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  1. Yay, our Bistro reservation is finally showing up. Good thing, because we board in 4 hours and I didn't want to deal with it once on the ship.
  2. Ok, now I understand the slot pull part (thank you). So, in other words, if I need money to go onshore, and go to the casino to get a $100, I need to use the ATM or charge to my cabin the $100 and play a couple hands and then cash out....correct?
  3. I'm sitting here in my hotel room waiting for tomorrows cruise: I'm trying to understand what you are saying....I don't quite understand. I'm sailing on a casino promotion and have some free comped money to spend. Can you please explain this better to me.
  4. some major airports offer rapid testing. I don't know the charge.
  5. I hope this isn't the case, because I don't have my middle name on my passport or proof of vax. I'm not flying but I've heard that your passport needs to match whatever your boarding pass states. I had to call princess yesterday because my boarding pass somehow said Laurie Laurie R. Somehow I ended up with my middle name showing up the same as my first name. They told me it was a good thing I called.
  6. Well, I just took my test (2 days prior to cruise) and it was so incredibly easy. Highly recommend doing the at home tests. If they could just fix the part about the soon to be expiring tests I would be much happier.
  7. well I can tell you we made 3 dinner reservations at Harmony on Majestic for our Oct 16th. The reservations have been paid for long ago but they still don't show up on the app as being made or paid for. Tried for weeks to get this fixed. Princess assures us the reservations are indeed there and they are telling us to check when we get on board. This is frustrating as the last thing we want to do is track down dinner reservations once we board.
  8. You aren't in the minority....I feel the same way as you. Testing is no issue, vaccination is no issue, but I'm with you on the mask wearing. I might be spending lots on time on my balcony 🙂
  9. While I've been sitting here on hold with Princess for 40 minutes, I could have been filling out a survey. I've got a lot of things I'd be happy to write about.
  10. On my last cruise out of San Pedro there were a slew of people that flew into Long Beach, and they barely made the cruise. Their plane was delayed and they didn't have the ship offered transfer because Princess only provided out of LAX. They said it was much cheaper for them to fly into Long Beach but their plane was delayed. Just a suggestion: Fly into Long Beach the day before and stay overnight at the Crown Royal which is located very close to the pier (not walking distance but still quite close). Pre covid they offered a shuttle service but that's not happening right now so we are going to take an Uber or taxi to the port on Saturday.
  11. Take good care of her until Saturday! Thanks for the photos
  12. I'm also glad the medallion doesn't control the light, because the next thing you know they will be controlling the air and I need it cool in the room at night (yes, I'm at that age).
  13. Well, that was an education (even though 75% went over my head). Thank you for sharing that article.
  14. We are booked on Ruby for Nov 2022. Originally Share was listed as a Specialty Dining option, but now it is listed as Sabatini's.
  15. If you purchased it, you will be getting the OBC.
  16. Between the two of us we have 2 iphones, 1 MacBook Pro Laptop, iPad and 1 Apple Watch. Even though the Majestic may have enough outlets/plugs, I often cruise on ships (or at least I used to) that are definitely lacking in this department. They may have one plug next to the desk, but I like to look at my phone/laptop while I'm laying in bed. I'd rather have too many plugs than not enough. 🙂
  17. I was able to cancel my order in time and I ordered this one. thank you for showing the picture of the ship's outlet as well. That makes perfect sense to me now. Thanks for helping me out on this!
  18. Awesome, thank you for the link. Just bought it! Can you educate me on why a surge protector isn't allowed? I'm sure I should know this by now, but I don't
  19. It's me again, the technically challenged. Will this adapter work or is this considered a surge protector? Will it even work in the Princess outlets? I will need it for a MacBook Pro (3 prong) and an iPhone 13 Max Pro. Thanks for your help!
  20. I had a couple of issues. One was the battery life, another was I was out of space. I take lots of pictures but use very few apps. I had to delete a ton of stuff just in order to do the last update. If it was just the battery issue, I may have kept the phone....but the lack of storage was almost if not more frustrating.
  21. Hopefully, I won't have the need to call anyone. It's always been my biggest fear of forgetting to turn it on airplane mode!
  22. That's what we're hoping too. We've already booked and paid for 3 nights
  23. we might be on the same cruise.....Nov 7th?
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