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  1. That is not horrible at all. Is it stable or does it drop frequently? I will be on the TA with you next week. I'll happily settle for that speed.
  2. It will not work at sea because there are no cell towers in the ocean. You would need to use the satellite based mobile service that the major carriers (ATT, etc) offer at sea at very high cost per Mb.
  3. I paid $34.50/person/day (+ the 18% gratuity) for the Premium package which is half the usual price of $69 (+18%). For the 14 day cruise it comes to $570/person total (YIKES!). Not sure if it will save us any money but we can order wine, drinks, sparkling water, espresso drinks, etc. without thinking about the cost (only the calories).
  4. We are on the Infinity April TA and for at least two weeks in February they offered all the drink packages at 50% off. I had no intention of buying a package until this offer popped up online.
  5. Are there binoculars in the CC rooms on Infinity or do I need to bring mine?
  6. How do we use the premium package in the "Cellar Masters" bar? I heard that most of the wine is dispensed via the self-serve type wine machines.
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