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  1. Hello Everyone, I was contacted by a Viking rep yesterday about the Malta and Greek Isles Cruise, which I am seriously considering for Sept 22, 2021. I was offered free coach air. I told the agent I would like to upgrade to business and was told there was no upgrade. I would just have to purchase each business class ticket through them for $4798. I'm not sure why I can't apply the cost of the free coach ticket to the business class ticket, or if I even received correct information. Any insight would be helpful as I only have a few more hours to make my decision. Best Reg
  2. My cruise to Alaska was cancelled. Called the next day for a refund and was told I would receive confirmation via e mail in 24 hours. A week passed and still no confirmation. I called Viking and told them. They sent an e mail right away and it was just my original invoice showing Cancelled. I was told my refund would take 45 days. I haven't received anything yet but it has only been a week. Hope this helps
  3. MVJ is also locked today. I have an Alaska cruise scheduled for July 2020.
  4. We are also booked on the Orion in July. Specifically the July 25 sailing. Haven't received any notice of cancellation yet. Trying to remain positive that somehow we will still be going, but it doesn't look promising.
  5. We booked Alaska for July 2020 and took the air package along with air plus so we could pick our own flights and upgrade to business class. When I called air plus I was told that they could not book us in business class and I would have to do that on my own. Viking refunded both the air portion and the air plus fee with no problems and I booked my own flights. I then sent my flight info to Viking and booked transfers through them to and from the airports. I was unable to get a reason for their inability to book us in business and had no problems doing this when we traveled to Europe w
  6. So glad to hear you had a positive experience. Did you do any optional excursions that you would recommend?
  7. Hello, we are on the 7/25/2020 Alaska cruise with a pre- cruise extension in Denali. Looks like we are flying into Fairbanks. Does anyone know how long the trip is from the airport to the park, and what the method of transportation is? In my experience asking Viking does not always provide the correct info. Did Amsterdam to Budapest this year with the extension in Prague and was told transportation from Budapest to Prague would be by train when, in fact, it was by motorcoach.
  8. We did Amsterdam to Budapest late May-early June this year. I would definitely pack a wrap, but they will give you a blanket if you get chilly on the Aqauvit terrace. There are only a few tables for two, and they are in the covered portion of the terrace, the other tables are for four.. We really enjoyed dining out there and did it about half of the time(our cruise was 14 days and the weather was fantastic). The food is the same, they open about 15 minutes after the main dining room. There is no stampede as there are not that many people on a river cruise. Never had a problem getting a
  9. Thank you aungrl and senior gators for your input. I'm feeling much better about my choice. Happy sailing!
  10. Were there any specific complaints about being in the bow? Now I am concerned about my choice.
  11. Hi Kat, When in July 2020 are you sailing? We are on the July 25th sailing and are booked in ES 5001(Category ES1) which is forward. We just finished the Grand European Tour on the Longship Magni and the only explorer suites(only 2 on the ship) are aft, so we thought we'd change it up. If you're on the same sailing perhaps we could visit each other and compare so we can better pick our cabins for future sailings.
  12. Hello, I am so sorry to hear about your experience. We are booked on the Viking Magni next month in an Explorer Suite and hope we don't have this same problem. I would like to know if laundry service was included in this cabin category. It is listed as included in the two top stateroom categories, but does that mean it is complimentary or there is a charge? It would make a difference in how much we pack. I will post a review regarding the noise level after we complete our cruise. Hopefully they have resolved this problem.
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