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  1. I was also on the 4/20 Anthem and reading your post I believe I see what the issue was. It appears you moved your clock the wrong way. Overnight we went from Bermuda Time (Atlantic Time Zone -3) to Boston Time (Eastern Time Zone -4). Going from West to East you move the clocks backwards, not forwards. I could be wrong but I believe that is the issue.
  2. The weather has been fantastic. I hope you get the same.
  3. My daughter and I did a spur of the moment Segway tour of Bermuda today. We had a great time and got to see some of the island up close and personal. It was worth every penny. Our guide was both knowledgeable and friendly.
  4. Lines were shorter today for the bumber cars with us in port.
  5. We arrived into Bermuda this morning. Bad weather is now behind us and wow but Bermuda is beautiful. The residents are really great. This destination has quickly gone to my top three (with St Thomas and St Kitt).
  6. Thanks. I'm with my daughter so haven't spent time in the Solarium so far. That's a good idea.
  7. We bid just above the $400 minimum to go from guaranteed balcony to grand suite on the 4/20 Anthem sailing. Bid did not win.
  8. I looked and didnt see another post for this cruise. Boarded yesterday. The weather hasnt been good but it is what it is. After two sailings on Allure and one on Enchantment, this is my first on Anthem. Overall, I have to admit Anthem hasnt hit a homerun for us so far. It has some neat stuff (trapeze, bumper cars etc) but that is part of the problem. Those cool, first come first served experiences just cant handle the amount of people on the boat. Thirty minutes before bumper cars start there is a line that wraps all the way around Seaplex and extends out into the pool area. It cant handle this volume. With Northstar and IFly, there are reservations. Not so with the others. Trapeze is only a couple of days out of the entire sailing. I wonder what percent of those who want to do it actually do so. Someone in another thread mentioned windjammer. The layout is terrible. On Oasis classes, WJ flows. Even when packed it doesnt feel like rush hour traffic in NYC. On Anthem, too much is packed down the center and it is congested even when not packed. Or at least it feels that way. Food seems comparable, except for WJ which seems not as good, but only eaten there once, so the sample size is too small to evaluate. Chops and main dining room have been good. On the plus side, boarding was a breeze. Even without the Key, I think it would have been better than Ft Lauderdale. Props to Cape Liberty. With the Key is was a dream. 270 was a pleasant surprise. I really like it and wish Oasis class had one. The bar and sandwich shop being there is great. The only knock is the library is also there and quite loud with the noise below. I haven't found a really quiet place to sit and read yet beside my balcony and the weather hasnt been good for that yet. The wristbands are a nice feature as is the IQ app (when it isnt crashing). 7.95 to text with IQ is sad and it should be included for free. We have the Voom package and just use WhatsApp to text and call. Voom plus WhatsApp is a great combo. Bermuda tomorrow and hopefully better weather. Lots of days to go, but my gut tells me in the future I will spend the cash to fly to S Fla for an Oasis class (we live on Long Island) instead of taking Anthem again. The quick drive vs flying was great but so far the ship hasnt felt to be worth the saving on air fair. Ps.. crew has been good (not great) and so far no sign of the little peeing dog I read about. :-)
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