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  1. Hi all Posted a comment about receiving a surprise cheque from Carnival for £13.50 E-mailed P&O and received a reply. It seems that when we first made the booking (via Thomas Cook at the time) The amount we paid as the deposit was slightly over the 15% required and they have returned the difference the balance still being held as FCC. Having gone through the paperwork and finding a calculator they are in fact correct!! Every cloud has a silver lining as they say. Stay well everyone - we will be back on the ocean at some point in the future 🤞🌴
  2. Hi all We received a cheque from Carnival yesterday (Sat) for for the grand total of £13.50 We had a cruise booked for Iona in August and P&O still have our deposit (FCC) we cancelled before full balance was due. The booking ref. with the cheque matched that of the cruise but no explanation of why £13.50 Any idea - has anyone else received any unexpected cheques??
  3. Hi all, Thank you all for your advice and recommendations you have given us plenty to think about. The reason hubby has concerns about leaving car keys is that we live about 40mins from Manchester Airport and always use Airport only taxi co. and have sometimes heard on local news about cars being left in dubious places which are mainly from 'meet and greet' companies. (Saab4444 We also hoping that we will not be using masks in summer 2022 but one never knows with the idiots about at the moment) Thanks once again to everyone and keep well and sa
  4. Hi all, As the summer 2022 cruises are hopefully out soon we will be looking at using our FCC for that summer. We were booked on Iona August and it would have been our first time cruising from Southampton as we have only done fly cruises also we had booked our travel down with Intercruise. As we still want to cruise on Iona, and we don't know what the Covid situation will be, Hubby suggested we could travel down by car the day before and stay somewhere over night near Southampton rather than possibly spend 5 to 6 hours (with stops) on a coach wearin
  5. Pie Eater


    Listening to a radio phone in last night regarding Corona Virus There are approx. 66 million people In the UK and approx. 50 cases of CV in the UK. Even if 1 million people had CV that means there are still 65 million that haven't got it. We will still be on Iona in August regardless. (God willing) Media over-hyping in some cases - yes we need to be informed but not every time we open a newspaper or switch on the TV.
  6. Hi all, Thinking about booking for a Christmas or New Year cruise and was wondering what happens with Christmas Dinner or New Years Eve dinner if your are on freedom dining and are the bookable restaurants open as usual on these nights. 🌲 Thanking you
  7. Northern Break - Wigan whats wrong with Wigan, we are very exotic - as our user name suggests (Tongue in cheek) we are only an hour from the sea, but the Leeds Liverpool canal might be a tight squeeze. Yes the pier is a bit short but I'm sure we could manage!!! No tenders required.😂😂
  8. Thank you both for your response - that's great😎
  9. Hi All, We have done Fly Cruises before, but we have just booked our first cruise from Southampton for next year. We know our pick up will be from Horwich Bolton near the football stadium, but don't know exactly where (as yet) if anyone can give us a bit more info it would be appreciated. Thanks alot
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