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  1. Was just there this past week and didn’t see one trolley pass us by. We walked all the way to Fort El Morro, though the city streets, all the way past Cristobal fort to the beach. The trolleys May have been running but we didn’t see any and like I said we walked all over (which we planned to do anyway).
  2. Just returned from CocoCay yesterday. Our day bed that was originally reserved under South Beach had been relocated to Breezy Bay Chill Island. Which was fine, it was a nice area. We selected bed 36 and it was front and center and was perfect. We saw 2 sting rays (multiple times) they came up very close to the waters edge. We saw 2 small sharks in the same area. Really cool. Th weather was 65 degrees so it was really cool that day with the wind. We did the water park as well and went down 3 slides (too cold) then went to our cabana bed which is sooooooo comfortable. The sun came out and it was perfect but became cloudy again quickly. With the wind we just covered up with our towels and took a nice long nap. It was that comfortable.
  3. Just returned from CocoCay yesterday. We purchased the refreshment package and we took our drink cups to the island. They didn’t have soda machines in our area (Breezy Bay Chill Island) only ice, water and lemonade machines. However, my husband took our cups to the nearest bar and they poured coke into our drink cups. My husband said they poured it from a 2 Liter. Hope this helps.
  4. May be a dumb question, but, what do I scan? Barcode, picture, etc? I tried scanning both initially and nothing worked. Maybe I'm missing something.
  5. @niksmom630 When I checked in via the app initially, it wouldn't scan my passport so I entered all info manually. Do you know if this will still work to expedite the process?
  6. Worse than it is? Have you seen what is going on in China?
  7. Appalled? No. Shocked? Yes. Truly, I only commented to clarify.
  8. 😳 😳 😳 Refigerator compartment?!!!
  9. Absolutely agree. There are some who have died from this virus and while we want to enjoy a vacation and make memories with our loved one, we must remind ourselves what is most important.
  10. Btw, first US citizen to die from Corona Virus reported.
  11. If you are on twitter, check out the hashtag #Coronavirus. There’s some questionable things going on and not being explained. I think they are trying to prevent a global panic
  12. The point of the video is that China hasn’t been forthright with their numbers. They are using large vehicles and machinery to spray throughout the city. They are welding people shut inside their apartments. Citizens are posting these videos all over Twitter. They have known about this much longer than anyone else. To say this has been blown out of proportion because the video was made 1 week doesn’t make it less serious. No one is saying to cancel your cruise. It is important that everyone understands why cruise lines are taking safety precautions against this.
  13. Cruise lines are simply trying to take a safety precaution from a virus that there is currently no vaccine for. If spreads in the US, I'm sure this will also happen. Norwegian cruise line just cancelled Spirit cruises sailing from April - Dec 2020. I'm sure others may follow depending on how far and quickly this spreads. This is not because they fear or do not like a particular nationality. If they cancelled my cruise at the end of this month or prevented US passengers from boarding, I would be upset as well. Again, I wouldn't think of this differently other than a safety precaution.
  14. I wouldn't be opposed to that at all if it's for the safety of my health and others that also live on this planet. I wouldn't once think of it as a race issue.
  15. For SAFETY! Not because they are against a particular race.
  16. Mine as well - this will be our first cruise. We booked on the Allure for last October but we cancelled 2 weeks out due to my father had fallen suddenly ill and passed 3 days before our cruise date. We made the right decision at the time and decided to try cruising once again. And now, the Corona Virus. Oh well, things happen, but I am staying up to date on it as much as possible. There are things that you can prepare for and some things that you just can't - that's just life. Good advice. Will put some of this into practice as well - wasn't aware that they had sanitation stations on the ship. :)
  17. Seriously? So they should just stick their head in the sand? It's good to learn as much as you can and be prepared as much as possible...and also okay to be concerned.
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