievable. When we eventually landed at Gatwick - the captain came across the address system with "Wow what a flight!" he then goes on to thank his cabin crew for going "above and beyond" the usual call of duty! Why was that? There were no meals to serve. Minimal water. They had nothing to do? I think that he really expected a huge round of applause for his cabin crew. That did not happen. Stoney silence ....... He had obviously forgotten the amount of times in Montego Bay that he stated that the whole situation was unacceptable. He said that at least seven times. It is just a pity that now that Virgin find nothing unacceptable about the situation at all. Cruise Maritime are equally guilty. Well more than guilty - they were the company that managed to arrange a cruise that involved two airports with inadequate length of runway, to accommodate the aircraft being used. Caveat Emptor!
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