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  1. The common areas on the boat were on the cool side. I think they keep it cooler to help with the humidity from that region of the country. It also feels cool because outside is warm/hot and humid. I just took a cozy sweater for the evenings.
  2. I'm so sorry for all of you that were supposed to go on this cruise. I was looking forward to traveling vicariously with you all.
  3. I appreciate your posting about your trip! I loved my trip on the Duchess.
  4. I'm not aboard the Explorer right now, but Zqueeze1 has a live thread going on that cruise and it looks like business as usual. Maybe you can go ask there about specifics?
  5. We went down the Antarctic Peninsula. Our trip crossed the Antarctic Circle, but apparently it was the first time they had managed it that season. We went in mid to late January. Everything is dependent on weather conditions. There was definitely one stop they usually do at an old abandoned camp we missed because of ice.
  6. I've only done Antarctica, I haven't done South Georgia or the Falklands. In general, Lindblad is very good at offering a difficult hike and another option like an easier hike or a zodiac ride. I can think of one stop we had where the hike was quite steep (they made everyone take walking sticks) and I don't remember if there was a second option, but the other stops with more difficult walks also offered an easier walk. We had an 86 year old woman on our trip, she managed pretty well! Let me know if you have any other questions. I think Antarctica is definitely a wort
  7. Hi Cyn! I have enjoyed watching your videos! I especially like watching the ship tour, but the others are good, too. 😀
  8. If there are any excursions you definitely want to do, I'd book in advance. Some of the popular ones can sell out. I think the Angola Prison tour sold out on our trip, and the Vicksburg civil war site booked up, but I know my aunt and uncle were able to clear the waiting list on that one. If you want to go to the show, make sure you get to dinner early enough. The first night we left dinner right after the main course and skipped dessert to make it to the show. I think after that we tried to get to the dining room by 6:15 at the latest to make it to the 8pm show. Not sure I ha
  9. I am thoroughly enjoying living vicariously through your posts, thank you for doing a live thread!
  10. I figured I'd follow up here in case anyone else searches this out for information. I just got the medicare denial in the mail yesterday, so it well and truly took the 60 days to get the answer. I'm sure all the holidays didn't help. Now just have to wait to see if the travel insurance is going to cover it or not.
  11. I did a lower Mississippi trip on the Duchess in Oct 2018 and loved that little boat! Dinner is "country club casual", which as far as I can tell means no jeans and a collared shirt for men. Women would be similar, nice pants and a nice top. People were not super dressy on our trip. I don't think the dinner dress code extended to other areas of the ship for the rest of the evening, but I don't remember. The boat does have a second dining room that serves as a buffet for breakfast and lunch, then is a second dining room for dinner. You do have to make reservations fo
  12. I carry a small paperback with me whenever I am out and about. That way I can happily sit and read if there is no one that wants to chat. I'm an introvert, so often I'm happier if no one wants to chat and I can enjoy my book! 😀
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