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  1. yeah, mine shows I'm on Regal Princess when I sail today on Royal 🙂
  2. I should know the answer to this but I don't.....and try as I might, I can't figure out how to use the search function on this board. So, quick question: I want to bring on my free bottle of wine, but I'd rather pack it in my suitcase....is this ok, or do I need to carry it on? Thanks!!!
  3. I've done the alcohol pkgs, and I have found that after the first couple of days you don't tend to drink enough to make it worth the price. Especially when you have a port days. What I have found to be a better value is to buy the Premier Coffee & Soda Package and then buy your favorite liquor to have in your room. Mocktails are included in this package so I just tote some of my rum around and add it to my mocktail. If I don't drink all my liquor, I just tote it home.
  4. Just wanted to update this post after our cruise...... 1. I would DEFINITELY purchase the Quench beverage package again. The mocktails and coffee drinks were perfect. We got a large bottle of rum for our room and tho it was slightly inconvenient to run down to my room to add a bit of rum to my mocktail, it saved me a bunch of money in the long run. Sometimes I just drank the mocktail and found it refreshing by the pool. No way would have bought a mocktail without this pkg. 2. I'm not a soda drinker so I didn't use that portion. 3. I would also pour a bit of bai
  5. My parents just got off Eurodam yesterday. Here are a few pics of some items at the Pinnacle Grill. Salmon Pastrami - mom said super good Delmonico Steak - med rare - very good short ribs
  6. Thank you both for your quick responses. My GF just about had a heart attack when I told her she may not be able to take her flat iron. We leave here in 3 hours and you truly made her day
  7. Are Flat Irons (for hair) allowed or are they on the NO NO list?
  8. This is what happened to us. I kept thinking it was a waste of work for the room steward, but I was happy not to lug around 12 bottles.
  9. On our last HAL cruise they took our wine from us just AFTER we went thru Security. The gal asked our room #, tagged the bottles and they delivered them to our room (we paid the corkage on all but 2 bottles as expected). However, my folks just paid the corkage, they put stickers on the bottles and then they told my parents to take the bottles with them. My parents boarded at a different time. I just wondered what the correct way, as I'm trying to decide how many bottles of wine I want to lug around if they make us take the bottles with us on board.
  10. This isn't meant to be a debate thread on whether or not HAL should or should not be charging $10 for an additional entree. What I'm looking to find out is if anyone has been charged the $10 AFTER March 31st? The trial was supposed to end that day, but I've not heard if this is the case.
  11. This thread is for the poll only. No comments are necessary as there are a couple of threads already discussing this subject. A simple "yes" or "no" is all that is needed. Thanks!
  12. Sometimes I overthink things and this is one of them. I have purchased the Signature Beverage Pkg and the Elite Beverage Pkg. on prior cruises. Neither time did we come close to making them worth the value (and we can drink with the best of them). Reason for purchasing: Strictly for convenience and I don't want the "shell shock" on my final bill. I would rather order a cocktail when the mode arises, rather that thinking I bet my bill is going to be huge at the end of the cruise (this takes away the pleasure of cruising especially when you are on a longer cruise).
  13. I read on trip advisor that Flavor Teller Food tour has almost a 100% 5 star review (177 out of 178). Do any of you have any experience with this tour?
  14. Would someone please clarify this for me? Below is what is listed on the HAL website as an option for purchase. Current price for a 7 day cruise is $419 for 2 people: I'm trying to figure out if this makes sense. We are booked in an aft facing cabin and not in a suite. I'm trying to calculate to see if this would pay for itself. The offer indicates 2 bottles of wine of your choice and 2 bottles of your favorite liquor (does that mean anything? It says "favorite" but that sounds too good to be true). Any insight on this package would be greatly appreciated. I calculated my items
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