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  1. That can’t be accurate. I submitted the application within 10 minutes of receiving the email with the link.
  2. Omg! This is driving me crazy! Congrats to all that have been approved but I’m on the July 10th sailing and have still not received an answer either way. No emails, I’ve called and spoken to the resolution dept as has my TA every day this week and still nothing decided. Is anyone else doing in this position?
  3. The cruise shows up in my cruise manager but the OBC does not. When I log on to the other site that the cruise was booked through it shows.
  4. Newbie here, my family and I are going on our 2nd cruise at the end of July on the breeze. Our first cruise was booked directly through carnival however this one was booked through one of those big dot com websites and in doing so we were offered paid gratuities and an on board credit. How does the on board credit work? Does it just show up on our account at the beginning of our cruise? Is there anyway to make sure that it is on our account before the cruise? I’m just a little concerned about something happening and it not being there and having to spend vacation time figuring it all out.
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