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  1. Here’s some positive news to report. Singapore Airlines told me on March 26 that it would take 14-16 weeks for my business class ticket refund to be processed. Then, I got an email last week saying it would be refunded in June. Last night, the refund showed up in our credit card account. So, keep the faith!!! Also, if your flight was canceled by the airlines, then you are entitled to a full refund even if you purchased a non-refundable ticket. You also don’t have to accept a voucher nor an alternate flight. These are DOT rules for international flights from the US. That’s wh
  2. I’m not sure. It was dated as yesterday and was published on The Points Guy’s website today. I’d post a link but I don’t know how to—so just go to the website and you’ll find it. I’d think these timelines are estimates the cruise lines gave the person who did the research. For example, i was originally given 14-16 weeks as the wait time for my Singapore Airlines refund. Then, I got an update that shortened that time.
  3. According to The Points Guy... Here’s a look at refund timelines for major lines catering to North Americans: Azamara: 45 days Carnival Cruise Line: Carnival has not issued an estimate for customers as to how long refunds will take to process. Celebrity Cruises: 30 business days Crystal Cruises: Up to 90 days Holland America: Approximately 60 days MSC Cruises: Did not respond to a request for information. Norwegian Cruise Line: 90 days Oceania Cruises: Up to 90 days Princess Cruises: Up to 60 days Regent Seven Seas Cruises: Up to 90 days
  4. Thanks, Rosalyn. Earlier this week I had seen that Singapore Airlines canceled a number of their flights. However, they did not cancel the SFO flight we are on and I’m sure it is full now because they canceled the LAX flight for the same date. Wish they would have kept the LAX flight and canceled ours so I could request a refund. But, that’s not the case.
  5. Congratulations on getting your tickets refunded. I’m not expecting such a wonderful outcome with Singapore Airlines since we have never flown with them before and have zero clout. People on a Singapore Airlines thread have said good luck to everyone in this position because their customer service is pretty bad in contrast to their great onboard experience. So what’s happening to the Nautica after the passengers debark on March 4? I don’t see an itinerary listed on Oceania’s website.
  6. So is your “cheap” business class fare non-refundable, non-changeable? That’s what I booked SFO to SIN on Singapore Airlines. I purchased the ticket through Chase and they basically said se la vie when I told them my dilemma. DH’s ticket is using miles so we’re not worried about that one. We bought my ticket on June 9, 2019 so even if they allowed us to use it one year from date of purchase, we’re still in a dilemma.
  7. I think excited cruise traveler said she is using her FCC on a South Pacific cruise which is around May of this year—and she hopes to take a cruise from Singapore to Rome next year.
  8. Pearl—I think that’s great that you got your money refunded and your FCC posted. We haven’t received anything yet. Was the 25 percent FCC based on a straightforward 25 percent of what you paid for the canceled cruise or was it based on some magical calculation that Oceania’s bookkeepers did?
  9. YoHoHo—your post just reminds us that the Coronavirus is creating a wrinkle in travel plans throughout the world, not just in Asia. So, in that regards, thank you for sharing your dilemma. To clarify my post about Singapore Air—we’re hoping that Singapore does not get on the list of countries where you cannot fly from or transit through in order to catch up with your cruise. We hope to use our business class tickets to fly to Singapore, stay in the airport and fly onwards to Australia with a new ticket which would be Singapore to Perth or Singapore to Sydney, depending on where t
  10. We’re on the last 3 segments of the world cruise before it ends in SF for the SF-SF people. We WERE on 3 segments. Now we are in limbo. We used miles for one business class ticket on Singapore Airlines and paid for one. SF to Singapore. SInce the ship is no longer going to Singapore, we called Chase to ask about trip protection offered by that card. They said they do not cover trips impacted by the epidemics or pandemics. Singapore Airlines canceled flights on the same day as ours from their other west coast gateways. We think they are trying to fill up one plane to make the
  11. We just got off a B2B on the Insignia. No free flights included with your free cruise. Hats and bags on your milestone cruises. $150 spa credits pp with the new spa company.
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